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  1. gracecollector

    Card photography lighting

    I use a very similar light box. Samples of my results (with Canon Rebel DSLR camera and tripod).
  2. gracecollector

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Not a card, but this 1991 Cubs Calendar I found is the most 90's thing ever. That Greg Maddux photo is so Maddux. Best 99 cent purchase in a long time!
  3. gracecollector


    No cool story, just a set break of them on eBay.
  4. gracecollector


    So here's a true 90's Bigfoot card (the ones you hear legends about but never see). It's the 1990 Upper Deck pre-production card. Only a handful of these cards were made, and only for cards #101-200 in the set, They were photographed and used for the card images on packaging and print ads of...
  5. gracecollector

    Cleveland Guardians?

    Guardians of the Cellar.
  6. gracecollector

    Finally completed my Ernie Banks run 1954-1971 - Scan heavy!

    Congrats! This is a project I could see myself undertaking. I like your selection of affordable grades but great looking cards. Nice eye.
  7. gracecollector

    2022 Topps Baseball Preview

    So much better than this year. I still get pissed sorting 2021, with the small, hard to read player names.
  8. gracecollector

    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    Got a 1934 Diamond Matchbook with some of the matches still intact at a great price ($15)
  9. gracecollector

    March 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    A cool jersey swatch. After investigation, it appears Donruss removed the red and blue layers of the jersey number patch, and this swatch is from the white layer under those, with the stitching remains. From the angle of the red stitching, it looks like that this swatch comes from the inner...
  10. gracecollector

    March 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    2002 Topps American Pie. Relics are stadium seats from Griffith Stadium, Wrigley Field, Memorial Stadium, Riverfront Stadium, Veterans Stadium, Yankee Stadium and Jacobs Field.
  11. gracecollector

    TV Sports Mailbag Sets

    TV Sports Mailbag keychains too.
  12. gracecollector

    March 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    Bought the complete set for $75, seemed like a big time steal.
  13. gracecollector

    Any fellow fans of Gummy Arts cards?

    Just a "Gummy Arts" stamp. The ink color of the stamp has changed each year.
  14. gracecollector

    Any fellow fans of Gummy Arts cards?

    The Negro Leaguers I've picked up, with two more incoming.
  15. gracecollector

    Misjudging the Market - Alan Trammell

    Crazy money for that card in my opinion. Sign of the times, hard to predict things these days.
  16. gracecollector

    Any fellow fans of Gummy Arts cards?

    I love the 2021 checklist for Gummy Arts. Several negro leaguers I'll be picking up.
  17. gracecollector

    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    Sometimes I buy weird things. Last week, I bought 4 different "Warranty Deeds" (property deeds guaranteeing clean owndership) dating from 1853-1890 that were signed by Cap Anson's father and mother, Henry Anson and wife Jennette. The one I scanned below is from 1855. Henry Anson settled and...
  18. gracecollector

    Willie Mays Halloween Card

    “To this day, Halloween is his favorite holiday, which really isn’t a holiday,’’ Shea said. “He’s got a line several hundred people deep outside his house and he just loves it. He has lived in the same house since 1970, and parents bring their kids and wait in line early on Oct. 31 to meet the...
  19. gracecollector

    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    Anybody ever heard of 1957-1959 New York Sunday News Diamond Gallery newspaper cuts? Can't find much info about them, all I know was that the NY Sunday News featured two players each Sunday, with pictures from photographers Robert Cranston and Lee Elkins. Some were printed side by side, and...
  20. gracecollector

    COMC Credit History

    I looked up my history last week tooking to see what I paid for a card in 2013. The download history is nice in that you can see all the cards you've bought and what you paid for them. My history with COMC is $250-$350 average per year. And like seversal have said, I'm down lately because...

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