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  1. Jack

    WTTF 20 Archives Glavine + cards TT

    Looking to trade for 2020 Topps Archives Tom Glavine #83 (finally got amini box) the mini card & full body and colored parallels Red & Blue (I have the base) lmk what you are looking for also interested in Ted or Jackie cards I don't have 20 Archives to trade Oversized #640-CRJ Cal Ripken...
  2. Jack

    WTTF 20 Topps2 Decades Best Braves/Red Sox +TT

    Looking for 2020 Topps2 Decades Best Red Sox and Braves Have these inserts to trade Topps2 Decades Best 1950 Giants #DB-5 35th Anniversary #85TB-18 Gerrit Cole Turkey Red Chrome #TRc-35 Thome Turkey Red #3 Votto #10 rc Thaiss #26 Ryne Sandburg #47 Koufax Topps1 Decades Next 2020 #DN-6 Gleyber...
  3. Jack

    WTTF Glavine NEEDS 1988 to 1997

    I have 3054 Glavine cards including every single base card -I'm looking for the cards below to complete each year or if you some ODDBALL or if you have even ONE of the cards,etc. below I'm willing to trade especially in your favor I know what trouble it is to look up any of his cards however I...
  4. Jack

    WTTF WTTF Glavine 2019 GOLD Topps

    Looking for these 2019 Tom Glavine Topps GOLD Cards #/50 Topps 150 yrs of Pro BB #150-56 Topps 1984 Topps BB 35th Ann #T84-62 Topps Update Greatest Seasons #150-82 If you have one for trade lmk and what you are looking for to trade Jack
  5. Jack

    WTTF WTTF Atlantic Journal Constitution Glavine + TT

    Looking to trade for Atlantic Journal Constitution Braves Tom Glavine 8x10 cards for the years 1993 - 1995 - 1999 - 2000 lmk what you are looking for in return THANK YOU here are some oversized cards if you are interested in trading BIG CARDS, etc (approximate sizes) 97 Donruss Studio Portraits...
  6. Jack

    WTTF WTTF GLAVINE needs 2019-05

    This is the FINAL installment of Tom Glavine cards I need if you have even ONE of these cards and are willing to trade PLEASE let me know I’m now at 3000 !!!!! cards of Tom with EVERY single base card ever made now looking for these cards (or any oddball any year ) from 2005 to present TOM...
  7. Jack

    WTTF Looking for A&G Glavine Rip card #386

    Anyone have a 2016 A&G Tom Glavine #386 its a RIP card and looking to trade it Jack
  8. Jack


    Just passing time looking for the cards below if you have ONE lmk and tell me what you are looking for in trade or what else are you looking for!!! Will definitely trade in your favor. NEED #1 1988 Topps Cloth # 39 Tom Glavine NEED #2 04 Leaf Limited GOLD SPOTLIGHT #1 85 Tom Glavine...
  9. Jack

    WTTF WTTF 2016 Glavine Coin & Stamp

    Looking for 2016 Tom Glavine Coin & Stamp card if you have and want to trade it lmk what you are looking for in trade THANKS Jack
  10. Jack

    WTTF WTTF 2015 Topps Stamp & Coin Glavine P-N-D-Q

    Looking for the 2015 Topps Stamp & Coin Penny-Nickel-Dime-Quarter any one of them Have these AUTOS to trade 15 Topps Opening Day AUTO #ODA-LD Lucas Duda 2015 Topps Tier1 AUTO # AA-DN Daniel Nava (126/399) 2013 Panini USA Baseball AUTO#SWI Blake Swihart(243/792) 2013 Bowman Chrome AUTO(on...
  11. Jack


    Just passing time looking for the cards below if you have ONE lmk and tell me what you are looking for in trade or what else are you looking for!!! NEED #1 M&M #147-GOT IT!!! NEED #2 04 Leaf Limited GOLD SPOTLIGHT #1 85 Tom Glavine NEED #3 99 Topps Tek Glavine-(ONE to go-help if you...
  12. Jack

    WTTF WTTF/B 1988 Topps Cloth Glavine

    This is the ONE card I need for my collection if you have lmk 1988 Topps Cloth #39 Tom Glavine THANKS for reading Jack
  13. Jack

    WTTF WTTF Glavine A&G minis

    Looking for HOF Tom Glavine 14 A&G minis I have these 14 A&G to trade base #1 8 Sandberg #26 Jenkins #36 Yadier #43 Kimbrel#69 Cueto#90 Roy Halladay #1 51 Paxton #225 Pedro ##290 Hanley #301 Kemp Natural Wonders #NW-03 Cave of Crystals minis #1 75 Utley #1 68 Cagrera #1 69 Murphy...
  14. Jack

    WTTF WTTF Bowman 2014 Glavine

    Anyone get a 2014 Bowman Tom Glavine and wants to trade lmk what you are looking for in trade Jack
  15. Jack

    FT FT David Wright

    Always looking for Glavines especially 2014s don't need any base 1987-2013 Here's what I have for David Wright cards DAVID WRIGHT cards ft 12 Topps Opening day Superstars Celebrations #Sc-13 10 Topps When They Were Young #WTWYDW 10 Topps OD Toppstown #TTS18 09 Topps #60 09 UD Team Leaders...
  16. Jack

    3 packs of 14 Gypsy Queen

    Here's what I got Framed Jim Palmer Jon Lester Mini Z. Wheeler (RED) A. Dunn M. Dominguez Debut All Stars(BLUE) C. Kershaw J. Fernandez(GRAY) Dealing Aces C. Kershaw base-14 Victorino-33 Franklin-34 Rasmus-65 Frazier-66 Gomes-94 Cain- 103 D. Murphy-233 Cueto-254 Garcia-266 Whitey Ford-319 Jose...
  17. Jack

    FT CARDS for trade

    Looking to trade any of these cards for Tom Glavine (NEW HOF no base) or Jackie or Ted lmk what you have CARDS To Trade 13 Topps Green Foil #41 Daniel Hudson #6 0 Jon Rauch #25 5 Josh Johnson #538 Brett Wallace #US54 Jason Giambi 13 Topps Walmart Blue #31 Tabata #57 Mark Lowe #6 7 SF...
  18. Jack

    FT FT ODDBALL Sets & Partial sets (BIG read)new+

    Have these oddball cards for trade I collect Tom Glavine(no base cards)- Irod-Ted & Jackie ODDBALLS for TRADE!!! Here are some sets and partial sets I have for trade will break up sets for a GOOD trade Upper Deck 1996 All Star 5x3and half Smoltz-Piazza-Bichette-Gwynn-Bonds-Larkin-Matt...
  19. Jack

    WTB WTTF 13 Topps Update Tom Glavine Coins

    If you have any lmk and tell me what you are looking for in trade THANKS Jack
  20. Jack

    FT FT 98 Pinnacle/98 INSIDE

    Went to Flee Market today got a bunch of 98 Pinnacle and 98 Pinnacle Inside ASK for commons(base) here's what I have for trade ALWAYS LOOKING FOR cards of Tom Glavine-Jackie Robinson-Ted Williams- Irod Ask for 98 Pinnacle and 98 Pnnacle Inside commons 98 Pinnacle Inside GOLD Club Edition #3 5...

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