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  1. gracecollector

    Just looking for some opinions - same person?

    The photos on the left and right are of a 1890's baseball beat writer and author. They are from small pictures in an 1893 book. They are the best quality I can get them. I can't find any other photos of this person online. These two photos are from 1892. His weird dress and fez hat are...
  2. gracecollector

    127 Year Old Book Purchase - Spalding 1888/89 Baseball World Tour

    This got listed on eBay and I scooped it up for my Cap Anson library. It's a first edition (1893) of Harry Palmer's "Sights Around the World" featuring photographs from the 1889 Baseball World Tour organized by Albert Spalding. Think I got a nice deal on it as I paid $100 but the only two...
  3. gracecollector

    Sports Artist Jay Pangan did something really nice for me!

    So I saw my favorite sports sketch card artist, Jay Pangan, started an eBay account and was selling some custom sketch cards. I've collected Jay's cards he has done for products like Leaf Legends of Baseball and Famous Fabrics Big Apple Sportscards. I wrote to him via eBay, telling him how...
  4. gracecollector

    Finished a dirty set

    Finished the 2001 Topps Stadium Club Play at the Plate / King of the Hill relic set. Thought I'd show them all together. Play at the Plate cards feature batter's box dirt and King of the Hill cards feature pitcher's mound dirt. I always found these cards kind of a cool novelty so decided to do...
  5. gracecollector

    The "Social Distancing - Shelter In Place - I'm Lonely & Bored" Card Contest

    Here's the contest - show me a baseball card featuring a player sitting in a dugout all by himself looking bored. Whoever posts the loneliest, most bored looking player wins a prize package of that player, whatever I can find in my cards that's somewhat cool. Judging based on: - Loneliest...
  6. gracecollector

    How Broders Got His Start

    I love when I buy something for one of my collections, and it ends up teaching me something about the hobby. I bought this "Americans in Japan" booklet (1976) for my Don Zimmer collection. The page picturing Zimmer as a Toei Flyer in 1966 was autographed, and there's not much out their...
  7. gracecollector

    The weirdest packed out card scrap I've seen (1997 New Pinnacle)

    A guy on a card collecting Facebook group I'm a member of recently opened a box of 1997 New Pinnacle Baseball. The card pictured below was included in a pack. Interestingly, it was on top of the same card in normal condition. Guy was nice enough to send it to me for free for my Grace PC. The...
  8. gracecollector

    JANUARY 2020 Pickup Thread

    Haven't seen a pickup thread for this month... wondering what everyone spent their Christmas money on? I picked up some 1/1 pack-issued sketch cards (Brooks Robinson, Vlad Guerrero Sr., and the "Talking Baseball" NY outfielder trio of Mays, Mantle and Snider): Two 1934 Batter-Up cards for my...
  9. gracecollector

    WTB WTB: 2001 Stadium Club Play at the Plate / King of the Hill Dirt Relics

    Anyone have any of the other cards in this set I need? 2001 Stadium Club Play at the Plate & King of the Hill Dirt Relics #PP1 Mark McGwire - HAVE #PP2 Sammy Sosa - HAVE #PP3 Vladimir Guerrero - HAVE #PP4 Ken Griffey Jr. #PP5 Mike Piazza #PP6 Jeff Bagwell #PP6 Chipper Jones #PP7 Barry Bonds...
  10. gracecollector

    How were 2018 Panini Black Friday cards issued?

    Bought a 2018 Panini Black Friday card for one of my PC's and just curious how to catalog it. Were these issued in a wrapper as a bonus pack if you bought something from Panini on Black Friday online? Or at a hobby shop? Or were they issued at an event? Any details about their packaging and...
  11. gracecollector

    Need quick White Sox Trivia Help.

    Okay, my office building is doing a Trivia Contest for White Sox tickets. Some of these questions are poorly worded/open to interpretation. These two questions have me stumped, especially the first one. #1: How many player remain from the 2005, 24-man World Series Roster? a. 5 b. 22 c. 13 d...
  12. gracecollector

    An Ichiro Thread for his Retirement

    While I don't collect Ichiro, I've admired his career, accomplishments and character. I wish him well in retirement and it was pretty cool he got to play his last game in his home country! Let's see some Ichiro cards in honor of his amazing career both in Japan and MLB.
  13. gracecollector

    Favorite Player to Retire in 2018

    Was limited to ten options, sorry if your favorite wasn't listed (write them in comments) Adrian Beltre Ichiro Suzuki David Wright Chase Utley Ryan Howard Jayson Werth Joe Mauer Victor Martinez Kyle Lohse Andre Ethier
  14. gracecollector

    Would you consider this the hobby's very first baseball sketch card?

    In 2005, Topps Gallery featured the first packed-out original art sketch cards. Each of the 195 cards in the set had a 1/1 parallel of original art done by noted author and sports artist Murray Olderman, who had done comic art for the backs of Topps Baseball Cards in the 1960s, and later had a...
  15. gracecollector

    Old Newsletter about card collecting - "Card Comments" - 1960's - anyone familiar?

    Anyone ever heard of this newsletter apparently produced in the 1960's for card collectors? One of those forgotten publications before Beckett was produced? I've never heard of it. Was wondering if anyone knew who "Gordon Taylor" was as he is listed as the person who produced it, and if the...
  16. gracecollector

    WTB 1999 Stadium Club Triumvirate Barry Bonds #T14C - 3 variation

    Looking to buy or trade for the three variations - Luminous, Luminescent, Illumilnator - of this card.
  17. gracecollector

    Any fellow fans of Gummy Arts cards?

    This is artist Mike Noren. He's a Chicagoan, and a baseball, music and pop culture fan with a unique, fun style. If you're a fan of 1970s and 80s baseball, his work might strike a chord with you, as it has me. Note: I'm just a fan of his work, not getting paid to promote him or anything -...
  18. gracecollector

    Sets that used different patches from same uniform, know any?

    I thought it was pretty cool that 2005 Donruss Timeless Treasures used and identified 4 different patches (plus basic jersey) for this card, so I tracked down the different versions. Are there other sets you can think of or show examples of that used swatches from different patches on the same...
  19. gracecollector

    You are a Complicated, Multi-Faceted Collector ... let the world know.

    I think many of us on this board get known for collecting one certain thing, but if you're like me, you probably have a lot of layers to your collecting. So here's your chance to let us know about your complicated collecting habits and varying areas of focus. Post a top-ten list of the...
  20. gracecollector

    I hope everyone on East Coast is weatherproofing their collections!

    Because, DAMN Stay safe, east coasters!

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