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  1. chief7575

    1980s/1990's Leaf/Donruss Proofs and Test issues

    The only guy I collect, Travis Fryman - had an oddball item come up in searches recently I had not seen before. Noticed the seller had other players as well...
  2. chief7575

    Can it be? Finally have reached 100%

    After umpteen years of collecting - I have finally tracked down the last pack issued non 1/1 for my Travis Fryman collection. I wasn't sure I would ever get to this point, but lo and behold, I have. I'm still trying to track down other items - such as the 1998 Pinnacle Certified non-released...
  3. chief7575

    Taking in a Diamondbacks game - any advice or things to expect?

    Hello! I'm going to be out in Arizona in April for a work conference and my plan is to hit a Diamondbacks game with the family while I'm out that way. Is there decent parking close by? We are probably going to be staying towards the north part of Phoenix as the hotels are super expensive down...
  4. chief7575

    A couple of tremendous finds - now down to one!

    Greetings! I don't often post here, mainly because I don't have much activity to chime in on or show. I try and read the boards through the week. Anyway, I somehow managed to pick up 3! cards to add to my collection in the past week, which hasn't happened, in about 10 years or more. First...
  5. chief7575

    Rare post - but a rare find (for me)

    Imagine my surprise when I picked up 3 new Frymans for the collection this week. Granted, 2 of them just came out in 2013 Archives baseball (again - a surprise to see NEW items) - but I will take them. 2013 Archives base SP and Fan Favorites autograph And one of the items from my dwindling...
  6. chief7575

    Help ID'ing an auto and other misc things I ran across

    I'm finally getting around to some of the boxes I packed up when I moved 3 years ago. I knew I had some autographs and other misc items stashed away. One new pickup - Fryman AS game auto'd batting glove Other items in storage coming to light Found a couple of other autographed baseballs...
  7. chief7575

    Big Thanks to VizquelCollector - I'm down to the last few

    Jonathan (VizquelCollector) went above and beyond the call of duty to help me snag this particular item, a 98 Colla Indians Postcard. I had only ever seen a saved picture of one, not ever in person or even at auction. With this pickup, it puts me down to around 10 items that I am still in...
  8. chief7575

    Curious Tigers patch

    I cannot recall ever seeing a Tigers face on any Tigers jersey throughout my 36 years on the planet. Not saying they never have, but if anybody can find me some visual evidence of one of these logos as part of the uniform (especially the years Alan played), I would be very interested. Trammell...
  9. chief7575

    Player Collector contest thread: Travis Fryman entry

    So, growing up a Tigers fan, my first favorite player was Alan Trammell. As he was winding down his career some, a rookie named Travis Fryman came up and was playing the same position as Tram. About the same time is when I was first getting into collecting sports cards and I decided I would...
  10. chief7575

    Looking for 1998 Pinnacle #47

    I'm searching for the back variation of #47 Travis Fryman. I need the Home Stats and the full stats back variations. If you have either or both, please give me a shout. Many thanks! Greg

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