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    FS Travis Harrison Chrome auto lot

    Cards are sold
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    FS Javier Baez chrome auto lot

    Sold Sold
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    FS Taylor Guerrieri Chrome Blue Refractor Auto

    Sorry for poor scan, card is not discolored. 23/150 $50 dlvd
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    FS Mike Olt Chrome auto lot

    Mike Olt Chrome base auto lot of ten (10) - $175 dlvd
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    FS Cody Buckel 2010 Elite Auto /100

    sold Sold
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    FS - Cuthbert, Jerez, Crocker, Brickhouse, Low #'s BGS 9.5

    All prices are delivered Cuthbert Purple - $50 Jerez Emerald - $40 Brickhouse Emerald - $35 Crocker Emerald - $40 Vollmuth Emerald - $35
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    Shipping to UK

    I've shipped to Canada a couple times many years ago, but other than that I have no international shipping experience. So any help would be appreciated. Has anybody had any problems shipping to the UK? What have you found to be the best option for shipping a card there? Are there any options...
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    Newbie here, please help with adding pics

    Is it possible to add pics without having a photobucket/online photo account? Thanks in advance

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