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  1. mrmopar

    Favorite team bias?

    I was putting away some recent pick ups and although have thought about this quite a bid from a bidding/buyer perspective, I have never really put it to actual words. I acknowledge that I have a favorite team bias! I collect Dodgers and as I consider cards or autographs, I will hold certain...
  2. mrmopar

    Ebay Bucks

    For the first time that I can recall, I took my ebay bucks earnings and applied them towards an "expensive" item that I have been unwilling to pay full price for. I look at ebay bucks as free cash, but when it comes time to spend it, the cheapo in me wants the best deal on anything I buy. So...
  3. mrmopar

    COMC Final Shipment

    Well, after complaining up a storm late last year/early this year and I felt like a hypocrite, but I had 3 cards in my port that I really wanted, I needed to face the beast again. I just could not abandon them. After seeing some minimal movement in the right direction, I decided that I'd...
  4. mrmopar


  5. mrmopar

    Prospecting, maintaining and then forgetting - The refusal to let go of a lost player!

    Ever since I got heavily into signed cards, i have been watching the market in general and how things play out as a players career progresses. Some guys seem to be overall immune to any sort of price fluctuations, but I find it odd just how long folks grasp onto the "hope"(?) that a player will...
  6. mrmopar

    Everett, WA Twin Oaks Show Sat-Sun (July 31, Aug 1) - Everett Mall

    Any other locals thinking about attending? Post up and maybe it's worth a meet up. I have not met any local collectors, especially from a site like this, it a while. I may just go. I do not remember the last show I attended. It might be a good 5 years or more for me at this point. 10A-4PM...
  7. mrmopar

    Geddy Lee collects baseball memorabilia

    I just saw this in an article that mentions his instrument collection. Apparently he collects baseball stuff too. Only Blue Jays and Expos stuff though. Kidding, have no idea what he collects and the article didn’t go into it.
  8. mrmopar

    Another USPS complaint. It's getting worse it seems.

    This is one of my latest issues. Not calling it lost yet, but WTF?! No update since 7/3. Add that to a standard tracking envelope that was "delivered" 6/23 while my mail was on hold and a shipment from cCnada sitting at almost 2 months now (presumably lost, card is auto /10!!!) and I am not...
  9. mrmopar

    Too focused? Step back and enjoy the rest.

    I have some very narrow focuses when it comes to collectibles. One has defined me as a collector, and that is my Steve Garvey collection. I also collect a lot of other things, but in order to maximize enjoyment and allow the budgeted money to cover a variety of items, I have really focused my...
  10. mrmopar

    Where do you draw the line? Baseball "RELATED" autographs.

    I have talked about this a bit and i know there are a fair number of dedicated autograph collectors on this site. I don't expect a deep discussion, given the topic and the fact that autograph collecting is a specialized area that not everyone participates in, but I am just curious after seeing...
  11. mrmopar

    COMC - Anyone have anything positive to say in 2021?

    Is anyone happy with COMC (Clearly Oblivious to My Customers) at this time? I have to wonder how sellers are being treated right now. Since it is all about getting paid, I suspect that this service is not being affected because it probably doesn't require much intervention by a staff member...
  12. mrmopar

    MrMopar's First* Annual Baseball's Back Contest - No true winner, but dano7 & aanewport are WINNERS of consolation prizes!

    For whatever reason, this site does not seem to have the interest or the traffic to support creative contests. I am going to give it a shot though and see if we can make this one work. Looking for maximum participation here and it takes very little from you. Unfortunately, I waited a little...
  13. mrmopar

    2021 Topps Opening Day - Victor Gonzalez Autograph

    I just want to toss this out there. I will be looking for a Victor Gonzalez autograph from this issue. Hopefully they won't follow the path of the Zach McKinstry autographs, although Donruss has watered down that pool now. I'd rather have the cool 86Topps retro design card, but unless those...
  14. mrmopar

    The 1933 goudey Ruth blog thread

    It seems like ages ago that I wrote this, and even longer since I finally landed what was probably my most cherished card of all-time. There are other cards I would love to own, several I missed the boat on, but this was one that just grabbed me as a kid and never let go. I am fortunate that I...
  15. mrmopar

    Prospectors - Is Zach McKinstry someone to chase for "investment"?

    He appeared in 4 games for the 2020 Dodgers, so I need him for my autograph collection. Topps happened to put out a signature card that looks like 86 Topps. I kind of like it and was excited to get one and knockout 1 of 3 LA Dodger needs still (Betts and Victor Gonzalez, if anyone can help...
  16. mrmopar

    Base Metal Jordan cards???? These are some really odd times

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/1997-98-Metal-Universe-Michael-Jordan-23-Base-Card-Chicago-Bulls/293985418777?hash=item4472e57e19:g:73EAAOSwVopgFyJ8 Tons of these are selling for 3 digit amounts! This is a base card! What am I missing? I know it is colorful and probably very condition sensitive. I...
  17. mrmopar

    Nomination for the dumbest card concept yet!

    OK, maybe there was something dumber than this that I have thankfully forgotten about by now, but perhaps not. This popped up in a search for me today. Are you kidding me? Who would actually buy this and why? I think I might even draw the line if there was a Garvey like this. then again, as...
  18. mrmopar

    Introducing the "Garvey a day" thread

    inspired by several collectors on various sites, highlighting their collecting interests in a one per day format, I have decided to give it a go myself. I started a blog on the "blogger" site in 2010 and it originally was very Garvey oriented. Eventually life got in the way and the posts...
  19. mrmopar

    1991-93 Topps Micro cards. Commons FREE with a SASE.

    I just uncovered a box that contains the remnants of these 3 sets. I gotta say, this was one really dumb idea from Topps. The cards were made WAY too small, less than 1/4 the size of a regular card. I need a magnifying glass to even see them, let alone read them. Anyway, if you are a team...
  20. mrmopar

    COMC Credit History

    I just logged on to COMC for the first time since Black Friday. I requested shipment of my order that day and am expecting delivery around the middle of March 2021! Pandemic or not, I have been getting more critical of this site for some time, as their shipping times have increased year after...

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