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    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    I picked up another Diamond Star Hall of Famer. I am loving this set with each card I purchase. Looking for lower grades with little or no creases that present nice. These cards are 83 years old so as long as they have great eye appeal I am going to collect them. I owe it all to this...
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    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    Looks like I have caught the Diamond Stars bug. a few recent pick ups. Legendary Yankees third baseman Red Rolfe. He played with Ruth, Gehrig and the rest of Murderers row from 1931 to 1942 after graduating from Yale. HE would go on to become a Major League manager and a front office...
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    FS Cleaning out the closet sale...45 Michael Jordan cards Promos-regular issue cards-$15 takes it

    Cleaning out the closet sale 45 Michael Jordan basketball cards.......Promos....regular issues....Topps Rookie Archives Mostly all Upper Deck issued. No creases....nice cards 15 bucks delivered or best offer Thanks for looking
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    FS PRICE DROP 5 card Jeter lot...2 promos..1 graded. Going cheap....

    I have the five Jeter cards pictured below. Looking to get 12 bucks DELIVERED for this lot. Forget the twelve bucks......Who will give me 9 bucks delivered for this lot????? Thanks for looking
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    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    Hey there..... I know you are collecting these stamps but wasnt sure if you want them in the "unstuck" form or not. If you want this it is yours! Just let me know. Thanks Andrew
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    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    I had a chance to pick this up for under fifty bucks and jumped all over it. Its already authenticated by SGC and PSA and would love to get it into a slab for safe keeping.
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    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    Its been awhile since I have contributed to this thread so I thought I would add a few cards I picked up in the last month or so.
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    Goodbye Rusty Staub......

    I searched the forum and didn't see any mention of the passing of Expo and Met great as well as incredible humanitarian Rusty Staub. I apologize if I have missed the mention of his passing here but just in case....... I wrote this on another board but wanted to express my sentiments about the...
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    Cool and unique vintage autos

    I believe I had shown this awhile ago and have now sold it but it is still one of the coolest pieces I have ever discovered. While working for the team and helping them toss out garbage I found a small stack of these autographs. As I dug further I found that these were from the files of the...
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    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    A few more recent pick ups for the HOF'er collection. I would like to obtain rookie cards of HOFers but that will not be financially possible for those players who played so many years ago so I will be looking for cards with great eye appeal and within my price range. Here are a few I picked...
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    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    After taking a few years off to get my head around some things I dipped my toes in the vintage pool and pulled a few cards out. I thought I would look for 50's Topps or Bowman cards of star players that I could afford that had excellent eye appeal but would not break the bank. I am not a fan...
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    FS I want this stuff gone 25, 50 cent and dollar box stuff. Buy more save more

    Ok, Lets try this a different way. How about a good old fashioned 25, 50 cent and dollar box sale. Please let me know if you have any questions or need photos of these cards. Just PM me if you want something as the first PM I receive gets what is requested (assuming more than one person...
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    Season long "post a picture at the game" thread>>

    I dont have any photos that I took but have a video and some screen grabs. I am embarrassed to say that all of the years working at Wrigley Field as well as playing baseball apparently have not worked well for me later in life. We were at the Brewer game today and sitting in right field when...
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    Today's Photo of the Day...... The Washington Monument (Frank Howard)

    I remember reading about Frank Howard as a young boy and and for some reason I had always wanted to meet him. I am unsure as to why I held a fascination with this player I had only seen on television a few times as he was not a superstar by today's definition but there was just something that...
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    A quick photo of the day......The Friendly Confines on a cold Saturday night in January

    I have not posted much lately as sports cards seem to be taking more of a backseat in my life right now as I tackle other projects and issues. My hope is to return soon and get back to collecting but only time will tell. Last Saturday night I found myself on the north side of Chicago and had...
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    What's in a nickname? Just ask Jack "Lucky" Lohkre

    Jack "Lucky" Lohrke certainly earned his nickname during his life here on earth. Lohrke was a fledgling infielder in the New York Giants (Yes..New York) system who seemed to have cheated death six times before his professional baseball career would even get of the ground. Having grown up in...
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    Today's photo of the day.......Geeez, I forgot he played for them!

    Today's photo of the day will be a bit different as I wanted to feature players we all know and love but in uniforms that will surprise, and maybe even shock you. Many players played for teams near the end of their career that were different than who we remember them being great for so to see...
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    My quest to complete the 1973 Topps baseball set. this is going to take some time!!!

    Stop me if you heard this one before….. A nine year old walks into a dime store and stops dead in his tracks at the sight of ten boxes of baseball cards in the clearance bin. Glorious wax packs with cartoon-like baseball players on the front stare at him as the scent of mouthwatering bubble...
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    The strange case of Gil Hodges and the missing Dormand post card

    A few years ago I posted a set spotlight that I had written regarding Dormand post cards and with that was the progress of the set I was working on (do an advanced search on my name and Dormand and you will find the article). As much as I hated to, not long after I posted that article I ended...
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    Happy anniversary Don Zimmer and his wife Soot..... sadly he is not here to celebrate

    On this date in 1951 Don Zimmer and his lovely bride were married at home plate in Elmira, NY. I thought for sure Gracecollector would have posted this! :) I am sure he has the original wedding photos and other cool pix to show.

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