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  1. banjar

    The 1998 Topps Tek Thread

    No worries, take your time. But if you find any I will make it worth your while!
  2. banjar

    The 1998 Topps Tek Thread

    Whoa - you have extra 98 Teks??? Don't suppose you have any Robbie Alomars? Looking for patterns 14, 34, 36, 41, 52, 63, 70, 82. Thanks!
  3. banjar

    Pitching today...

    And MLB ERA is down almost half a run from where it was the last two years. Seems the pitching itself is decent enough, but they are not that well known.
  4. banjar

    Anyone wanna see my nieces pregnant big belly ?

    This really made me laugh! Thanks Dave.
  5. banjar

    Customs for when they don't make cards of your PC anymore

    Hey those are pretty good!
  6. banjar

    Call me nuts: putting together a MASTER SET of 1990 Donruss

    So....you're one card away from a master set? Well done sir. If you have time when you're finished, it would be neat to see your checklist.
  7. banjar

    COMC (check out my cards) shipping wait times

    It seems to me that COMC is pretty much cratering at this point. If they go belly up, I will miss the good things they had to offer. But honestly, I won't be sad about it. Someone will come along to take over the place in the market that they used to occupy, and probably do a better job at it.
  8. banjar

    MrMopar's First* Annual Baseball's Back Contest - CLOSED TO NEW ENTRIES (WINNER TBA AT SEASON'S END, IF WE HAVE ONE!)

    Nolan is only 19th in the NL? Get it together son!!! :-)
  9. banjar

    1998 Donruss Crusade - if made today

    That is some imagination right there. Fun to see how these other crusades might have looked like.
  10. banjar


    Boys, let ME tell you a little something about stupidity...
  11. banjar

    The HOF Argument for Jake Peavy...

    Happy anniversary everyone! New content is a thing to be savored.
  12. banjar

    What is your dream card?

    Aha! The old Willie for Mortimer trick. Should have seen that coming. Hope you get that card....
  13. banjar

    What is your dream card?

    Hmmm. After an exhaustive 2 minute search, I see Baseball Reference has a Willie Hogan who played around 1911, but nobody else by that name. Also the 1887-90 Old Judge checklist I found on TCDB doesn't mention him. So who is this guy??
  14. banjar

    What is your dream card?

    I must have missed this the first time around. That is super cool. I hope you can find that elusive 5th card. I'm gonna go google Willie Hogan stats right now...
  15. banjar

    MLB Lifetime passes

    That is some cool stuff right there. I had never heard of these lifetime passes before.
  16. banjar

    New Ownership

    You go @Shaggy !
  17. banjar

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    THAT was in the ol' archive at the parents house? Plus all those other cards you mentioned? I'm gonna have to find a way to get myself invited over to their house for tea sometime :-)
  18. banjar

    Look what I found! A miracle!

    Make sure you put $100,000 OBO on your listing :-)
  19. banjar

    COMC - Anyone have anything positive to say in 2021?

    Well, I feel better! In all seriousness, let't not forget that for most of the last year all COMC did was blame covid. They even posted a letter from Jay Inslee, The Governor of the Great State Of Washington, on their website discussing covid regulations etc. as their go-to excuse for their...
  20. banjar

    The March to 20,000 Contest: SIGNUP CLOSED

    Arizona Diamondbacks Atlanta Braves Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox Chicago White Sox Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Cleveland Colorado Rockies - banjar - July 30 Detroit Tigers Houston Astros Kansas City Royals Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Dodgers Miami Marlins Milwaukee Brewers Minnesota...

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