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  1. DeliciousBacon

    Went to my first show in almost two years today, and I still got it!

    Went back to the same show again today, grabbed six A&G Mini EXTs out of the same dealer's 5/$1 box. 2008 and 2009 Albert Pujols, 2013 Willie Mays, 2009 Alex Rodriguez, 2010 Chipper Jones, and 2009 Max Scherzer. Seven, actually, forgot about the 2013 David Ortiz!
  2. DeliciousBacon

    Topps Fire blasters on Target.com

    I didn't think this set would even come out this year, but it's now live on target.com (just blasters so far). Fire blasters are at normal blaster price ($19.99), along with GQ and A&G; Chrome blasters are priced at $45!
  3. DeliciousBacon

    Time travel - AKA, I wish I was smart in 1998

    No way, I'd go back to 1994 and get some of those incredibly rare and staggeringly valuable Collector's Choice errors.
  4. DeliciousBacon


    You'd think that if these were something special, then PSA would denote that on the flip. Maybe an INVEST emoji, and 30 or 40 dollar signs, something more properly befitting the Reddit card-bro crap that this really is.
  5. DeliciousBacon

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Breaking up my Biggio collection, had to get a scan of this one.
  6. DeliciousBacon

    Topps Chrome “Lite” boxes…

    They were Sold Out when I woke up this morning, and still are. Either the Monty 582 people got them all, or a few people managed to game the system and get them all.
  7. DeliciousBacon

    Fanatics to take over MLB trading card license?

    Fanatics will turn the hobby into a primarily YouTube and TikTok based experience, where you don't have to know a single thing about the product you open, but the hits sure will be nice and shiny, for maximum likes.
  8. DeliciousBacon

    Sportlots Questions - Buyer & Seller

    I'd lower your box shipping charges, and see what happens. My box shipping charges range from 1/2 to 1/7th of my regular shipping. Average sales have more than tripled since they introduced the box system, and the first few months, my sales were close to 6X the last few months before. I used to...
  9. DeliciousBacon

    1993 Pinnacle Cooperstown PROMO question

    1993 Pinnacle Cooperstown Card - Promos #18 - Roger Clemens Courtesy of COMC.com I briefly owned this. Several years ago, I bought it on COMC for $1, and ended up selling it to someone here.
  10. DeliciousBacon

    Sportlots Questions - Buyer & Seller

    Oh, there is something important to keep in mind. You do pay shipping twice when you use the box shipment; once when you buy the cards, and the second time when Sportlots ships them to you. So, yes, make sure your box is nice and full when you request it, so you get your money's worth for your...
  11. DeliciousBacon

    PWCC shut down on eBay...

    Someone on my mail route got a package from PWCC a few weeks ago, and all I could think about was how much they probably got shilled on whatever it was. Granted, they paid $467K for their house, so a few bucks probably wouldn't hurt too much.
  12. DeliciousBacon

    Sportlots Questions - Buyer & Seller

    I've never bought using the Box system, but as far as for selling, it's a brilliant idea. You charge much less for shipping, and get to send in a whole bunch of orders all at once, and Sportlots does the work of sorting them to the buyer's Sportlots PO Boxes. For example, I charge $0.50 shipping...
  13. DeliciousBacon

    COMC shipping turnaround times

    I can get my cards Thursday for $375!
  14. DeliciousBacon

    set builders .. what's your best set

    I started working on that OPC set when it came out (got a GU in my first blaster, and those were very hard to find), and I'm still maybe 25 cards short. A few years ago, I was at a show where I found someone selling packs for a quarter a pop. I grabbed them all (a few dozen), and didn't need a...
  15. DeliciousBacon


  16. DeliciousBacon

    Went to my first show in almost two years today, and I still got it!

    I ended up getting a fake patch from a dealer there several years ago, and when I brought it up to the old promoter at the next show, he looked very surprised, and said "that's funny, he doesn't do many fake patches." I never knew the dealer's name, but he set up there for a few years afterwards.
  17. DeliciousBacon

    New Grading Companies

    Grading is a scam, so why shouldn't new scammers get the chance to join the party with the old scammers?
  18. DeliciousBacon

    Will this year's National break 1991 Attendance Record?

    There was talk several years ago about a very large (not National sized, but bigger than Mansfield) show at the Providence Civic Center, but nothing ever came of it. I assume it had to do with costs, or possibly the people trying to organize it. Too bad, the furry conventions and fetish cons...
  19. DeliciousBacon

    Went to my first show in almost two years today, and I still got it!

    The previous promoter of this show passed away several years ago, and his son took over. The last time I went, when it was a Thursday night show, was probably in 2015. They were giving out sealed junk wax boxes with admission. When I got home with my free 1990 Donruss box, I tore open the...
  20. DeliciousBacon

    Went to my first show in almost two years today, and I still got it!

    Even before Covid, I barely got to any shows; I work Saturdays, and my wife and I both had Sundays off, so we always spent the day together. She has a new job and works Sundays now, so I don't feel bad about going. The 2nd Sunday in every month is the Rhode Island card show, or whatever it's...

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