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  1. JVHaste

    Opening Day NC

    It's a new baseball season!!! Everyones 0-0!!!! Hope Springs Eternal!!!!!! Anyone could win the WS....... ...well, any of the 7 non-rebuilding teams that is. Everyone else can enjoy their 67-95 shtshow. :LOL: :p
  2. JVHaste

    Feb 21 NC

    Finally! Its here!! Happy black history monfh!!
  3. JVHaste

    Jan 21 NC

    So I'm guessing I missed absolutely nothing? Banjo stuck in some sort of dreamland?!
  4. JVHaste

    Dec Night Crew

    December already! Anyone even doing Christmas this year? I think this is the finest group of curmudgeons ever assembled. 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 I usually either watch Saw 3 or sometimes Saw 6 on Xmas, thats about the only tradition I have anymore. You?
  5. JVHaste

    Nov Night Crew

    I've been to busy to post this, the days are slipping by. Did everyone have a spooky Halloween? I haven't seen kids in years, I wonder if they even do it anymore. :unsure:
  6. JVHaste

    Oct. Night Crew

    Spooky Season!!
  7. JVHaste

    Sept Night Crew

  8. JVHaste

    Aughost NC

    Its been a spooky August so far, so I thought I'd start a Night Crew again... Not hyped enough for NC yet? This promo will get you in the mood.
  9. JVHaste

    April Night Crew

    It looks like the first April Fools joke played on me is the server rejecting my first thread. :confused: I heard AF was cancelled this year, just like everything else. ;)
  10. JVHaste

    March Night Crew

    Opening Day under a month away! Schlongcarlo hurt with a torn tear duct!! Corona Virus kills every team except Astros, who saw the telltale signs long beforehand.... :lol:
  11. JVHaste

    Feb Night Crew . . . Spring Training?!

    Greetings all. It's hard to believe another month went by again, and Spring Training sneakin' up on us! :) That means we get to see our favorite members of the circus, including FredFred, Dusty Baker, DJ Lemahieu (sometimes Y)Schlongcarlo Stanton, Manny Machado, and the Trash Can Boyz. :cool...
  12. JVHaste

    Night Crew Jan 2020! (balls drop edition)

    Check in!!! :)
  13. JVHaste

    Dec Night Crew- Decade Review!

    Greetings, its the last Night Crew of the year... and the decade! So instead of a yearly review its time for a decade review. Hitter of the decade? Pitcher of the decade? Team of the decade? Baseball card producer of the decade? Best set of the decade? FCB poster of the decade? Best...
  14. JVHaste

    Finestkind's Night Crew- Oct

    Ok, so I let him have the honors of making the next NC, but he didn't show up and so I put his name in title for honors! :p We need to talk about this, wow!! It looked like something straight out of Tball, and it a 1 game playoff...
  15. JVHaste

    Night Crew Aug/ trade day

    So the trade deadline is in the books and the best parts to me were: 3.Houston wins the World Series a few months early. 2.Mike freake a Leake moves to AZ and immediately asks fan base if they want their feet crammed to da elbows. :confused: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M48nlk-1kH8...
  16. JVHaste

    Night Crew March Zadness

    I have come to the conclusion that the month of February has far too many days, so March shall begin early!!! A lot of strange baseball news lately, start with Bryce Harper being the favorite for NL MVP.. . .but doesn't even have a team. :rolleyes: So if he signs in the AL you auto-lose that...
  17. JVHaste

    Night Crew Jan 2019

  18. JVHaste

    Nov Night Crew

    How was your Halloween? I know its a fitting time of year to watch FangBoner but idk if I can go finish that dumpster fire of a movie. :|
  19. JVHaste

    Night Crew May 2018

    April Showers Bring May Flowers!!! (at least thats what R Kelly said) :eek: How is everyone?
  20. JVHaste

    Night Crew April 2018

    First night of April, who is in? :cool: I can't tell if everyone got fed up with April Fools (finally) or Easter made it slow down for a brief moment.

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