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  1. Z

    98 Topps Gold Label Home Run Race Question

    Looking for some clarity here as I rely on baseballcardpedia for information when I'm not familiar with a set. Baseballcardpedia states that the 1998 Topps Gold Label inserts Home Run Race, that the red parallel is serial numbered to 61. I've seen several red Griffey, McGwire, Sosa... none of...
  2. Z

    SOLD 2012 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card Yoenis Cespedes Beckett 10 Pristine

    For sale $15 shipped in bubble mailer Venmo or Paypal FF. 2012 Bowman Chrome Draft Rookie Card Yoenis Cespedes Becket 10 Pristine - All 10s, Corners 9.5.
  3. Z

    Super Box Miguel Sano Autograph 50/52 FS $10

    The card isn't marked with a year, I believe it was around 2013. Super Box Miguel Sano Autograph numbered 50/52. $10 shipped Venmo or Paypal FF. See images for card condition, edges are all solid, back bottom left corner has a slight white.
  4. Z

    1995 Metal Marvel 4 Card Lot FS $20

    1995 Metal Marvel 4 Card Lot - $20 shipped bubble mailer with tracking - paypal FF or Venmo -Limited Edition Metal Blaster - Cable - Card 1 of 18 -Hulk 2099 #47 -Carnage #71 -Venom #80
  5. Z

    Topps Project 2020 McGwire Artist Proof Silver Frame # 20/20 Grotesk

    In original plastic and will ship with original box as well, Topps Project 2020 McGwire Artist Proof Silver Frame numbered 20/20 by artist Grotesk for REDUCED TO $250 shipped venmo or paypal FF with tracking in bubble mailer.
  6. Z

    SOLD Paul Molitor 2010 Panini Century Collection 15/50 Partial Patch w Autograph

    2010 Panini Century Collection - Autograph with Partial Patch. Numbered 15 / 50. $18 shipped in bubble mailer, venmo or paypal FF
  7. Z

    SOLD Various Alex Rodriguez SOLD

    Trying to rid myself of guys that I don't collect, have these Alex Rodriguez cards to move. Prices listed are shipped, venmo or paypal FF. Also, I can't figure out how to rotate images.... so apologies for the crooked necks. I'll reduce price on multiple purchases due to saved savings...
  8. Z

    SOLD 1993 Topps Gold Derek Jeter Rookie Card

    Was going through old boxes over the holidays and found a 1993 Topps Gold Derek Jeter rookie. Corners are dinged. I'm not a Jeter collector, just wanting to get to a Jeter collector. $40 dlvd venmo or paypal FF.
  9. Z

    FS: Topps Project 2020 Mark McGwire by Grotesk ARTIST PROOF

    I managed to pick up one of the artist proof this morning for McGwire, artist is Grotesk. Looking to sell to a McGwire collector on FCB before I'd put on Ebay. Haven't received the card yet, no cash expected until card is in hand and can be shipped, simply looking to see who wants to...
  10. Z

    WTB: 2009 UD Ultimate Collection Griffey Autos

    Looking to buy any and all of the 2009 Ultimate Collection that feature Griffey's Auto. Not looking for the bat, material or patch cards (unless they include an auto). Please reach out if you have any you're willing to move.
  11. Z

    2000 Upper Deck Ovation Signatures

    Any experts out there on these parallels? The card was only available for Griffey and Piazza and came in three parallels, /100, /50 and /10. My confusion is the statement at Baseballcardpedia.com that all three of the parellels are hand numbered. This seems to be true with the Piazza. With...
  12. Z

    2007 Topps Moments & Milestones Griffey

    Looking to complete base and black set of Griffey from 2007 Topps Moments & Milestones. I've got about 60% of base complete, and 20% of the black complete, so rather than list each please let me know if you have Griffey's you're willing to part with. I'll pay fair value for every card. Of...
  13. Z

    2008 Topps Co-Signers Question

    Any experts on the 2008 Co-Signers? I was under the impression that only the base card had an alternate parallel in which the card featured two players. For instance card #1 is Jacoby Ellsbury, but he has a parallel with Dustin Pedroia card numbered #1a. Each parallel is the original card...
  14. Z

    WTB Missing Griffey 1998 Pinnacle Epix

    Hey all - looking to complete my Griffey Epix collection and there are a few that I either haven't been able to track down, or the sellers on ebay are asking absurb prices. Can anyone help with the following: Purple - Season Emerald - Game Emerald - Moment Emerald - All Star Moment Thanks in...
  15. Z

    San Francisco - Serramonte Show Saturday/Sunday

    Anyone going to the show this weekend? I've never been (still relatively new to the Bay Area). Any reviews on the quality of the show?
  16. Z

    San Francisco Giants Fan Fest Today

    Anyone going? I live a few blocks from the stadium, not a fan of the Giants but don't dislike them. Was thinking about checking it out. Doors don't open until 10AM and the line is already about 5 blocks long to get in.
  17. Z

    Busted Packs of 2012 Chrome Today - Nothing High End - Any Needs?

    Will send pictures if needed, all are in good shape. BASE: Yu Darvish (ROOKIE) - 84 - Rangers Brett Lawrie (ROOKIE) - 30 - Blue Jays Corey Hart - 101 - Brewers Alex Gordon - 40 - Royals Mike Trout - 157 - Angels Brian McCann - 167 - Braves Evan Longoria - 58 - Rays PROSPECTS: Ruben Alaniz -...
  18. Z

    SF Bay Area Card Shops

    Any fellow FCB people in the San Francisco Bay Area? I've lived out here about a year now and can't find any local card shops, for a region that loves its sports this is pretty surprising. I've tracked down a vintage shop in the East Bay but I don't collect vintage. Anyone have any insight...
  19. Z

    Looking to Fill Sets? Huge Collection On Ebay

    Stumbled across the seller "gobigred" who has apparently purchased two climate controlled storage lockers of 1 million plus baseball cards. They appear to be separated by sets and/or teams. He has 3,000+ listings on Ebay right now. I would imagine he can help more than a few of you out...
  20. Z

    Is There a Price Tag for Your Collection

    Let me clarify first, this thread isn't about what your price tag is. I'm not interested in that and that is personal information. What this is about, is what if someone with money...lots of money, approached you and offered a huge sum to you for your entire collection. Would you sell it...

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