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  1. TGutta

    TwinsFest 2019 Consignments

    Hey everyone! I attend TwinsFest every year and have some space open this year, so I have decided to provide the opportunity for some consignments. Please see the following details below and feel free to comment or send me a PM if you are interested. TwinsFest will be held this year on Friday...
  2. TGutta

    Fantasy Baseball Team Opinions

    With spring training up and rolling I'm sure everyone is getting back into fantasy baseball season. I'm going into the 4th year of a 12 team keeper league where we are allowed to keep 20 players each year. Looking to get some advice on my roster below, and who you would keep and let go. We are...
  3. TGutta

    FS/FT Star Player #'d, Inserts FT/FS - Ripken, Maddux, Clemens, Thomas, Ryan, Glavine

    Looking to sell or trade the cards listed below, most being at least $5 BV. The sale price is listed next to the card, please add $2.50 shipping to any order. 1-2 cards may be shipped in a PWE for $1.00. PMs work best! If trading, looking for the cards listed below in order of significance...
  4. TGutta

    Byron Buxton MLB Debut tomorrow!

    [email protected] (Byron Buxton) will make his Major League debut tomorrow in Texas. He will wear #25. #MNTwins https://twitter.com/Twins/status/609846656872222721
  5. TGutta

    Classic eBay shipping cost question

    So I purchased something on eBay that had a shipping cost of $20. Got the package in today to see that it was shipped medium flat rate, roughly $12 cost. I was willing to pay the $20 shipping price and put in my max total bid to reflect that, but as a buyer would you be upset that the seller is...
  6. TGutta

    TGutta's Denard Span PC

    It has been a long time coming, but I have finally decided to make my own PC thread so everybody can see my Denard Span collection. There have been a few members here who have helped make this collection of mine what it is, and I am thankful for that! Hopefully this thread can also help me come...
  7. TGutta

    WTTF 2013 Opening Day Manny Machado/2011 Ginter Trevor Cahill

    Have these last couple cards that I need to finish off these sets. 2013 Topps Opening Day Base: 172 (Manny Machado) 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Base: 322 (Trevor Cahill) Just looking to make a couple low-end PWE trades, even better if I could get both from one person. Just let me know what you...
  8. TGutta

    Anybody in the Houston area able to help with a 50/50?

    I would really appreciate the help. PM me for details.
  9. TGutta

    2014 Hall of Fame Classic

    http://baseballhall.org/hofclassic Anybody planning on attending this? I saw this on another site and could really use the help with Jim Thome and Carl Pavano. Been working on a 2011 Topps Heritage Twins team set for quite some time and still need both of them. I haven't been able to find...
  10. TGutta

    Need help shipping a bobblehead

    What is the best/safest way to ship a bobblehead if you don't have the original box it came in? I have an old Wisconsin Badgers Basketball Bobblehead that I have had for quite some time just sitting around. I'm a Gophers fan so I really have no use for it at all and figured since they made the...
  11. TGutta

    Shipping high-end item on eBay

    So I recently sold an item on eBay for much more than I have sold a card before, I just need help on making sure I am shipping it the best and safest way. From looking around it looks like on items $250+ in order to be protected you have to get both insurance and signature confirmation, is this...
  12. TGutta

    TGutta's TTM/IP Auto Thread!

    Figured I have been getting more and more into TTM the past 2 years that I would go ahead and start my own thread. I will post all of my TTM returns and my IP successes throughout the year in this thread.
  13. TGutta

    Does anybody still buy from Beckett Marketplace?

    I had only ever bought cards off of there once before, but a card was listed about a week ago that I've been looking for for a long time. Well I bought the card and paid $3.50 to ship the card and it came yesterday in a $0.66 stamped envelope. Is this common from there and is there any way to...
  14. TGutta

    2013 Topps Series 2 Hobby Box

    Haven't busted much at all this past year and still needed over 200 cards to finish my set. Just so happened that my LCS posted a special today on hobby boxes for only $25. I figured for only $5 more than a blaster I couldn't pass it up while getting most of my base set done. Ended up only 16...
  15. TGutta

    FS NEED $30-40 TONIGHT! Prospects, Autos, Twins FS

    Looking to pay for a PC item and need to sell a few things off. Trying to get about $30-40 tonight, so I'm going to list a bunch of cards FS. PMs work best. If you don't like the prices feel free to offer, but some things will be harder for me to move. If you don't see anything you like feel...
  16. TGutta

    FS/FT CLEANING OUT: Team Lots FT/FS 2011-2012

    I am trying to clear some space and am looking to move team lots from 2011-2012. There are base, inserts, rookies, and some parallels included in these lots. Please note that there are some duplicates in these lots, but not many. Also, some of the star players from a few of the teams are in...
  17. TGutta

    WTB WTTF/WTB 2012-2013 Set Needs

    Looking to finish up a couple sets and am looking to trade for the list of cards below. Also have several Minnesota Twins wants from 2011-2013 if you would like to make a larger deal. Have plenty of cards listed FT on my website as well as in my bucket. PMs work best! 2013 Bowman Chrome...
  18. TGutta

    WTB J.O. Berrios Inception Autos

    Title says it all. Willing to trade for them as well. PMs work best but I will check the thread. Not looking to pay over eBay!
  19. TGutta

    eBay/PayPal shipping label question

    So I sold a lot on eBay and put the shipping at 6 ounces. I know that I should just get a scale to weigh the cards, but I don't sell enough to make it worth it for me. I brought the package to the PO today and it came out to 7.1 ounces. In the past I'm pretty sure I just threw a stamp or 2 on...
  20. TGutta

    FS/FT 200+ Stars, Prospects, Refractors, GU, Autos FT/FS SCANS!

    I have all of the cards listed below FT/FS. Looking mostly to trade for Minnesota Twins and set needs but will listen to offers as well for other tradebait. Set needs include 2012 Allen & Ginter and 2013 Topps Inserts, here is a link to my complete wantlists on my website: Set Needs - My...

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