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  1. J

    FT Essential Credentials Future For Trade

    Looking for any Autographics autos, any sport. 97-98 autographics basketball or football preferably but I collect them all. :) Also looking for Shaq GU, Luxury Box Box four, Luxury box celebrity material, all sorts of stuff, hit me up.
  2. J

    Autographed Photos For Trade or Sale

    Individual prices are listed. Will sell all for $50 or will trade for just about anything below. If buying shipping will be $4. 97-98 Skybox basketball and football autographics Any 2000+ Mark Mcgwire cards with him in A's uniforms Cheap Basketball GU 90's basketball inserts and some...
  3. J

    You ever get lucky on a garage sell find with cards?

    I see all these adds on facebook marketplace and craigslist of people with huge collections from childhood selling. Now most of us know if it's late 80's early 90's stuff it's worth about $20 not $500. But there are some that look like they may have some hidden treasures for decent prices...
  4. J

    FT 2018 A&G for trade for Mcgwire base

    Looking to trade for Mark Mcgwire in A's uniform only (base,inserts,gu,auto,etc). Prefer stuff from the last few years. Given I'm new here I'm more than willing to send first with bubble mailer and tracking if you send the same way. Thanks for looking! I also have this GU and Auto for trade...

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