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  1. Philip J. Fry

    WTB: 1997 Topps Finest

    I finally decided to go through my binders and boxes of cards to see what I had in terms of complete sets so that I can pass them along to my boys. I didn't realize that I had almost a complete set of 1997 Topps Finest, but only the bronze (common). Since the complete set is 350 cards (not...
  2. Philip J. Fry

    Time travel - AKA, I wish I was smart in 1998

    Going through my old Becket magazines, I came across a March 1998 issue that had Hideo Nomo on the cover. Being curious about prices, I checked out 1996 Leaf Signature Series. I was only 17 at the time and I believe prices were $10/pack at my LCS (maybe $15, I can't really remember). Anyhow, I...
  3. Philip J. Fry

    Buying: 2021 Topps Series 1 base cards

    Opened a couple of blasters when I was able to find them before the scalpers wiped them out. My 10 year old son loves the design and said he'd like to complete the set with me, so here we are. I need 173 cards to complete the Series 1 set; base cards only, no SP or SSPs. I created a spreadsheet...
  4. Philip J. Fry

    Sale: TramFan3 and Philip J. Fry

    TramFan3 gets: Topps Living Set, cards 1-126 (all cards released in 2018) Philip J. Fry gets: $550 via PayPal Shipped today, label printed via PayPal complete with tracking # sent to buyer (# 9405809699937412521896).
  5. Philip J. Fry

    FS FS: Topps Livng Set 2018 Release (126 cards)

    Last year, I decided to try and collect the Living Set as soon as it was announced. It was an experiment that I figured would be fun for my 7yo son and I to do together. However, we both got a little bored with it after baseball season was over, even though I still bought the cards each week...
  6. Philip J. Fry

    The Refractor Project

    Not sure how many people remember this, but here goes. A few years ago, I started a new collection: to obtain 1 refractor per set released in the 1990s. Topps Finest, Bowman Chrome, etc. Inserts, subsets, parallels. If there's a refractor variant, I want to collect it. Health issues put that...
  7. Philip J. Fry

    1995 Finest Refractors

    Ok, I know I'm not new to the hobby, but what's the deal with 1995 Finest Refractors? I mean, I can find a few commons on eBay because they're labeled wrong and get them cheap that way, but for the rest of the players, the prices are a little nuts considering at this point, the Finest brand is 3...
  8. Philip J. Fry

    81 years ago today...

    ...Babe Ruth hit his 500th major league home run against the Cleveland Indians. Just thought I would share that.
  9. Philip J. Fry

    Weird thing happened on eBay last night

    Anyone have this happen to them? I have an eBay extension installed for Google Chrome and while I was on the web last night, it notified me I lost 1 feedback. Thinking I received a negative and wanted know what it was, I went to eBay's page and saw that I indeed lost feedback but my score was...
  10. Philip J. Fry

    Beckett.com being redone again?

    http://beta.beckett.com/group/185223/?t ... iewArticle
  11. Philip J. Fry

    Weekday Pickup Thread (3/1 - 3/5)

    A few pickups: Couldn't believe I didn't have the 99 Bowman International, but I now have the complete rainbow of 99 Bowman/Bowman Chrome.
  12. Philip J. Fry

    Weekday pickup thread (2/22 - 2/26)

    $9 dlvd.
  13. Philip J. Fry

    Weekday pickup thread (1/19 - 1/22)

    This arrived today for just under $30 delivered. Busted and reviewed on my blog. Good thing I only paid $30!
  14. Philip J. Fry

    BGS Grades from my Crusade submission

    Well, I submitted my purple and red Crusade to BGS with their November special (10 days) and grades popped today. I'm EXTREMELY happy with the red, though a little curious about the purple. Purple - Centering: 10, Corners: 9.5, Edges: 8, Surface: 9. Overall: 9.0 Red - Centering: 10, Corners...
  15. Philip J. Fry

    1997 Donruss Limited Exposure

    [ebay:1oobn6dp]370290008461[/ebay:1oobn6dp] That's just 1 of the many auctions wolverine24 has of that card (Tony Clark/Mark McGwire Limited Exposure). My question is not about wolverine24, but how are these cards popping up all of a sudden? In the last 2 weeks alone, I've seen this card pop...
  16. Philip J. Fry

    With all this Crusade talk lately...

    I've reignited the fire under my ass to get the website going dedicated to the Crusade insert set. Right now, if you have cards 1-25 in the set (green, purple, red), please send a high-res scan to me in an email with your name and email address for credit. My goal is this: - An attractive but...
  17. Philip J. Fry

    Weekday Pickup Thread (11/2 - 11/6)

    Picked up 9 1998 Topps Tek patterns (25, 32, 39, 47, 52, 54, 58, 67, and 72) for $12.50 delivered. [center:31x23g24][/center:31x23g24] 1999 SPx Power Explosion (thanks to tonsofcommons)
  18. Philip J. Fry

    Mailday, thanks to some board members

    First, I get a package early last week with the following contents: Then, a card I KNOW I purchased on eBay arrives: Phil Mason PMs me for my address and says I have a gift from a board member. It arrived today: ..a 1999 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor /25. Thanks to all. My scanner...
  19. Philip J. Fry

    Now THIS is customer service

    So I win a card tonight via auction, paid within 5 minutes, etc. 10 minutes after that, I receive an email from the seller: Oh and there was a tracking # already there as well. I'm not saying everyone should do this, as we all have different schedules and actual lives outside eBay, but it's...
  20. Philip J. Fry

    Anyone want to help a fellow board member?

    I'd like to give back to a very well deserving member and wasn't sure if anyone else would like to get in on it also. PM me for details.

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