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    Upside down Ichiro cuts anyone?

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    Ichiro / Puljols reverse patch

    So who reversed the patch? Upper Deck or a patch faker? https://www.ebay.com/itm/ICHIRO-PULJOLS-7-35-Jersey-Patch-Reversed-1-Of-1-DUSL-PATCH/273960524091
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    2019 Leaf Ultimate Sports wrong Matsui?

    Saw this Ichiro / Matsui / Ohtani 1/1 triple auto from this years Leaf ultimate sports release. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2019-LEAF-ULTIMATE-SPORTS-TRIPLE-SIGNATURES-AUTOGRAPH-1-1-Ichiro-Matsui-Ohtani/223580173233?hash=item340e6ab3b1:g:5rkAAOSwFaldI-Df The scan is a little fuzzy but the pic...
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    Topps Chrome Ohtani super auto

    Japanese kid pulls Topps Chrome Ohtani super auto. Squeezes a little too hard in excitement. http://www.anige-sokuhouvip.com/blog-entry-25538.html
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    Farewell Iwakuma

    It was announced today that Iwakuma will return to his native Japan to continue his professional career. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/09/hisashi-iwakuma-to-return-to-japan.html Too bad the Mariners couldn't capitalize when King Felix and he were a formidable top of the rotation...
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    2018 Immaculate Ohtani nameplate question

    Saw 2 auctions for the Ohtani nameplate cards from this years Immaculate. The first one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2018-immaculate-shohei-ohtani-nameplate-1-10-Please-read-description/202397759184 The second letter looks like an A. But then the letter before it should be a T? Second...
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    August 2017 Pickups

    Didn't see a pickup thread for August yet. Not baseball, but part of my Japanese PC. Finally snagged one of those pen relics.
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    2017 Topps Museum Collection WBC Team Japan set completed

    When I saw that WBC relic cards were on the Museum checklist decided to go after team Japan. The last one, Aoki numbered to 10, just came in. Here they are all together.
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    Tony Gwynn Museum Crowdfunding

    Alesmith, a San Diego brewery, is going to house the Tony Gwynn museum at their facility. They just started a crowdfunding campaign on generosity.com. https://www.generosity.com/memorial-fundraising/tony-gwynn-museum--2 The $10 perk is a Topps baseball card created specifically for this...
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    San Diego gets 2016 all-star game

    Finally. All that Bud Selig courting payed off. http://m.padres.mlb.com/news/article/106508972/petco-park-lands-2016-midsummer-classic
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    Padres 2015 FanFest

    Happening April 4th this year and will even feature an exhibition game between the Pads and Mexico City Red Devils! http://sandiego.padres.mlb.com/sd/fan_forum/fanfest.jsp
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    Nomo IP Autograph

    Man, Nomo must have been in a hurry for this auto hound. http://www.ebay.com/itm/HIDEO-NOMO-1996-SCORE-195-IP-SIGNED-AUTO-AUTOGRAPH-LOS-ANGELES-DODGERS-JAPANESE-/271573435187?pt=US_Baseball&hash=item3f3b09c333
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    Kuroda Museum Collection Auto

    Just came across this eBay auction today. Would be Kuroda's first certified auto in the states. Supposedly it's numbered only to 5. Wonder if this means we'll see some more Kuroda autos in Topps products? http://www.ebay.com/itm/331173368453?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
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    PC Pickups this week

    Traded my base Maeda for this gold version with Brewer Andy. Picked up a nice PSA 9 Nomo RC for a decent price. And finally a triple Japan relic. Not sure why the seller omitted Uehara from the auction title. He's the most desired out of the 3 depicted.
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    Recent PC pickups

    These cards came in this week. Picked up this blue ref for cheap. Hope he can come back healthy next year. Picked up a few singles from the recently released Topps Updates. Finally snagged an Ichiro rookie 9 for a decent price. The slab is a little beat up though. I may...
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    PC Pickups this week

    2 new cards this week for the Padres PC. Hope they both can continue producing next year. Used my eBay bucks to partially pay for this one for my Japanese MLB PC. This puts me at 50/52. Still looking for Kashiwada (Mets 1997) and Takahashi Ken (Mets 2009). Thanks for looking!
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    Recent Padres and Japanese Pickups

    Recently started to add to my Padres PC after a long hiatus. Got most of these on COMC for really cheap. Did a small PSA/DNA order taking advantage of the September $15 encapsulation special. Tanaka played 15 games for the Giants this year. And a few more pickups for the Japanese PC...
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    Recent PC Additions

    Some new cards for the PC. Nothing too crazy. Thanks for the look!
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    2013 Topps Tribute WBC Team Japan

    When I saw that Japan was going to be heavily represented in this release I decided to go all the base, patch and auto cards. The only card I'm missing is the Darvish auto which is numbered to 20. I saw 3 copies go on eBay for $225 BIN, $250 auction and $280 auction. A little too pricey for...
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    Topps Redemption Replacement Mailday

    Redemption: 2011 Marquee Museum Collection Auto of Tsuyoshi Nishioka Received this in the mail today as its replacement: Looking at completed auctions the base version went for $0.99, Red /99 went for $3.99. No past history of /10 selling but I'm assuming this is a $10 card at best...

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