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    Anyone track their steps for 10K step challenge

    I recently found out that that my iPhone (company provided) had been tracking my steps. I am hitting between 18K and 25K on days I work and I got to wondering is anyone here tracking their steps or even keeping track? I could see how this could become very addicting when trying to one-up...
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    Topps Discounting apparel on their site

    Heads up, Topps.com has their apparel marked down quite a bit. Shirts start around $5. http://www.topps.com/apparel.html?dir=asc&order=price
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    1 year Free ESPN magazine and insider access

    Not sure how long this will last. http://www.rewardscountry.com/mags/espn/rc_espn_pg2e.htm
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    Huge Shoutout to a mystery member

    I haven't been buying much lately and have nothing that I'm currently waiting for so when I came home today to find a package sitting my mailbox I was a little confused. The name had been blacked out so I was a bit confused. Anyways, I opened it to find this. It will fit in well...
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    2011 Tax Returns

    What are you doing with your tax return this year?
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    Been hearing a lot about this in the news and recently many sites had their blackouts in protest. What are you thoughts? Have you read the bills and what are the alternatives? Would this affect the cards we sell on ebay if we use company names in title/descriptions? Personally I get...
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    Anyone deal with Lenny Sterns (ticket stub collector)?

    Just wanted some opinions on how reliable this guy is...Anyone deal with him in the past? E-mail is [email protected] .com
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    US credit gets downgraded to AA+

    Wonder what this will do to the markets next week and I wonder if S&P waited to downgrade until the end of the week to keep the markets confidence up. http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2011/08/05/sp ... -s-rating/
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    USPS website redesign

    I have to say that this is one of the better things they are doing. Now I don't have to search google for direct links to what I'm looking for. Anyone else like/dislike/ even notice it?
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    Do message boards influence your collecting habits?

    Would your collecting habits be the same if you could never showcase your collection on any forums? Online collecting has helped so many collectors from vintage to player to prospect enhance collections and I often wonder, would you still put in as much effort if there wasn't an online...
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    Most random children's foundation ever?

    Never knew a children's foundation that had a casket division :lol:
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    Killed the odds on a box of 1998 Score

    Showcase Series 1:7 All Score Team 1:35 Artist Proof 1:35 Epix 1:61 I really only bought the box because Andruw was on the cover. It was cheap break at $17 and overall I think I did alright. If you need any of these or any base from 98 score let me know.
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    Interesting Ebay Dilemma

    So I bought an item back in January, seller shipped with DC and all was thought to be good. After 3 weeks with no item I look up the tracking provided through ebay's checkout system and it shows the item as being delivered, just to an address in a different state. I e-mailed the seller and...
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    Pretty sweet find; HOF vintage style

    Found these in a box in the closet when I was looking for some more Andruw's to sort. Not sure when or how I acquired them, but assuming they are authentic I might be able to trade them off towards my diamond stars set.
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    Where do you get full Game Used items

    Where are some of the better places to buy game used items? I know ebay and a couple major auctions houses but hardly anything shows up. So where do you guys find your game used items?
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    BGS sent my cards to the wrong address

    I sent some cards in for grading during the special, filled out the form with my correct mailing address and now when I check the tracking back to me they are in transit, but not to the address provided, not even the same state. Since Fedex only requires a signature it seems like I could get...
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    Rangers have gone bankrupt and are about to sell

    http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2010/05/2 ... latestnews Just saw this posted and thought it was interesting.
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    Gift from the fiance (wife)

    Been with her 4 years and we decided we weren't doing gifts this year, in fact she's actually working right now. Pretty excited about this though, its 24x36 air-brushed. The best part was when showing me she said "It's for when you get your man cave, You'll need something on the wall down...
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    Sweet Mailday - Don't think it gets better than this (90's)

    I picked these up last week and they finally arrived...Too many good cards so in no particular order here goes. 1998 Donruss Crusades green and purple....Brings me to 6 purples and 8 greens 1998 Donruss studio freeze frame sample and 1998 donruss studio masterstrokes samples...I've never seen...
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    did the Tebow ad air?

    After watching 90% of the commercials I was wondering if the Tebow ad aired or was it just the one where he 'tackled' his mother. Did CBS chicken out or was that what everyone was talking about? Didn't see much about the 'abortion' side to it.

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