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  1. J

    looking for upper deck piece of history 500 hr club bat autos. paying top $

    mostly looking for Griffey, McGwire, Sosa, Schmidt, Banks, Williams, Mays, Robinson also interested in 3000 bat autos. won't waste your time with lowball offers if you have any available. if anyone has any leads to pass along i will send you 5% of closing sale finders fee so long as i didn't...
  2. J

    Ernie Banks 1999 A Piece of History 500 HR Club Bat Autograph - Where? - Nationals - Help

    Hello all. I've been looking for a long time to find a 1999 Ernie Banks APOH 500 HR Club Bat Auto /14. It is one of only a few cards I'm trying to acquire, the rest being from the same set, but with less importance. Does anyone know where one is? If you see one, please let me know. Also if...
  3. J

    WTB buying Kyle Parker

    looking to buy Kyle Parker mostly looking for 2011 Chrome Refractors and Autographs from Bow Platinum / Elite, but interested in all paying eBay prices. thanks.
  4. J

    FS/FT Andrew McCutchen Alfac Auto 22/125 BGS 9 (.5 away) FS/FT

    Looking to sell for best offer or trade for high end Basketball. PLMK what you have... thanks, Josh:D
  5. J

    FS Andrew McCutchen 2004 Bowman Chrome Jersey #'d 22 of 125 BGS 9 .5 away - $1500

    Lowest price I have had it available for. Looking to get rid of all of my cards, besides a select few. If it doesn't sell tonight I will be sending it for re-grading tomorrow. PM me if interested. Price is super firm. Thanks
  6. J

    FS Andrew mccutchen bowman chrome Aflac 22/125 graded bgs 9 w/10 auto

    Pretty much the holy grail of mccutchen cards. Have had this for a long time and looking to ditch it right before he wins the MVP. In a review case that bumps it from .5 from a 9.5 which it should've gotten the first time around and probably will if cracked and regarded, but probably safer to...

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