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  1. Pinbreaker

    MrMopar's New Dodgers Autograph Thread

    Do you need this one?
  2. Pinbreaker

    *****MONDAY MORNING THREAD*****9/20

    The way it's supposed to work.. they have a minimum bid at $21 which means they will not take anything less then $21.. so you are supposed to look at previous auction sales and make an offer based on that.. So if they sold for $40 or so, you offer $35.. It's a way for buyers to try and get a...
  3. Pinbreaker

    The 1998 Topps Tek Thread

    I am currently at 11% for base and 1% for Diffractors..
  4. Pinbreaker

    The 1998 Topps Tek Thread

    I just picked up a few Edgar's so I will be going down that foxhole trying to complete the set. :cool:
  5. Pinbreaker

    *****TUESDAY MORNING THREAD*****9/14

    RIP Norm Macdonald! https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/norm-macdonald-dead-dies-snl-1235064570/
  6. Pinbreaker

    BOX(es) a WEEK 9/16/2021 is 2020/21 Select Basketball & more

    Congrats on the time off.. Looking forward to more older stuff getting opened.. :-)
  7. Pinbreaker

    What just happened??

    I have a link at the top of my browser that I click on.. I just checked to see the address.. https://www.freedomcardboard.com/forum/ I haven't had that issue for a few days, so maybe it was just a glitch!
  8. Pinbreaker


    On this somber day, I show off these two cards as they are a reminder of the horror of that day..
  9. Pinbreaker

    What just happened??

    I just had to log in again! I've gone years without having to re-log in.. I've had to log in multiple times today..
  10. Pinbreaker

    What just happened??

    No, I just posted in Mr Mopar's thread about 2:50pm..
  11. Pinbreaker

    2004 Donruss Timelines - Recollection Autos

    Here are some of the Edgar cards that I have picked up over the years.. (I'm limited to only 10 pics)
  12. Pinbreaker

    What just happened??

    I posted in a thread earlier and when I just clicked on FCB, I was required to log back in! Is something changing so we have to log in every time we come back?
  13. Pinbreaker

    MrMopar's New Dodgers Autograph Thread

    I came across a John Candelaria as a Dodger auto'd.. (2014 Leaf Memories Buy Back) Let me know if you need it.. otherwise I'll put it on EBAY with the other Leaf Memories Buy Back autos I found..
  14. Pinbreaker

    2004 Donruss Timelines - Recollection Autos

    One thing to check out is the Super Collectors group on Facebook. Just post what you are looking for and maybe one of the other Barfield collectors or someone that is going through their boxes might come across something you need.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/584432425296212
  15. Pinbreaker

    Autographed baseball books

    Hmm, I wonder who you got this from? :cool:
  16. Pinbreaker

    MrMopar's New Dodgers Autograph Thread

    I finally received my Topps Now World Series 2020 Auto's.. Cody Bellinger /25 Max Muncey /99
  17. Pinbreaker

    Another example of why I don't value TPG- PSA GM 10????

    That looks like an old label.. maybe the old graders didn't grade as tight as the new graders
  18. Pinbreaker

    Card photography lighting

    I have to buy a new lightbox.. the wiring on the old one crapped out.. Just a little flimsy..
  19. Pinbreaker

    set builders .. what's your best set

    Here's a link to some of the sets I have put together.. Page is still in work.. but enjoy.. http://www.mcaf.com/pinbreaker/pers_coll/

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