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  1. RStadlerASU22

    Anyone know this auto?

    Thanks! Sent from my [device_name] using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  2. RStadlerASU22

    WTB Game Used Jersey Cards - Huge Lots Preferred

    Looking for lots in the .75-1.00/card range in qtys of 100-2000+. MLB/NFL/NBA/NHL Jersey Only. May be interested in non-jersey GU too, but please send details. Also may be interested in large lots of Pack Issued Autos. No Sage/Press Pass type stuff. If you have any or know anyone who may have...
  3. RStadlerASU22

    Anyone have a Mays connect?

    Looking to get this one finished and want to see if possible. Rest of it is already LOAd Ryan Will Clark / Mike Brown Collector
  4. RStadlerASU22

    Come "Cy" my newest addition...

    Kinda excited about this piece. It's just over 3 1/4" x 4 1/2". I may look into possible restoration on the glue/tape stains on the back. Also I'm planning on doing some type a framed display. It's got a full JSA LOA. I liked the piece because, well it's Cy Young, but a signature of him on...
  5. RStadlerASU22

    Assorted Memorabilia/Collectibes/Autos/Historical For Sale

    Hey all, I know Chris was trying to market for the Virtual Card Show and I wish I was more ready for it. I understand this list is missing prices / pictures etc. I just haven't had the time to update everything. If the mods want to remove it, no problem. But as of right now, here are some items...
  6. RStadlerASU22

    Nickname Jersey Weekend

    http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/20293096/mlb-players-allowed-wear-nickname-jerseys-newly-created-players-weekend-later-month Love the idea. Also the fact it's the 1st time for Yankees to have Nameplates is kinda big. Ryan Will Clark / Mike Brown Collector
  7. RStadlerASU22

    FS (5) Aaron Judge 2017 DK RCs Lot

    $40/dlvd Lmk, thanks Ryan Will Clark / Mike Brown Collector
  8. RStadlerASU22

    FS Gary Sanchez 2017 DK Auto/Patch/Jersey

    74/99 - $40/dlvd Lmk, thanks Ryan Will Clark / Mike Brown Collector
  9. RStadlerASU22

    Bo Jackson 1/1 2004 Originals- Maybe not

    One ended through Probstien, one is up now... Ryan Will Clark / Mike Brown Collector
  10. RStadlerASU22

    Help on a word topic...

    Hey all, a lil off topic, but if you have a second and want to give an opinion that would be great... Question revolves around what word(s) you think best fits describing people of say Ruth, Jordan, Walter Payton, Presidents, The Beatles, Elvis , Monroe, John Wayne , etc etc.... Here are 9...
  11. RStadlerASU22

    New (WorthPoint Type) Site - Check It Out

    Hey guys/gals - A good friend of mine/business partner is launching a site Collectobilia.com now. It is a site WPish. It will take a while for sales data to build, but can be a site a lot of you guys may like. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Use promo code FCBFREEMO to get a month free...
  12. RStadlerASU22

    Anyone Know This Yankee Auto?

    Thanks Ryan Will Clark / Mike Brown Collector
  13. RStadlerASU22

    WTB WTB/WTF:Clark 86' Donruss Highlights White Letters

    Let me know if you have one available or even a complete set. Can trade or buy Ryan Sent from my SM-G920V using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  14. RStadlerASU22

    Interest in 90s type group break?

    Hey guys, checking to see if there is interest in another group break like we have done in the past? If so, I could start looking for stuff and maybe do it in a few months, maybe @Allincards is interested as well? Anyway, kinda just in the early process of brainstorming. Could be products...
  15. RStadlerASU22

    Shout out to Jeffv96masters

    Just want to recognize another great member here. Jeff had asked for my address a lil while ago and I'm finally getting around to taking care of some stuff. He sent me this unopened Circa pack with the Clark Boss on top. A very nice gesture sir. Thanks! jeffv96masters Ryan Sent from my...
  16. RStadlerASU22

    WTB Buying autograph/memorabilia/card collections!

    Hey all, I/partner are currently looking for collections. Main focus is autographed collectibles (sports and non sports), phots, jerseys, helmets, bats, collectibles, historic etc. Also interested in card collections sets/rcs/vinatge etc. Would like to concentrate on items that would average...
  17. RStadlerASU22

    FS HUGE 90s-00s Finest/Chrome/Stadium Proof Items BGS List !

    Hey all, here is a list of BGS graded items available. Please note a few things: 1)Anything that has a grade listed as "0" means it is in a "Authentic" case, only the 9's and up items received grades. So most of these "0" ones would fall in the 8-8.5 range. 2)Anything that was supposed to be...
  18. RStadlerASU22

    Anyone going to Philly Show next weekend?

    I see on BGS site they will be there (VF Casino). If anyone here is going I may have a favor with RCR I'd like to ask. Thanks Ryan Sent from my SM-G920V using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  19. RStadlerASU22

    Anyone have 1994 Finest Uncut Sheets(s)?

    If so lmk ans if I can see a pic that would be great. Looking for info from it. Thx Ryan Sent from my SM-G920V using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  20. RStadlerASU22

    BGS RAW Card Review...???

    Anyone know of someone with a contact or someone who lives by a places where BGS may be visiting soon for RCR? Ryan Sent from my SM-G920V using Freedom Card Board mobile app

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