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    1998 Select

    I'll be happy to add cards to the gallery if anyone would like me to. Just send me the pics.
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    Topps Bunt 20

    I am routinely a black VIP and am about to abandon the app. There is just no value in the cards this year since nothing is limited.
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    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Haven't posted in a while but I used to maintain the baseballcardpedia page for confirmed releases from that set. Everything that I listed on there has been 100% confirmed in existence. There are certainly countless others that are in the wild that I never saw. I have scans of many from that...
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    April Pick-Up Thread

    More Chrome. Still catching up on scans but almost done.
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    Need help with a set - 1998 Skybox Thuder Ultra Pro?

    https://www.comc.com/Cards/Football/1998/Skybox_Thunder_-_Base_-_Ultra-Pro,sr,i100 Is this a legitimate set, or are these just misclassified by COMC? I can't find anything on these anywhere. Note the stickers on the back. Thanks
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    1988 Cubs Canon team set pickup with cool bonus

    I picked up a 1988 Cubs Canon team set recently for the Maddux, and the seller threw in this cool article from the August 19, 1988 edition of Baseball Card News. Thought I'd share. Also, let me know if you have any interest in any of the other players. I really have no use for them.
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    Topps Chrome Color

    I thought I'd use this thread to share what has been the focus of my collecting over the past couple of years and hopefully as an opportunity to expand my set. I'll share a few to start it off and then let you know what I am looking for. Please feel free to share your own Topps Chrome in this...
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    Question for the eBay gurus

    Is there a way to filter out the COMC listings from your search results?
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    ebayer to block - cookie.thumper

    This clown sold me a Wisler Blue Wave auto and now has seller's remorse. He "can't find" the card and will not make good on the offer that he accepted. A full refund was issued. He also took advantage of the ebay loophole of cancelling the sale before I had an opportunity to leave...
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    1995 Leaf Promos

    Anybody happen to have an old paperback Beckett Sport Americana Baseball Price Guide #17 from 1995? I'm curious in knowing what it says about 1995 Leaf Promos. Does anybody have any written information about these cards? I know them and can identify them rather easily, but apparently the...
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    2000 Upper Deck MVP All Star Jumbos

    Can anybody provide any information on this set? It is different from the standard-sized cards that were issued in packs at the 2000 fanfest. There are a few completed sales on ebay from a few weeks ago. It's where I picked mine up. Never seen them before, and Beckett doesn't have any info...
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    1997 New Pinnacle Artist's Proofs

    Been working on this set for a while. Only 14 to go. Let me know if you have any of these and what you want in return. Willing to pay $ or trade. 2 Sammy Sosa Blue Chicago Cubs 3 Greg Maddux Green Atlanta Braves 29 Hideo Nomo Green Los Angeles Dodgers 53 Derek Jeter Green New York Yankees...
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    Can a Topps set collector explain this one for me?

    Greg Maddux 2009 09 Topps 600 Super Short Print Braves SP SSP | eBay I understand that some of the SPs from the 2009 set go in the $25-40 range, but this seems extraordinarily high. Is the Maddux really SSPd? I am also glad I picked mine up on COMC last year for $10. :)!
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    FS Greg Maddux lot 500+ cards

    I am looking to move a big chunk of my Maddux collection. 500+ cards. No dupes (I think). Lots of inserts. Would like to get $350 for the lot. The cards pictured alone could probably fetch $300. I will break up the lot, but make your offers quickly. Here are a few of the cards included:
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    WTB Braves Topps Chrome Refractors

    All years. On the early stuff especially, I am picky about centering and want no refractor lines. Let me know what you have and what you want for them. Thanks. Brandon
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    Frank Sanders pickups

    Thought I'd start a thread to show off some of my Frank Sanders collection. Let me know if you have any inserts or parallels of his. Don't need any base. Finally got around to doing some scanning: 1995 Action Packed Monday Night Football Highlights 1995 Pacific Platinum 1996...
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    WTB WTTF/WTB 2010 Topps Update Chrome Strasburg #CHR1 and Valencia #CHR27

    Will pay $12 dlvd for the Stras and $4 dlvd for the Valencia. Willing to trade as well. Let me know what you want. Brandon
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    Obama: "We don't have a spending problem."

    Stephen Moore: The Education of John Boehner - WSJ.com How are the Republicans supposed to negotiate with a guy who doesn't think our nation has a spending problem? No wonder nothing can get done in DC. By the way, now that the fiscal cliff deal is over, the Dems are calling for $1 TRILLION...
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    Hate the new photobucket, but it won't let me opt out any more. What are the best alternatives? Not crazy about picasa either, for the record.
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    1998 Select

    A few updates to this thread: jacksoncoupage was kind enough to contribute a scan of Brad Fullmer #133 to the gallery: Notable ebay sales of late: 7/23/12 - Five Star Bonus Frank Thomas 17/50 sold for $76...

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