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  1. Greg Cleveland

    2021 Topps Series 2 Hobby box break

    Ordered straight from Topps. 86 Anniversary: Mattingly AS, Verlander AS, Yelich AS, Kiriloff, Jose Ramirez, Kris Bubic, Dalbec black #180/299. 70 Years of Topps: Tyler Stephenson, Sam Huff, Jackie Robinson DH Debuts: Paul Goldschmidt HR Challenge: Radael Devers Platinum Players: Vlad...
  2. Greg Cleveland

    2 box 2021 Bowman Mega Box break from Target.com.

    So sometimes it's all about timing and luck. Happened to be checking Target.com for new cards and hit Bowman Mega boxes. I bought 4, issue price $30 ea. (--5% for Target Red card!) So far I've opened two. Mega Box inserts: Geraldo Perdomo Aqua #176/225 (1:32) Futurist Corbin Carroll (1:4) ROY...
  3. Greg Cleveland

    Target.com 9 box hangar box rip.

    These had a small window of availability, and I managed to get in before it closed. They sold hangar boxes as a bundle of three, so I bought three bundles. Less than an hour after I placed my order, I checked again--sold out. So, the tale of the tape from a nine hangar box rip--- 86 Topps...
  4. Greg Cleveland

    2020 Stadium Club Chrome box break

    Got an end of the year bonus from work and decided to treat myself a little. Don't think I really got a lot of bang for my buck, but it is always fun to rip a a box and these cards are so nice. Refractors: Mike Schmidt, Frank Thomas, Manny Machado, Mike Clevenger, Aaron Civale, Joc Pederson...
  5. Greg Cleveland

    Topps Update Jumbo break

    Saved by one card. Inserts if note: Numbers Game--Mays, Gwynn Cloth box topper: Whit Merrifield (available) Variation: Aristides Aquino (available for other SP variations) Autograph: Tom Eshelman (definitely available!) Jeter patch-- Got nobody of interest (to me) in my Chrome...
  6. Greg Cleveland

    2020 Topps Gallery break

    Ordered directly from Wal Mart website. Probably the only way to get cards this year at the actual issue price. Since this is a Wal Mart only product, that helped. There are cards and boxes for sale on WM and Target online, but most of it is from a third party business, and there are mark ups...
  7. Greg Cleveland

    2020 Stadium Club box break

    Ordered from Topps. Not a hobby box since they were already sold out, but felt lucky to get a retail box because they sold out quickly too. Reds: Springer, Cano, Glasnow, A. Young, C. Walker, Ohtani, Arraez, Arozarena Blacks: Moncada, Machado, Greinke Sepia: Bellinger, Hendricks, Thaiss In...
  8. Greg Cleveland

    Topps Chrome Mega Box break.

    So I paid a secondary market price, but I got it from a local place. There just isn't any retail to be found at Target or Wal-Mart anywhere! So,the pictures tell the story. Mega Boxes have 2 packs of X fractors. Got Soto, Tatis Jr., Torres, Yastrzemski, Andre's Munoz, Robel Garcia, Jean...
  9. Greg Cleveland

    Topps Chrome Update 3 Blaster box break

    Always one of my favorite products. Even if I don't always pull great cards, I still dig the chrome All Star cards and other rookies. Bought the last 3 boxes and two hangar 3-packs. 150 Years: Nolan Ryan, Derek Jeter, Frank Thomas, Trout, Ichiro Family Business: Griffey Jr., Robinson Cano...
  10. Greg Cleveland

    Redemption that took two years...

    ...but so worth it. Sent from my SM-N950U using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  11. Greg Cleveland

    Topps Series 2 Jumbo and 1 Finest mini box break.

    Picked them up yesterday before going to the Twins game. Stranger Things night at Target Field. Bought the special ticket for the special hat. More on that later. Anyway, here’s the breakdown... Finest Mini box Prized Performers: Bryant Blue Chips: Acuña Jr., Meadows Refractor: Hoskins Purple...
  12. Greg Cleveland

    Bowman Mega Boxes at Target

    So I hit Target today, because Thursday is usually the day cards come in, and no disappointment today. The lady was filling it up good! I bought six Mega Boxes. Could have bought all, but I'm not made out of money. Opened three so far, but I'm not good at holding off or waiting to re-sell later...
  13. Greg Cleveland

    Topps Now Future team scratch offs

    Anyone else take a shot? Really wanted a Twins or Cardinals to hopefully redeem. By now you already pretty well know which teams are still in it, and who is out of it. Out of three packs, I got these in Base sets... Mets--Alonso Blue Jays--Pillar Nationals--Soto Rockies--Arenado...
  14. Greg Cleveland

    My Bowman hobby box break

    Jo Adell paper Blue 053/499 Keston Hiura Cracked Ice Jonathan India sparkly refractor #248/299 Platinum: Ohtani, Julio Pablo Martinez Cracked Ice #082/150 Gold auto: Conner Capel #33/50 (looks like Fransico Liriano's auto) ROY Favorites: Urias, Adams, Lowe Top 100: Whitley, Mize, Cease, Keller...
  15. Greg Cleveland

    A&G non-baseball autograph additions!

    As great as Allen & Ginter cards look autos, I know it's tough to get some of the non-baseball autos. Managed to add these to my collection over the weekend, courtesy of the NCAA Fanfest in Minneapolis. (And one other auto!) Also got these autos on cards. See all my autos on the thread on...
  16. Greg Cleveland

    NCAA Fan Fest Auto haul

    So I went to the Fan Fest in Minneapolis Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I always love going to Fanfests. Lots of things for families and kids, but I always love getting autos. Some appearances were not with an auto, but most were. They were good about having a large photo ready, especially at the...
  17. Greg Cleveland

    Wal Mart Heritage Jumbo Box break

    Had hoped to pull a couple nice chromes in the process. Kyle Freeland, Joey Gallo, German Marquez refractor. Wah-waaaahh. Not so great to me. The rest of the box had some redemption, though. Aaron Judge cloth sticker--nice!--and an auto... Better than many other boxes for sure! Sent from...
  18. Greg Cleveland

    Twinsfest 2018

    In years past, this was great time to get together, swap a few cards, check each other's needs, have a drink beforehand, and have a great time. Times change, people come and go, collecting focus changes. So without any pre-get together, I went, eventually met up with Musial Collector on Friday...
  19. Greg Cleveland

    Anybody been to Arizona Fall League games?

    Going to be in the area for the week. Looking to go to a few games. Any tips from experienced veterans? How are players at signing there? Sent from my SM-N950U using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  20. Greg Cleveland

    Topps Chrome Update 3 Mega box break from Target

    Haven't seen any postings yet, so thought I'd share what I came across. Opened three Mega boxes and 2 hanger 3-pks. The hangers come with a 2-pk of pink refractors. Refractors 1:48: Scott Kingery #232/250, Freddy Peralta #185/250 X-Fractors 1:119 Joey Lucchesi #15/99 Rookie autograph...

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