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    Anyone break with cards infinity.com?

    Cardsinfinity.com busted some 2020 national treasures that had the Tim Wakefield 1/1 retro auto. I'd love to get in touch with the person who had that slot
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    Panini Leather and Lumber

    I guess as a broad question is there an easy way to find out if Panini, or any company for that matter, didn't produce a card(s) on the official checklist? Tim Wakefield was included in the checklist for the recently released Leather and Lumber in the Baseball Signatures lineup but I have yet to...
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    May Night Crew...clever title not found

    I just realized it's seis de Mayo and there's no night crew thread. I wish I had something better to start the month with....check in sickos
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    Nolan Arenado contract extension

    The Colorado Rockies are finally paying big bucks to a star reports are an 8yr/$260mil.
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    Sportlots updating

    I was looking for a few low end things this afternoon and I went to sportlots, I hadn't been there in a bit and I saw an interesting ad at the top. Sportlots is updating their shipping model to more closely resemble COMC. I watched the little video and it might not be exactly the same but it...
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    2018 Post a Picture from the Game

    We are a full.week into the season and I hadn't seen this started, so here we go! 2018 in Fenway started with seven Olympians/Paralympians local to the area throwing out the first pitch. Price throwing the first pitch in game action at home in 2018 and then finally the walk off in extras...
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    Night Crew 66

    Had a brutal day at work, but had a nice mailday when I got home and I just won both the auctions I was targeting tonight, that and the large beer in my hand have really turned this day around. I do feel a little bad though, the same guy was the under bidder on both auctions, he lost both by...
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    Night Crew November postseason edition

    Closed the store tonight, cranking through some Octoberfest brew, chips and the back pages of Google looking for cards...old episodes of South Park in the background. Few things more frustrating than thinking you found a lead on a great card then to find the page has been dead for several years...
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    Help identifying card/set

    I need help with these, I bought what was listed as a team set thinking it was the 05 Venezuela sticker...they aren't. Set of 200 mini cards is my guess, I didn't really dig deep but couldn't find much like it. Any help would be appreciated. They do say 2005 on them. Sent from my XT1585...
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    2017 Topps Snapshots

    Any one busting any of this? I usually wouldn't pay much attention but Wakefield got into this year somehow. I see it's an online exclusive, I may order a few boxes and try my luck. If anyone comes across any Timmys let me know, I'll be searching.
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    I can't play...i don't have a glove. Night Crew ep 58

    What's going on out there tonight? Cubs/Nats turned into a pretty good series. I don't really have a rooting interest but I don't really like the Nationals for some reason, even though I'm a Dusty fan. Couple of big auctions I'm watching finish this weekend, other than that it's all quiet for...
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    My Team Sucks. Night Crew ep. 56

    Looks like the Sox have crapped out. I'm coping by having some beer and watching the newest episode of The Orville. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend. Check in time, if your team is doing well...no one cares.
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    We've got uniforms and everything...Night Crew ep. 48

    Friday night check in time... Anyone got anything good to buy for bonus eBay bucks. If I ever stopped living and dieing with the Red Sox I'd become an Indians fan just for the movie Major League.
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    8% eBay bucks

    $50 minimum. Today and tomorrow, see if you got the offer.
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    Q2 eBay bucks coming soon

    I did slightly better this quarter in earnings, or slightly worse for my bank account. I've got $44 and change coming my way tomorrow and I've got it spent already. How did everyone else do?
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    Question on vintage

    Do we think this is from a reprint set or is it original? I sent a question to the seller already, several from the set are listed. Pics aren't great for me to try and tell but I'm only a vintage novice. http://www.ebay.com/itm/201965324937
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    2017 Topps archives

    Has anyone seen their players not have all the listed parallels? I know Topps is typically great for this kind of thing. I've got my hands on the Tim Wakefield fan favorite base, blue and red, however I haven't seen a single peach parallel auto at all. Wondering if multiple players have the...
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    eBay bucks question

    I've never tried before but does anyone know for offers that require the purchase to be above a set dollar amount is that 1 item or the total amount in the cart at checkout? The current promo I have calls for $50 minimum and I'd like to split that between two or three cards which would total...
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    FS/FT Carlos Correa Auto

    Wanted to toss this out here before going else where. Taking offers on this beaut I got in a case break. 2016 Topps Tek Bright Horizons Auto 44/50. For trade I'm only looking for Tim Wakefield or Craig Biggio. If buying $80.
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    Question to eBay sellers

    I was looking at a bulk player listing stating there was over 1,500 cards of one player in this lot. The item description is completely devoid of details other than to restate the item heading and add in boilerplate shipping terms. I sent the seller a question asking to estimate how many...

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