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    Since the football Threads doesn’t get traffic is anyone doing fantasy like last year?

    What happened to the team owners from last year? It was fun! Are we doing it again?

    FCB Fantasy Football...who wants to get something together?

    It was fun last year!

    Is FCB doing a fantasy football league?

    Please let me know thanks!

    What are the expected 2017 big names to pull & sleepers in Bowman Draft?

    This year seems to be tough especially with no Hunter Greene...any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

    Who has changed their career after getting tired of their job?

    So I have been in the food industry since I was 14. I am now 42. I went to Culinary School worked my way up and I have been a Foodservice Director/Executive Chef since 2002. The money is good, I get a monthly bonus, a quarterly bonus and really good salary but I am not happy anymore. The problem...

    Shout-out to @psj

    I would like to thank psj for sending a care package that contained a David Dahl jersey, an auto of (I forget) and some Harper and Strasburg cards for my 12 year old son who is a huge Nationals fan! The best thing about it was watching my son opening a package in front of his 9 year old brother...

    Panini Customer Service is THE WORST! I need someone to contact me...

    I sent in a card for replacement on 1/19/17. The system still has not updated it. I have called one or two times a week since then and left messages with THREE phone numbers and my email to it up in their system. They say they will call back WITHIN 2 business days. I have contacted them TWICE on...

    Thoughts on ebay purchase using Ebay bucks & code CGAMEDAY10 10% off JETER SP RC!!!

    So I didn't spend my ebay bucks yet and wanted to take advantage of the CGAMEDAY10 10% off on purchases $200 and higher. So this seller had this card priced at $210. I asked if he would reduce it to $200 and he did. I applied my ebay bucks of $34 and change plus the 10% code and when I was done...

    My son's box had ZERO hits!

    My son bought a blaster retail box of Panini Contenders Football and it was supposed to have two autos. My son went to the last two packs and said "well they are in these two packs" and then NOTHING. The look on his face after the first pack was like WOW I didn't get an auto so maybe the next...
  10. JEBJJA

    When a vintage card is graded a PSA 6 MK or MC what does that equal to and.......

    When a vintage card is graded a PSA 6 MK or MC (miscut) what does that equal to grade-wise? Also what percentage does that take off of the price? Would you rather have a PSA 3 or a PSA 6 MK (MC)? Thanks....
  11. JEBJJA

    Grading question...PSA vs BGS

    What is the difference between a PSA 10 Chrome auto and a BGS 9.5 Chrome auto? Big price jump because of PSA? Lmk thanks everyone!
  12. JEBJJA

    Anyone from Philly or South Jersey going to The National? Free ticket!

    I won (2) tickets and if someone can pick them up in Philly they can have one and give me the other one. We can meet. I just can't get to Philly on Monday, Tues, or Wed with my work schedule. PM me for more details. Thanks!
  13. JEBJJA

    Grading prices for BGS at The National?

    Does anyone know how much BGS charges at The National for encapsulation? Not raw card review. Also Spence for baseball's? Thanks everyone...
  14. JEBJJA

    SGC for modern day cards or just Beckett and PSA?

    I was looking for a certain modern day card and want PSA or Beckett graded for it. A nice SGC 96 came up. Is this good for just vintage? Is a 96 equal to a "9"? What is a "9.5"? I appreciate everyone's help. Thank you.
  15. JEBJJA

    I am having an issue with uploading to photobucket since Sunday....what am I doing wrong?

    Anyone else having an issue and is there a better way or site to upload stuff? It only uploads to 90% and just spins and spins. Happens on my phone, my work computer, my laptop and home computer and I just uploaded Explorer 10. Thanks for everyone's help in advance....
  16. JEBJJA

    Shoutout for goobmcnasty!

    Goobmcnasty was very generous for three kids that are having a rough time this holiday season. Their dad took a bad fall off of a ladder at work. He didn't tell anyone- not even his wife and started getting severe headaches. Finally he was rushed to the hospital and the doctor's found blood on...
  17. JEBJJA

    So I always think about this....What happens to our collections if we pass away?

    So I always think about this....What happens to our collections if we pass away? My wife always tells me to prepare her just in case something happens which can happen at any time because she knows nothing about cards and has no idea what I have and what to get for what I have. I do not have any...
  18. JEBJJA

    I sold a A&G RIP card....can the person request a refund through Paypal?

    So I sold a RIP card for $99.99. I had a BIN/BO but he bought it outright without placing an offer. Is there a chance he rips it, doesn't like what he sees and requests a refund? It's sort of like buying something and once it's tampered with then paypal should be on my side, correct? I just...
  19. JEBJJA

    RIP Darryl Dawkins!

  20. JEBJJA

    I saw this ungraded a few years ago......this is truely an amazing card...WOW!!!

    I wish I can pull the trigger but it's just too much. I got '33 Ruth's cheaper than this! http://www.ebay.com/itm/161762173026?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

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