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  1. PeteD

    1997 Donruss Preferred 200 card set

    Can't find any values or sales for the complete set. Any help appreciated.
  2. PeteD

    Hey i finally was able to login to my Blowout account after 8 yrs

    It kept rejecting my login info until today when i gave it another shot and after 8 yrs i'm finally back in. I know alot of current members from here post there too (along with the Bench etc) and to my surprise former FCB and the old Beckett boards members. Notably that Phillies fan we all know...
  3. PeteD

    Matt Olson must be the leader in solo homers

    or he doesn't get many rbi situations. Hit #20 today...rbi #39 :confused:
  4. PeteD

    Football Auto but Baseball related...sort of

    Terrible signers, in all sports :?
  5. PeteD

    Oh no i'm jumpin' back into the prospecting grind.

    Have fallen wayyyyy behind on prospecting due to unseen real life issues, so i need to get back up to snuff. Have all these autos and hardly no knowledge, except for Jays and the regular hyped guys. Forgot what a grind it is keeping up with all of them out there. It really feels like scouting...
  6. PeteD

    Poker ?

    does a full house of 2 A's - 3 8's beat one with 2 K's and 3 10's?
  7. PeteD

    A few 2016 Bowman Chrome Autos named

    but where's a checklist? Can't find one anywhere. Sam Travis Joe Musgrove Harrison Bader
  8. PeteD

    Possible huge dissappointment turns into a SUPER surprise.

    Had a huge brain fart at the LCS...had 2014 BDraft on my mind, but purchased 2015 BDraft Jumbo box instead. Visions of Swarby, Bryant, Reed danced in my head as i sped home. First pack and the horror set in...ugh :benson: I stayed away 'cause of the lack of Jays prospects autos etc. So i...
  9. PeteD


    NEED THESE BASE : DONE NEED THESE BASE PROSPECTS :#TP-8,22,23,24,27,28,43 THESE ARE DOUBLES FOR TRADE NOT WANTS #9 ,10,11,17,25,26,29,40, 46,47,49,59,60,63,64,65,68,69,75,77,78, 80,81,83,85,86,88,91,94,97,100 #TP-1,2,3,4,12,13,15,17,26,31,33,35,37,40, 41,44,47,49,50...
  10. PeteD


    or trade for these: 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft #CDP-66 Brigham, #CDP-72 Fulenchek 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft #CTP-47 T.Anderson 2014 Bowman Chrome RC's #8 JR.Murphy have tons to trade just lmk who or what you need.
  11. PeteD

    2015 Topps Update Photo Variation Auto?

    Didn't know these existed. At first i'm like cool, a RC auto. Then after poking around i find out it's an photo variation. I flip it over and i see it's stamped #3 /5! Only bummer is it's a sticker auto...but still, best pull in a long while.
  12. PeteD

    Anyone else having slow sales on Ebay?

    Been a member for 15 yrs and haven't seen it so slow,even on $1 auctions. This includes the whole yr. Never seen current issues sell so slow either. Competition from other sites?
  13. PeteD

    Spring Training gms on the tube!

    Jays vs. Pirates - Pedro Alvarez 3 run HR off Aaron Sanchez has them ahead 3-0 early. The wait is finally over!!!!
  14. PeteD


    Or any other autos / relics.
  15. PeteD

    FS 2014 Topps Heritage hi # Update - Travis d'Arnaud ON CARD AUTO #ROA-10

    $30 delivered. Also willing to sell the set minus the auto, or break it up into singles. Lmk...thx
  16. PeteD

    WTB Need 2014 Topps Chrome Jays AUTOS

    Sanchez & Stroman for sure...prefer base. Just lmk who you need or collect. I have 2 '14 TChrome autos to trade - Anna Black ref and Jimmy Nelson ref.
  17. PeteD

    Any news on the 2014 BC checklist with autos?

    All i've seen is sell sheets. Will it have the wave cards in packs? Any surprises expected? Hope they add more Jays than Bowman Chrome Prospects 1 did auto wise.
  18. PeteD


    2013 Topps Chrome #96 Y. Cedpedes non SP 2007 Topps #40 D.Jeter non SP Lmk what you need.
  19. PeteD

    Any Mock June Drafts out there?

    Can't seem to find any.
  20. PeteD

    FS James Paxton Leaf Valiant Auto lot (3) #/5...#/99...base

    $75 for all 3 shipped with tracking. BLACK : #1 /5 ORANGE : #1 8/99 GREEN/EMERALD : BASE Thx

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