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    Archives Snapshots also available at Topps site

    Sold out! glad i was monitoring for the general public chance to buy!
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    Archives Snapshots also available at Topps site

    Checklist: https://www.topps.com/media/pdf/CheckList_20SNAP_VERSION1.pdf
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    Archives Snapshots also available at Topps site

    I'm glad to be able to order any! I love this product but feared yesterday when I saw it was for sale, i figured the subscription club would buy up all the supply leaving me none. Picked up 8 boxes once the general public (me) was able to order.
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    2021 Topps Preview image released

    I like how some of the elements are see thru so you get more of the picture where those elements intrude. I do worry about player safety with those xacto knife blade graphic elements threatening to cut the players in the image. i hope the topps 70 logo element will be silver foil stamped.
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    2020 Baseball Season?

    2020 All-Star Game has been cancelled. Dodgers will have to wait even longer to host it again. 2022. 2021 remains with the Braves. At least Update should have less crud in it with not having those All-Star Game base cards. I hope Topps uses those checklist openings to showcase more players...
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    Topps Total is back!

    and Topps screwed the pooch on it (if you are a collector, IMHO). Maybe this needs to go to the worst card manufacturer ideas thread. 10-card pack for $10 - 900 card set, low numbered parallel chances, no relics or autos, 100 card wave released every 3 weeks. As a collector - nope. I am...
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    Happy 2019 MLB season!

    I love these MLB opening mornings! Athletics and Mariners in Japan and there is already a leader after an inning of play.
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    F+W MEDIA Files chapter 11 bankrupcy

    I just saw a news blurb that F+W Media filed for Chapter 11 bankrupcy but it may not be the end of Sports Collectors Digest as it was reported that F+W Media will try to find buyers for their various titles, including SCD.
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    Happy Sign of Spring Day!

    A lot of teams' pitchers/catchers reported today, many more report tomorrow. First full squad workout for many teams is Feb 18th. It's good to see that Spring is right around the corner now that players are starting to show up for the season.
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    Ugly side of ballpark naming rights...

    Atlanta Braves ballpark to be renamed at some point. SunTrust just announced a merger with BB&T and the press release says the two banks when they become one will operate under a new name and branding, so the SunTrust name won't survive the merger. I have a feeling due to governmental study...
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    Crazy HOF fact...

    Mariano Rivera was the first Hall of Famer to be elected unanimously - every single voter voted for him - including voters who are Red Sox fans. amazing not even Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron or others even got that piece of history before Rivera. I guess everyone before...
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    Typical card show price boxes for standard inserts

    Since I don't have card shows near me (that I'm aware of) to research this, for a relatively recent standard not-serial-numbered insert (i.e. not inserts of hot rookies, prospects, or megastars), in what types of budget collector boxes could you typically find them in? Dime, 20 cents, quarter...
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    MLB Team Captains - who do you think should be...?

    Interesting in the 2018 retirees thread that it was brought out that no current team has a captain. With that in mind, who do you think should be captains on a team? Since I have to follow 30 teams (no local or nearby MLB team), my thoughts on 3 teams might be not realistic as I know a lot of...
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    Ebay questions poll

    More of my ebay research into sports card collector habits as part of another thread about ebay listing things. Just three short questions that I am curious about. I watch listing strategy videos on Youtube and it's all hot women talking about listing clothes so while you might be able to...
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    Baines, Lee Smith Headed to the Baseball Hall of Fame

    From the Baseball HOF website: https://baseballhall.org/news/smith-baines-elected-to-hall-of-fame-by-todays-game-era-committee
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    Show your Bush!

    a scan of a Bush 41 card, that is. :D This is the only one of mine readily available to scan (I also have a bush 41 base card from the topps desert storm non-sport set topps put out around here somewhere). This swatch card is numbered 210/250:
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    ebay listing questions

    so I've been buying from ebay for about 2 decades and now I'm getting into selling on there. I've listed 18 things so far, sold 3. Since I'm a noob seller and things are not flying into the collection box as fast as you'd think would happen with ebay as a platform, you start to question your...
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    2018 Topps MLB All-Star Rookie Team announced

    Getting the rookie cup graphic on their 2019 Topps flagship card will be: MLB All-Star Rookie Team P/DH – Shohei Ohtani, Los Angeles Angels P – Walker Buehler, Los Angeles Dodgers P – Ryan Yarbrough, Tampa Bay Rays P – AJ Minter, Atlanta Braves C – Jorge Alfaro, Philadelphia Phillies 1B – Ryan...
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    "Today's Era" Committee HOF nominees released

    Cut and paste from Hall of Fame website: 2019 Today's Game Era Ballot Six former big league players, three managers and one executive comprise the 10-name Today’s Game Era ballot to be reviewed and voted upon Dec. 9 at the Baseball Winter Meetings Las Vegas. The Today’s Game Era is one of...
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    Dominican car crash claims Reds minor leaguer

    Another incident of carnage involving baseball players in the DR: https://www.mlb.com/news/reds-minor-leaguers-involved-in-car-accident/c-300205704

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