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    1985? Denver Broncos cups

    I'm not a football guy, and I don't really post on any other message boards, so I thought I'd throw this here and see if anyone had any thoughts. I grew up in Colorado Springs, and I recently found these plastic cups in the back of my childhood closet. They are 7-Eleven Big Gulp cups, and each...
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    Decent little pull from a 2020 Stadium Club blaster

    Wow, retail can be pretty hard to find these days, so when I saw two SC blasters at Walmart, I grabbed them. I do like the photography. The only pull of note was a Ken Griffey Jr. Blue variation, #28/50. I'm glad they have some retired greats in the set, and they chose a sweet photo of Junior...
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    Blaster and some packs of 2019 Bowman

    I grabbed a blaster and three packages that each come with 2 packs of bowman and a pack of five camo parallels. I got 15 camos of course, and like 30 chrome cards, not gonna list those but lmk if you want details, are building a set or whatever. Refractors: Nolan Gorman 455/499 Keston Hiura...
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    Crappy airbrushing in Topps series 1

    There's a bit of history with Topps airbrushing jerseys onto players after they have changed teams, and I actually tend to like the examples of this from the 80s (pretty common in the traded sets). But while opening a box of 2019 series 1 flagship, several cards jumped out at me as looking fake...
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    2019 Topps series 1 jumbo box

    It has become a custom of mine to warm up for ST by ripping a box of the flagship, so here are the results of this year's. SILVER PACK REFRACTORS Acuna Bryant Justus Sheffield RC GREEN (#1/99) ADVANCED STATS VARIATION Luis Severino 027/150 150TH ANN. STAMP Atlanta Braves team card Seattle...
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    How about a 100k Nolan Arenado thread?

    Saw a couple of 100k-themed posts in the front page here, then saw this recent 100k listing on eBay...
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    Whatever happened to Wheeler Collection?

    I'm not sure what made this pop into my head, but a few years ago marked the release of an intriguing product called Wheeler Collection Heroes & Legends. You may remember that some people bagged on it because of the bird cards and other various aspects - as well as the notion that the whole...
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    WTTF anyone got a Harold Baines auto FT/FS?

    Baines' HOF election caught me by surprise for sure. I will likely wait for the bump to subside before purchasing one, but I thought I would throw it out here and see if anyone has one available. Send me a PM if so, I don't come onto the BST board very often.
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    Is it 2007?

    Because it's starting to feel like that in Colorado. These Rockies are playing crazy well right now, with different guys stepping up to win games each night. Hopefully they aren't peaking too soon. And can Kyle Freeland get some Cy Young love? I don't expect him to win it or anything, but the...
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    2018 Bowman Platinum Walmart hobby box

    I guess these are called "Hobby Box" even though they are bought at a retail outlet? They had just put out a display, full of packs blasters, and two of these big bad boys. I grabbed a blaster first because, 80 bucks a pop for two guaranteed autos (guaranteed to be of prospects I've never heard...
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    Junk wax packs at the "antique" mall

    Look at this little trove I stumbled upon at the "antique mall" (which, I'm sure most of you know, is a synonym of "indoor flea market"). It piqued my interest for sure, and I found myself all a-tingle at the thought of time traveling 25-30 years into the past. The little "$2.75 each" sign...
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    Topps Chrome blaster

    Got the last blaster at Wally, will grab any more I see because these are nice cards and a fun break (but, cmon, "fun break" is a redundancy, amiright?). Future Stars Francisco Lindor - um, I was under the impression he was a present star? 87 Topps Correa Arenado Then and Now Arenado...
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    A few packs of Bowman Platinum

    I went to Walmart a few weeks ago and saw the full Platinum display (packs/blasters/big boxes) at Walmart. I was curious but passed it up. A couple of days later I saw what the cards and these boxes were going for and went back to grab some, but it was all gone. That's what I joined the group...
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    Blasters: 2016 Bowman Platinum, 2017 Bowman, 2017 Heritage

    Not a bad little retail break, always fun to scratch the itch little 2016 Bowman Platinum was on sale at Target Drew Jackson blue refractor autograph 66/150 Nice to pull an auto out of retail 2017 Bowman Wilson Contreras blue paper 90/150 Dane Dunning blue refractor 26/150 Warren Spahn...
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    WTTF Young Rockies cards wanted

    The Rockies have been playing well and I've found myself looking for cards of some of the young guys on the team, particularly the pitchers. Kyle Freeland was in 2014 Draft and Senzatela was in 2015 Chrome, for example, and Jon Gray has been in everything. If anybody has some cards form the last...
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    A good read for April 20th

    BONG PUFFER FOREVER: THE STORY OF HISTORY'S CHILLEST BASEBALL CARD https://sports.vice.com/en_us/article/bong-puffer-forever-the-story-of-historys-chillest-baseball-card
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    Trip to Walmart = blasters (Heritage HN & Archives 65th)

    It's hard to walk by the card section at Walmart. If I were rational, I'd save my money from these purchases and buy a hobby box. But very little about this hobby is rational, after all. Heritage High Number = a few SPs and a Verlander jersey card Archives 65th = autograph of Scott Hatteberg...
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    Topps Archives 65th Anniversary x 4

    My brother-in-law is FDNY and will be on duty tonight and tomorrow, so we bumped Christmas up a day and opened our gifts this morning. Santa brought me four boxes of the 65th anniversary Topps Archives boxes from Walmart, which made me feel like a kid again. Autographs: Jeff Conine Jose Cruz...
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    LIVE BREAK: 2011 Bowman Draft

    A few months ago I posted a live break of 2011 Bowman, erroneously listing it as Draft, so I decided to go ahead and get a box of Draft. I bust these live, posting pack by pack, just because it slows me down and makes me take better notice of what I pull. First pack in a few minutes. RECAP -...
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    Mike Trout 1/1!!!!!!

    His first motor vehicle, signed on the glove box, is up for auction. I'm not sure what to make of it, really. Gets you quite a bit closer to him than a little swatch of white polyester, no? https://goldinauctions.com/Mike_Trout_s_2000_Ford_Ranger_Black_Pickup_Truck_w-LOT23338.aspx

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