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  1. Dilferules

    October 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    Tough to tell from the scan but the 2001 Pacific Mulder is the Hobby LTD version, 24/70. Khris Davis is a 2017 Gold Refractor 15/50. And Elvis Andrus is the Memorial Day Camo version, 05/25.
  2. Dilferules

    September 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    Two of the Big Three in today: The Mulder is 06/10, Zito is 12/100.
  3. Dilferules

    July 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    Starting off the month with a package from Topps:
  4. Dilferules

    Dilferules's 1988-present Oakland A's autograph thread

    Seeing the great team autograph threads from Therion, dano7, and MrMopar has alwayds made me want to do something similar with the A's. With my 1988 Topps autograph set long-term project I've hesitated to spend even more on obscure A's signatures, but now that I'm getting down near 30 remaining...
  5. Dilferules

    June 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    New month, new thread. A couple of Eric Chavez "1/1" cards out of 2007 Moments & Milestones. They have the Topps 1/1 hologram on the back, I get nostalgic for that. The Eck completes the 2015 Gypsy Queen mini team set. I still need one card to complete all of the GQ minis up through 2019...
  6. Dilferules

    May 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    May 1: The '95 Sportflix Artist's Proof McGwire completes the team set. Got lucky with the Moreland Topps Now card and received the Blue parallel 01/49. The rest are some slightly less interesting 2021 pickups.
  7. Dilferules

    April 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    First pickups of the month: The Jharel Cotton is 01/10, I try to go after the Tier One autograph parallels each year. The Canseco puts me one away from completing the A's in the 1998 Leaf Prized Collections set, also missing one each for the Donruss and Elite portions of the set...and plenty...
  8. Dilferules

    March 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    New month, new thread, new variety of A's cards for me. Finally got a few Sportlots shipments that were sent 10+ days ago, looks like the mail is slow again. Here's the "highlights." The 2000 UD MVP Gold Signature Stairs puts me 2 away from the team set, which will be a nice one to complete...
  9. Dilferules

    February - New Arrivals Thread

    Starting off the month with a couple of cheap ones: The Lucroy is a color swap variation, Canseco is a Living Set card that I bought on eBay because I missed it when Topps was selling it direct.
  10. Dilferules

    January - New Arrivals Thread

    Just a few small pickups during the first few days of the month: The Tejada is /150, so one of the easier variations from this set that has about 12 trillion variations. Almost as many as a base 2020 Topps card! Here are my two 1/1 versions:
  11. Dilferules

    December - New Arrivals Thread

    December 1: I'm close to a complete run of A's Topps Gold parallels and that one above is the most expensive of them all, at around $30.
  12. Dilferules

    November - New Arrivals Thread

    The rarest and most joyous of all days, the day when I actually get a non-current year Trent Dilfer card I didn't have! 2015 Donruss Signature Series Gold 5/5, the last non-1/1 card I needed from 2015, and actually the last non-1/1 card I needed from the first three years Panini started...
  13. Dilferules

    September pick ups/pulls

    I didn't see a September thread yet. 9/3: I already had that Dilfer...I have the entire ridiculous 14-card rainbow, with 6 of them happening to be 01/xx. The one above was 01/20 so I grabbed it to replace my 16/20. I have a long term project (as in, since 2005) to complete an autographed...
  14. Dilferules

    Oakland Athletics Collectors Thread

    I thought I'd start an A's collecting thread (I searched and didn't find one) for people to share their collections, I know there are a few A's collectors around. Personally I only scan my new cards about twice a year so I can't really contribute to the monthly pickup threads. I have a ton...
  15. Dilferules

    Who will be the last active player with a 20th century RC?

    Seeing that Torii Hunter retired got me thinking, who will be the last active player with a pre-2000 rookie card? It won't be for several years, but we can still speculate now. A few possibilities: R.A. Dickey, 1997 - Throws the knuckleball, could pitch practically forever but he's already 40...
  16. Dilferules

    Have you ever received a terrible card/collectible gift?

    Tis the season...have you ever received a terrible card or collectible gift that you had to pretend to like so the giver wouldn't feel bad? Or something that you like but you know the person horribly overpaid for? I just thought of this because my wife mentioned the other day that she got a...
  17. Dilferules

    WTB Buying any Trent Dilfer cards I need

    My Trent Dilfer wantlist is below. I would also be interested in any 1/1's as well as any cards not listed by Beckett that I don't have, errors/wrong-backs/no-foils/etc., interesting serial numbers (12, first/last #, 8 for Ravens/Browns cards, 4 for Seahawks cards), and other interesting...
  18. Dilferules

    Player collectors..."phantom" cards never made?

    In my supercollecting quest over the last 20 years there have been several Trent Dilfer cards that exist according to Beckett and are part of a set which clearly exists, yet I have never seen one despite all manner of searching. I'm not talking about 1/1's or 1/5 cards or anything, but cards...
  19. Dilferules

    2013 Bowman, 2 hobby boxes, did well!

    Zack Wheeler Futures Game Jersey 08/25 Manny Machado Bowman Blue RC 268/500 Michael Snyder Chrome Prospects Blue Refractor 003/250 Bubba Starling Mini Refractor Jayson Aquino Prospect Silver Ice Adam Eaton Chrome RC Autograph (ugh) My other autograph made up for the crappy one, though: Byron...
  20. Dilferules

    Wow...is this a record for bid retractions?

    Check out the bid history on this auction, notably the retracted bidder: http://www.ebay.com/itm/281077620133?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1431.l2649 Really? 296 bid retractions in the last 6 months? Apparently you can retract as many bids as you like and it doesn't bring up a...

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