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  1. mouschi

    Show off your favorite Multi Player Card!

    If I had to pick my favorite dual card, I'd say it is this one. I lost out on it a couple years ago, then bought out the guy who beat me. I had never seen one before or since. Canseco and Clark were front and center for the Battle of the Bay (the 1989 Earthquake World Series) - it was a...
  2. mouschi

    My Honus Wagner Rookie Turns 122 Years Old Today!

    As we all know by now, the rightful spot of the #1 highest selling card once again belongs to a T206 Wagner which just sold for $6.6 million dollars. Days prior, Nicholas Cage sold his house for $6 million. It is amazing to think that someone paid more money for a little piece of cardboard...
  3. mouschi

    I Created Four Custom Jumbo Patch Cards for my Collection

    Recently, I was shown an amazing collection of jumbo patch cards of various players. I *LOVE* jumbo patch cards - the problem is that my favorite player doesn't have too terribly many of them, and far fewer logo jumbo patch cards. I thought I'd "go back to my roots" and create some cards of my...
  4. mouschi

    I Created a Custom Fingerprint Jose Canseco Baseball Card

    I've been wanting to do this for YEARS! Several months ago, a buddy of mine picked up a couple baseballs from Carlos, one of Jose's closest friends (a friend of mine as well). Much to my excitement, they had a a fingerprint on them in green ink of the 40-40 man. I've had the baseballs for...
  5. mouschi

    Unlocking an Easter Egg from 2011 Goodwin Using a 1/1 King Kelly

    In 2011, Upper Deck once again resurrected the 1888 Goodwin Champions name a second time to launch a new set in the same theme from its 123 year old predecessor. The King Kelly is known to many as the most beautiful baseball card from the 19th century, ever. It has been said that the artist used...
  6. mouschi

    How 19th Century Old Judge & Gypsy Queen Baseball Cards Were Made

    To me, searching for a baseball card = treasure hunting. Can you relate to that? For years, I've written about my treasure hunting finds - I would wait with bated breath for the release of the latest checklist to see if an exciting Canseco card was created. I would (and still do!) get super...
  7. mouschi

    Putting a 1911 T205 Gold Border Christy Mathewson Under a Microscope!

    I've always loved T206 white borders. The thought of having something to do with my favorite sport/hobby that predates both world wars was always intriguing to me. Plus, the T206s are the most famous sports cards in history. A tobacco card issue that has always been in the T206's shadow is the...
  8. mouschi

    New Pickup! Lou Gehrig Style ... Plus ... Customs!

    When I first started creating custom cards for my collection, it was mainly because Canseco wasn't found in some of the newer releases that I wished he had been included in. While creating new cards were fun, I also wanted to try my hand at recreating my favorite player on one of the most iconic...
  9. mouschi

    I've Acquired the ENTIRE 1919-21 W514 Set! Ruth, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Black Sox, & Customs!

    The 1919-21 W514 issue is a set of cards that has always intrigued me. There are a number of key cards, and fantastic stories! Being that the set is now 100+ years old, it also feels like history. Created right after World War 1, the simplistic artwork and low quality card stock serve as...
  10. mouschi

    The Diamond Cutting Stage - Customs, Pickups, and More!

    It has been a while since I've written, so I figured I'd write a little bit about what I've been up to! First, here are some customs I created: This Back to the Future jumbo was created using a signed index card from Lea Thompson. Here is a video showing it (along with Footloose and Roberto...
  11. mouschi

    My Entire Vintage Collection from 1887-1952

    Raise your hand if you sold something too early this past year. If I were a betting man, I'd say that nearly every one of you reading this put your hand in the air while gritting your teeth. Never in a million, billion, trillion years would I think cards would explode in the midst of a...
  12. mouschi

    Custom Card Tutorial and Valentines Day Contest!

    For YEARS, I've had people ask if I have a custom card making tutorial available, and I've always said "it's on the list". Everytime someone asks for pointers, I try to answer questions, but it is difficult to write volumes to everyone that asks - I have loads of questions (and success stories)...
  13. mouschi

    I Captured the King and Lost the Queen, But Got the Babe!

    Let me start off by saying, I'm going to try super hard not to turn this article into a book. A lot has been going on! To kick it all off, I did a MASSIVE trade involving a boatload of Jose Canseco cards. The boxes on the right are Canseco cards. The box on the left? An 1888 Allen & Ginter N28...
  14. mouschi

    Bringing a 19th Century $200,000 Advertisement To Life

    I think I now understand why why I get so romantic over 19th century baseball cards and collectibles. They give a rich and vivid voice to a time period that has been largely forgotten by yesterday's fans and collectors - and unknown to fans and collectors of the present. Baseball and baseball...
  15. mouschi

    Post eye candy pics of baseball cards

    Post up some eye candy! They don't have to be expensive - just post a pic (or pics) of cards that make your eyes happy. They don't even have to be yours. A couple of mine that I've posted this week: more to come later .... let's see yours!
  16. mouschi

    Show Off Your Halloween / Orange Cards! - Mine + Customs Inside!

    Since the official color for Halloween is orange, I thought this would be a fun thread. Show off your orange or Halloween cards! Here are a few of mine: Surprisingly, Jose doesn't have really any special cards from the 90's that are orange other than this one. Super hard to find: I...
  17. mouschi

    Showing off Customs & Cards While our AC is Busted

    Greetings from mission control - where the lights are off, and game 2 of the ALCS is blaring so I can hear it above the 2 fans pointed at me. The ALDS nearly killed me. When you spend the first 12 years of your life as an A's fan in California, but have 28 years of Houston life under your...
  18. mouschi

    I have Acquired an Honus Wagner Rookie!

    First, let me say right off, no, I didn't purchase a T206 Honus Wagner. What I did pickup, however, predates the T206 by at least a decade *and* is significantly rarer! This was definitely an Indiana Jones moment for me. Let me introduce you to my newest piece: The 1899-00 M101-1 Sporting...
  19. mouschi

    I bought out TWO Jose Canseco Supercollectors!

    As a buyer and seller of baseball card collections for 15 years, I always enjoy being neck deep in cardboard. When it comes to buying Canseco collections, it is way more exciting for me, as I am able to keep out what I want instead of just selling everything. Check out how this last month went...
  20. mouschi

    PSA Graded M101-2 Shoeless Joe Jackson & Honus Wagner/Ty Cobb - Lost, then Won!

    There's no way around it. When you are going after something rare at auction you love, and you lose, it sucks. You can internalize it as "the one that got away". That's where our story begins. 1909-13 M101-2 Sporting News Supplements About a month or so back, I was browsing an auction house...

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