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  1. Sonic311

    Ebay Question

    I purchased a card from overseas and seller sent me a message asking for my phone number. I replied and asked why he needed it and he said he needs to put it on the invoice. This is the first time I've purchased something from overseas so just want to be on the safe side. Is this standard...
  2. Sonic311

    FS Jordan, Lebron, Kobe Cards FS on eBay/Auctions end this SATURDAY FEB 3

    In need of funds so I'm making these available on eBay. Auctions end this Saturday night between 8:40 and 10:00 PM Happy Bidding! If interested please check them out. Link to my eBay items page: https://www.ebay.com/sch/colima311/m.html? 2004-05 SP Signature Edition AKA Autographs #LJ LeBron...

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