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  1. mizzouboy

    FS Every Card $.25 to $5! Need a New Gaming PC!

    All the rules are on the thread. Since I have this on blowout and here. Claims will be decided by post time if 2 people select the same card. http://www.blowoutcards.com/forums/football-singles-buy-sell-trade/1051209-everycard-25-up-sale-thread-over-1500-cards-counting-need-new-gaming-pc.html
  2. mizzouboy

    Quick Question

    So earlier this week I snagged a pretty big collection for free off the side of a curb waiting for the trash collectors to come by. Got four 5k count boxes filled with cards from early as 1983 and as late as 2004. This upcoming weekend I will be holding a table at a lcs and I was wondering if...
  3. mizzouboy

    The Official UnOfficial show off your Memorabilia Thread

    Haven't seen 1 of these! Would love to see some pictures of full rooms or some pictures of some nice display cases, shelves, etc. Lets see them! Heres mine from about the past 5 years I also have about 6 Bats that are not pictured but they are from stadium giveaways. -Kyle
  4. mizzouboy


    How long do you think its gonna take this guy to sort all of it? -Kyle
  5. mizzouboy

    WTB Kolten Wong and St.Louis Cardinals!

    Looking for low end stuff atm.....Base/Inserts/Serial Numbered/etc Not looking for any single cards over $1 Looking to buy big lots! Also have team lots that I can trade for Cardinal Lots
  6. mizzouboy

    WTB Buying all serial numbered cards @ .10 each!

    Buying from all sports! Shipping cost will be split..... Anything numbered /5000 or lower! -Kyle
  7. mizzouboy

    FT Trading Base and Inserts For Cardinals Base/Inserts

    Title says it all! Need Cardinals Cards for an upcoming show as they bring high demand in Missouri.... Would love to trade team lots! Please let me know if you can help me out! -Kyle
  8. mizzouboy

    FS/FT Player Lots!

    Please add $3 shipping! Would be willing to trade if the deal is in my favor, otherwise just looking to sell. Would sell all in 1 lot for $80 DLVD Derek Carr Lot - $3 2014 Rookies and Stars Rookie Card $.75 each 2015 Topps $.50 2014 Museum Collection $2.50 Jerrel Jernigan Lot - $19...
  9. mizzouboy

    How many cards can you fit in a small flat rate box?

    Selling team lots on ebay, each is about 250 cards. Can I fit those in a small flat rate or should I put them in another box? If so where can I get some boxes to perfectly fit about 200-300 cards? Thanks in advance! -Kyle -Kyle
  10. mizzouboy

    FS FS: Rookies, HOFers, #'d, GU and MORE!

    Looking to sell all of my football for some cash! Shipping: PWE - Add $.50 - Each Card will be shipped in a toploader (shipped in a pwe at your own risk, if the cards arrived damaged I am not responsible) Bubble Mailer - Add $3.50 Card(s) will be put into top loader>team bags>wrapped with...
  11. mizzouboy

    FS/FT George Brett, Bud Black, Buddy Biancalana Autographs

    **********SOLD****** PLEASE DELETE
  12. mizzouboy

    WTB Random modern base card lots

    Wanting to buy lots of 100-200 cards of random modern base cards for TTMing and Player lots...late 90's-present I want a mix of types and years(not all from 1 year) For 100 cards ill pay $2 + shipping! For 200 cards ill pay $3 + Shipping Let me know if you are looking to sell some base cards...
  13. mizzouboy

    Ultimate TTM Success thread 2016 *Post your success here!*

    I will be keeping track of the succes ratio for all players this year! It can be any sport, I will have all players sort below first by sport, then by name! Please tell me the players name and how many cards were sent and how many you recieved back! If it failed, please also tell me how many...
  14. mizzouboy

    Best TTM'ers?

    I have tons of cards from 88'-now, wondering who the best players are to TTM. Please tell me a player and your success and fails with them! Also another question, are TTM's sellable? Do they require authentication to be legal to sell?
  15. mizzouboy

    FS Mizzouboys Baseball Sales Thread! Updated and Checked Frequently!

    Bunch of random stuff I have no home for....willing to negotiate, comment below.. Shipping: 1-3 Cards in PWE 50 cents Bubble Mailers (Price Ranges) INSERTS 50 CENTS: Adam Jones 2012 Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations Alexi Ogando 2012 Topps Gold Futures Alex Gonzalez 2012 Topps Classic...
  16. mizzouboy

    FS Mizzouboy's Football Selling Thread

    This will be my thread for all the football cards I sell, always updating with new cards for sale, so if you buy lots of football cards go ahead and subscribe to this thread! These go for a $1 each, but would sell 10 for $7 or 5 for $4 if anyone was interested
  17. mizzouboy


    http://www.bracketmaker.com/tlist.cfm?tid=462863 Here is the bracket, each match is labeled with the randomized card category! So Please if you are entered in the tournament Submit your round 1 entries with a scan to my through a private message! Remember that you need to submit 3 cards...
  18. mizzouboy

    Albert Pujols/Matt Holliday/Yadier Molina Collector Thread

    Huge PC's of these 3 so why not start a thread about all my pickups?!
  19. mizzouboy

    FCB Baseball Best Collection Tournament!

    An idea came to me, how about a Personal Collection Tournament for fun! I might come up with a few prizes to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd! I will edit this post later and type up the main point and all the details. The basics will be that 2 people each send me a scan or picture of a card from their PC, and...

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