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  1. aluckypull

    Sports card software?

    What is the best sports card software? Thanks in advance
  2. aluckypull

    Matt Read???

    Flash in the pan or legit player for years?
  3. aluckypull

    I win a 92 auto baseball

    I just found out I win one of three 1992 Team USA Olympic baseballs signed by the team. It was a contest that topps was doing on twitter. Will post pic when it arrives.
  4. aluckypull

    Who will be a Hall of Famer???

  5. aluckypull

    Oakland A's

    Why do they have an elephant on their left sleeve??? Just wondering
  6. aluckypull

    A collectors planet question????

    How many of yall use to be on Collector's Planet??? I have notice a few names I remember. Just wondering
  7. aluckypull

    2012/13 rookies

    Who is everyone looking at for a break out rookie for next year??? For me Ryan Murray
  8. aluckypull

    Team USA vs. DR

    54 = the margin of victory for Team USA in its first pre-Olympics exhibition, a 113-59 win against the Dominican Republic.
  9. aluckypull

    anyone here can help with signature

    Who here can make me a signature at the bottom of my post? Thanks in advance:D
  10. aluckypull

    Rizzo the real deal or flash in the pan???

    Anthony Rizzo a guy to collect or sell while he is hot??? imo, he's the real deal
  11. aluckypull

    new member

    Hello, my name is Michelle I collect baseball, basketball, and football. Hope to make friends and collector buddies. I live in Louisiana and I have had two kidney transplants, 30 yrs apart... Can't wait to trade, buy, and sell with ya'll...

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