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    *****FRIDAY MORNING THTREAD*****10/15

    Morning everyone, check swings are a tough call anyway, let alone at the end of a game, if that was in the third inning I don't think it's a story but I think he showed enough control to say no swing, crappy way for the Giants to go down.
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    Morning everyone
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    *****TUESDAY MORNING THREAD*****10/12

    Morning everyone. Big win last night for the Red Sox!!
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    Show off your favorite Multi Player Card!

    These two are my favorite from my Wakefield collection. When I can root around my Red Sox box I can think of a couple cool vintage cards I've got too
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    *****FRIDAY MORNING THREAD*****10/8

    Good morning everybody not exactly the way I hoped the Red Sox would start the series but here we are
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    Morning everyone. Was a little surprised to see the Padres fire Tingler. They vastly underachieved but that pitching staff had so many injuries they were just outmatched in that division.
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    Is this your way of saying the Yanks really "bottomed out"🤣🤣
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    Rickey Henderson Collectors Thread

    That's a rea cool custom, I'm also loving the holder with Rickey as the logo and the goat, that's great!
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    *****MONDAY MORNING THREAD*****10/4

    Morning everyone, yesterday was a great day of baseball, I will enjoy being able to relax today.
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    Morning everyone
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    Morning everyone, kiddo still isn't feeling well, but the wife is staying home today so I get to go to work
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    *****TUESDAY MORNING THREAD*****9/28

    Morning everyone
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    *****MONDAY MORNING THREAD*****9/27

    Morning everyone, I'm home today, kiddo has a cold and there's no daycare in the country that will allow a kid that has a cough these days 😂
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    *****SUNDAY MORNING THREAD*****9/26

    Morning everyone, hoping the Red Sox show signs of life today. Even though at the beginning of the seasons I did not believe this was a playoff team it's too close to bail out now, they have exceeded my expectations and now have the unfortunate responsibility to live up to my new higher...
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    Archive Snapshots are up on Topps site

    I'm not sure how it all works out, I know there's lots of variables, but is Kenley in the players union? Is it one of those situations where he didn't do something so they freeze him out on something else? It really is strange he's never had an auto, he's been under fire the past couple seasons...
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    Morning everyone
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    ********WEDNSDAY MORNING THREAD 9/22***************

    Morning everyone
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    *****TUESDAY MORNING THREAD*****9/21

    Thats my original neck of the woods, I'm from Holden, right outside of Bangor. If you drove up 95 then got on 1A to get there you drove by my parents house. Love Bar Harbor, summers in high school/college my friends and I went there almost every weekend to screw around
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    *****SUNDAY MORNING THREAD*****9/19

    Oh it was a mess, the green line from Riverside to Brookline village was shutdown so we took a shuttle bus making all the stops then T from Brookline village to Fenway, good game though.
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    *****MONDAY MORNING THREAD*****9/20

    I had a similar situation recently, sellers just being difficult/foolish

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