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    2020 Bowman Draft BAD/499 & Blank/499 Misprints

    Anyone else collecting these?
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    2020 Topps Allen & Ginter Chrome

    I picked this up about 2 months ago. It's a Sonny Gray gold /50 but it's missing the serial number. I've inspected it closely and there's no trace that there was ever a serial # stamped on there (no signs of leftover gold residue from where the gold foil might have rubbed off, and no...
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    Did I sell too early? You be the judge...

    Ugh...I feel you. I cringe whenever I see Frank Thomas NNOF sales. I bought a BGS 8.5 in 2012 for $1800, had no choice but to sell it a year later for $2000, and then he was inducted a year later and the sales skyrocketed. Not even sure what an 8.5 goes for nowadays but I see a 6.5 listed at...
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    Beckett Hot/Cold list for 5/14...

    I'm surprised Bowman's Best Tork is on there but Jasson Dominguez is not. Jasson's Bowman's Best stuff is hot right now.
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    Wow, nice break. Congrats on the Torks. I was in a 10-case break a couple weeks ago and no Tork autos.
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    The Official 1991 Upper Deck Hologram Variations Thread

    Don't forget about all the Heroes subsets and their autograph versions. The non-auto Nolan Ryan and Hank Aaron Heroes have the silver home plate holos (as pictured above in post #18). The official autographed versions of those cards have a silver diamond holo (more like a square with the corners...
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    NO more Topps Baseball on Amazon!!!

    That GTS Distribution email posted above is a bit misleading. It's worded as if it's referring to all Topps product from all sources anywhere on Amazon. If Topps has agreements with distributers like GTS, and if GTS has agreements with other smaller distributers/companies that wish to sell Topps...
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    2017 MVP Predictions?

    Trout and Bryant opened the year as the betting favorites. A couple months ago it looked like Judge had AL locked up but he hit a bit of a cold spell. Any chance he can still pull it out? My money is on Altuve for AL at this point. And I'd like to see Goldschmidt finally get his, but I have a...
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    Purchases from the Virtual Card Show

    Speaking of Eddie, got these from him during the show. Nothing super spectacular/rare but I'm surprised I didn't already have a couple of these.
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    Card Show Prizes / Boosting the Transaction Forums

    I thought prize pack meant like a pack of cards or something, so imagine my surprise when I got this the other day. Thanks CG/Phillyfan! Mighty kind of you! :)
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    WTB WTB / WTTF 2008 Masterpieces Patch, Patch Autos, & Framed Parallels #'d 50, 25, 10, 5, & 1

    WTB / WTTF 2008 Masterpieces Patch, Patch Autos, & Framed Parallels #'d 50, 25, 10, 5, & 1 The title says it all. Also interested in the higher #'d parallels (Green /75, Brown /100, Blue /125, and Red) but I can't justify paying $3+ shipping on those singles, so ideally I'm looking for those in...
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    August 2017 Pickups

    Just got two more. Nothing to write home about but I just started collecting Austin Hedges and it was nice to find this Aflac for under $5 shipped. Also, WOOHOO...finally reached post #500!
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    August 2017 Pickups

    My August recap: That 2008 Masterpieces Spahn was huge for me because it gives me the rainbow (minus the 1/1, which I'll probably never even see in my lifetime :( ).
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    Does anyone have every version of a specific /x card?

    I'd love to complete this set of 5, but I'm sure it'll never happen. I still haven't seen one of the remaining two, but the other is in someone's collection and will probably remain there forever.
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    Lets see your tools of the trades

    This is the only TOTT I have. Would it be wrong to try and collect a small sample of Spahn's DNA from one of these swatches and clone my very own HOFer? :)
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    1998 Fleer Sports Illustrated First Edition Duplicates?

    I completely agree with you, but the stamps (front AND back) on both cards line up exactly the same way relative to the background details in the photos (see below). I'm far from implying that Fleer printed more than one sheet of these, but I'm just brainstorming here... Do companies usually...
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    1998 Fleer Sports Illustrated First Edition Duplicates?

    Hey all, Forgive me if this has been talked about on here before, but I'm trying to find out information about the 1998 Fleer Sports Illustrated First Edition's ("The Only 1 of 1 First Edition"). I know some of you have seen dupes of these cards before (@Yanks2151 posted a link to a dupe Bernie...
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    What Happened in Baseball the Day You Were Born?

    This guy was born.
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    2016 National Panini Redemption Packs - Any Good?

    I hate to post a new thread for this but I didn't see a 2016 National thread anywhere where I could ask, so.... Did anybody get any of the Panini foil packs this year, and if so, were they any good? I noticed they had silver AND gold packs this year. Any idea what the difference is...
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    Is this a case hit? 2014 Bowman

    I messaged him...I guess we'll see what he has to say. Btw, do you need this? I went to Cooperstown last year and picked up some stuff from the local shops that I thought a few of you guys might need. I've just been busy and forgot all about these. Anyway, this was the only Bagpipes I...

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