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    If Nick Markakis (poll)

    I was thinking about Beltre getting # 3000 and then this came to mind... If Nick Markakis got 3000 hits and 600 doubles should he be a Hall of famer? It is possible, if he can be consistent until 40 years old. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/m/markani01.shtml
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    The 80s and 90s star and HOF rookie collection. Not junk!

    I have recently made it my goal to get most of the HOF rookies (including errors and variations) from this era, this thread will show the cards as I upload them. The junk era is not just junk, rather, the sets that were produced each hold hidden gems that are really exciting once you get that...
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    2017 Bowman blasters are worth the money... better value than hobby box maybe?

    So I bought a case of Bowman blasters from ebay, for around $320 (16 boxes). Of this case I got 4 autographs, 6 Aaron Judge rc, and a whole load of green /99 retail exclusive parallels. I also got two golds /50, 4 blues, 3 purples, a couple refractors, and a bunch of those silvers which are...
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    Is it time to sell your Gerrit Cole cards?

    I have a few Gerrit Cole cards that i bought a while back, I wouldnt make very much money if I sold now. However before I make a decision I would like to see your thoughts as far as price potential on Gerrit Cole cards. Thanks, e.v.
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    help me identify this auto

    I was flea-marketing recently when i found a box of old baseball memorabilia, there were a few autographs along with some old pictures and a dave parker game used bat. I could identify everything else, but was having trouble with this auto. It looks familiar but i need help. Thanks!!;-)
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    Austin Meadows leaf jumbo patch /24

    Does anyone know how much these are worth. Thanks, Erik
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    WTB Buying any Chris Davis cards including base

    I am trying to piece together a collection of Chris Davis cards and will buy your base! (I would prefer to buy in bulk) (no doubles) If you have any other cards post here or shoot me a PM and we may be able to work something out! Thanks, Erik
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    Game used ? Nationals ? Senators ? hats

    Edit none
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    What is the best day to go to the national

    I want to head down to Baltimore but not sure which day I should go. I would appreciate it if someone gave me tips that would enhance my experience at the national. Thanks, Erik
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    1905 Eastern Shore League frank baker Pocomoke team card

    I recently received this 1905 Pocomoke Eastern Shore League baseball card with frank home run baker on it I was wondering what this could be worth and its rarity. Thanks
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    I have 50$ to spend on ebay. What should I buy?

    What singles of players or lots should I buy on ebay with 50$?
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    What do you think about Ron Paul?

    Do you think ron paul has a chance for the nomination? Do you agree with his policies? If not Ron Paul, which candidate do you like for the republicans?
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    Making your own cards to sell

    Can someone explain to me what you have to do to make a non licensed homemade card minus logos specifically for sale. Would you have to get permission from the player to use his name? Any other info on this would be helpful thanks.
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    gerrit cole hold or sell??

    I have about 200$ worth of cole autos right now and I am wondering if I should hold them or sell. Thanks for your time and answers.
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    Get Graded or not???

    What would this Bobby Borcherings grade be? I was thinking about getting it graded but held off should I get it graded? Thanks, erik
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    will Markakis be an (ELITE) hitter or not

    In my opinion this year is a make a break year for Markakis. If he makes it I think he will be in an all star class. If he breaks he will always be the 290 hitter with 15-23 home runs he has been. Thanks, Please leave your comments!
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    Greatest hitter of all time.

    Who is the greatest hitter? A question asked alot, I want to know your opinion. I know ten options can not sum up all the greats.So if you have a different opinion feel free to post it. Thanks e.v. In greatest I mean statistically.
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    Ben Mcdonald Error Blank??? (with scans)

    I have a Ben Mcdonald UD Error where instead of him having a orioles logo or rookie logo it is blank in the circle. Can you tell me if this is a variation or a messup, Thanks
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    Ben Mcdonald Error blank???

    I have a Ben Mcdonald UD Error where instead of him having a orioles logo or rookie logo it is blank in the circle. Can you tell me how much this is worth or what it is, Thanks

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