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  1. BamKat

    FCB Fantasy Baseball

    Ok everyone the league has been created on yahoo! Draft is 3/27 at 5pm pdt. We still need more teams to play! I'm going to buy a trophy for the winning team like the picture below as long as they still offer it at end of season. Right now we have: MrMet (email sent) clarkzac (team created)...
  2. BamKat

    Looking for Fantasy Baseball League

    Hello everyone! I'm looking to join a fantasy baseball league to join. I play everyday to the end and prefer that everyone does the same! The league that I normally play in has dissolved... I like ESPN but at this point I'll try anything. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  3. BamKat

    2018 donruss #375 P.J. Hall - Raiders

    Hello everyone! I'm going after the rainbow. This will be my 2nd rainbow hopefully. If anyone is opening any 2018 Donruss, I'm interested in #375 P.J. Hall raiders rookie. Thanks for your help! I don't have any right now, however I'm hoping to win a few in the next few days. Thanks! Sent...
  4. BamKat

    My Sims-Walker / Josh McCown acquisition thread

    McCown is my favorite player! He was our QB my sophomore year at Sam Houston State. He does alot for our Athletic Department and a great person. This is just 1 sample of my huge McCown collection... my favorite card.
  5. BamKat

    Case: Football

    Hello all! Newbie here. I am wanting to buy a case of 2015 football cards. I want to open them all and list them on ebay individually to MAYBE spark some intrest in the cards that I already have listed & the boxes that I intend to list... my problem is that im a collector too & its sometimes...

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