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    Error/Variation collectors

    I am an Albert Pujols collector and have similar 2000 Multi-Ad Peoria Chiefs in my collection. Most of these I see online have the Top Prospect without the "ring" around it. Do any of you know about this "ring" variation? I would guess that about 1 in 25 have the ring.

    What do you store your cards in?

    I have my Pujols collection in a bank safe in my man cave. I purchased my childhood home 2 years ago and my dad had this safe installed for his gun collection when I was a teenager.

    Now this is a tough set to complete

    2010 Upper Deck Exquisite Baseball for only $15,000. Ebay item 223656813899. It says only 7 of each player made when serial # shows /75. No way I could afford putting this set together, yet alone getting an Albert Pujols. Too rich for my blood. Sent from my SM-G960U using Freedom Card Board...

    The National Sports Collectors Convention

    I have never been to the NSCC and I am turning 50 on August 3rd. Is it worth the 6 hour drive to Chicago on my birthday to attend the convention? Sent from my SM-G960U using Freedom Card Board mobile app

    2004 Upper Deck New Era "Tip Of The Cap"


    Another Topps Security Breach

    I just saw this breach listed in a phone app of mine and thought I would share with you in case you have purchased from Topps website. Apparently this is not the first time this has happened to Topps as one occurred in 2016. Here is a link to the article...

    Graded card tampering

    Is it easy to open a PSA graded card case, replace with a lesser condition card and reseal it without the obvious cracks in the seal or case? I recently purchased a PSA 10 Pujols card from a well known ebayer and the seal appears to be loose on inside case around the top & bottom of card's edges...

    How did this card grade a PSA 9?

    I was searching ebay and came across item # 372455524584, a 2001 Bowman Albert Pujols auto PSA 9. I asked the seller if the smudge in lower right corner was on the case or card and he said it was on the card. Why would it grade a PSA 9 with the smudge? Sent from my SM-G960U using Freedom Card...

    Good article to read regarding the 1998 McGwire/Sosa Home Run Chase

    It is a long read... https://www.sbnation.com/mlb/2018/9/5/17796186/mcgwire-sosa-homerun-chase-1998-steroids-media

    Ebates & eBay

    How many of you use Ebates to earn money back from eBay purchases? I just found out that you can use your eBay app to win auctions but don't pay yet, copy the item number, open Ebates app, paste won item number in there and pay via Ebates app to earn percentages back. Sent from my SM-G960U...

    Message from ebay today...what are your thoughts?

    Dear Kevin, eBay supports tax policy that is fair to entrepreneurs, artisans, and small businesses, which are vital to the American economy, and we oppose efforts to impose taxes that would harm these businesses. Millions of people across the country sell on the eBay marketplace, and there has...

    Gotta love the creativeness of some ebay auction listing titles

    I came across this one today using a current TV show to promote a Derek Jeter card: 2012 Topps JETER GOLD RUSH Parker Schnabel rare ssp pop 5 baseball PSA 10 GEM

    Some sellers have no clue...

    I came across an auction for a 1990 Wonder Bread Ken Griffey Jr that the seller listed the autograph as AUTHENTIC. I thought I would let the seller know that the autograph was not AUTHENTIC but rather a facsimile. Here is the seller's reply: "Well FUI I believe u r wrong. Some of those came...

    Low prints runs for some 2018 Topps Now Road To Opening Day Team Sets

    I guess the $49.99 team price point turned many collectors away. You should be able to find cheaper deals on ebay soon. Rangers 94 Rays 96 Marlins 109 A's 117 Tigers 119 Diamondbacks 122 Royals 125 Pirates 135 Brewers 139 Blue Jays 148 Rockies 148 Orioles 160 Padres 161 Mariners 162 Reds 169...

    1991 Topps Desert Shield Complete Set #1 On PSA Set Registry

    http://www.milehighcardco.com/1991_Topps_Desert_Shield_Complete_Set__1_On_PSA_Se-LOT55378.aspx What do you think this set will end at?

    Here is a good article on Ichiro

    This article gave me a new perspective of Ichiro and how he became the player he is: http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/22624561/ichiro-suzuki-return-seattle-mariners-resolve-internal-battle

    New tool for completed PSA auctions

    I just saw this in my email and thought some of you might appreciate this PSA tool to search for sales of PSA graded cards from different auction sites...

    Who would you trust to handle selling your collection after your untimely passing?

    Do you have a friend, family member, significant other who would know what to do with your collection after you die? Are your cards labeled so that someone would know exactly what card/variation/version it is or how rare it is? I am in the process of documenting my collection so that my family...

    Have you confronted a seller of an auction you won/lost about possible shill bidding?

    I am just wondering how any of you might handle possible shill bidding whether you won/lost an auction and if you contacted the seller. I won an auction last night and it only had one other bidder with 0 feedback (according to phone app) and the other bidder bid on 55% of seller's auctions. The...

    1989 Fleer Bill Ripken Whiteout

    I just saw this auction and could not believe the price it is at: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1989-Fleer-Bill-Billy-Ripken-White-Out-Airbrush-F-Face-Error-Card-PSA-9-MINT-/322833306144?epid=169858398&hash=item4b2a5d5220:g:UgsAAOSwlmtZ5Tf-

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