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    And the ugliest cards ever made award goes to....

    Panini Pinnacle! I knew what i was getting into, so I'm glad I only bought 5 packs, the no logos make this look like a Just Minors product. The acetate cards are cool with the wood grain look and stars, but I can't get past the no logos.
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    FS Atlanta Braves Quad Auto 6/15

    Pulled this at the National Asking $35 for it
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    A Couple Sweet Pulls and 1 SUPER Platinum Pull

    Here are the cards I hit: A guy busted A pack and pulled this
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    FS Yadier Molina Signed Ball w/Steiner COA

    Asking $60 delivered
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    FS Individual Coin Cards From Topps Chase For a Million Set - 24 Left

    I have the following cards left from this set http://www.freedomcardboard.com/forum/attachments/baseball-transactions/19627d1374505245-individual-coin-cards-topps-chase-million-set-24-left-coin-set.jpg Individual Pictures can be sent on request. Updated List Sandy Koufax Card No. 1 - $50...
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    Thanks Topps! Seriously

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    FCB National Meetup?

    Any word on a gathering at the National this year?
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    WTB Buying UD expired redemption

    I am looking to buy expired Upper Deck redemption cards. Let me know what you have.
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    FS Nolan Ryan On Card Auto Jersey

    $90 takes it
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    More Proof Topps Is Run By Morons

    So I've received 3 blue wave packs now from the Bowman Prospect challenge in the last two weeks. The cards come in a clear plastic pack and I have the sneaking suspicion that there is zero chance at autographs (even though they claim there are.). Anyway, anyone realize what is wrong here?
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    FS Team Lots of Topps Orange Day Glow and Blue Sparkle Promo Cards

    I have about 60 Oranges and another 60 Blue Sparkles. Let me know what team you need. Each card will probably be .25 each and $1.50 flat shipping for however may cards you want. Post your team!
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    2 Blue Wave Packs From Prospect Challenge

    These two packs came in clear plastic, is that how all of them are? These are really nice cards, they are more plasticy than cardboard. Anyway, no autos just base blues. Rutledge Mathisen Cecchini Kuchno Cowell Valentin Brinson Bralin Jackson Stamets McCarthy
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    116 Topps Series 2 Promo Packs!!

    These are awesome! Take in a Topps card from the 80s and get a special promo pack. Each pack has a blue sparkle: Got one auto: #175 /200 And these /10 Not sure what this is, but only pulled one
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    A Couple Of Nice Hits Today

    One Bowman Jumbo got me this But one box of basketball got me this
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    40 Pack Break- Topps Archives 25 cent packs with Day Glow Oranges!

    These were a fun bust at $10 for 40 packs. Nothing outside of the Day Glow Orange, but these Orange cards are sharp. Let me know if anyone is interested in any card specifically Matt Moore Kinsler Pedroia McCann Kennedy Kuroda Morrow Lincy Dickey Romo Ozzie Smith C. Gonzalez Reddick...
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    Thanks Topps! Seriously

    Just hit a 20 game hit streak in The Chase promo! I've now won: 10- A Coin Card 15- An Auto Card 20- Entire Coin Card Set! (only the first 20 people get it) Now I'm nervous, if I get 25, I get the autographed set. And I probably just jinxed myself.
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    Walmart Exclusive Panini Prizm Blues

    I'll have to pick up some Cubs, these things look nice.
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    Thank You Jose Altuve!

    With your hit last night, you won me an autographed card in the Topps Chase For a Million Promo! My streak is now at 15, only 45 more to go!
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    1 Very Nice 2012 Bowman Platinum Hanger

    I've had pretty good luck on these. Last one on the peg and it was on sale too!
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    Topps Lollapalooza Wrigley Field Giveaway Set

    Just saw these on Facebook and thought they were pretty cool. http://shop.mobileweb.ebay.com/searchresults;PdsSession=0fab40ad13e0a47a15a5c6b5fff4bccf?kw=Topps+lollapalooza&cmd=SREF&fads=All&call=All&sort=BestMatch&mfs=GOCLK&acimp=0&isNewKw=true

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