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  1. domino2012

    2019 Topps Big League Box break - big auto pull

    Hello all, I recently bought some stuff from Dave&Adams and they always offer a free gift with your purchase (packs, boxes, etc).... well, I got a free box of 2019 Big League. I just stopped in my tracks. Pack 6 of 26 I just pulled this: (Acuna Gold Auto #ed 78/99) It's not like it's a Chrome...
  2. domino2012

    After 12 years of searching, need help to complete set... turning to the collectors community

    Hello all, Ok, here's the deal... the set isn't anything spectacular but I started it in 2007 when the cards came out and I REALLY want to complete it. 2007 Finest BLACK REFRACTORS /99. In 2006 I completed the Bowman White set (with all autos) /120 and wanted to complete a lower #ed set so in...
  3. domino2012

    1 box Panini Pantheon (2016) with pictures

    I wanted to try one of these... my thoughts: - nice cards - bad packaging (cards move around in box) Here are the pictures: (numbers are on back of cards) 14/25 29/199 8/10 1/99 49/99 (on card auto) 06/25 66/99 5/99 (with stitches... really nice in hand) Thanks for looking.
  4. domino2012

    1 box of 2018 Bowman - hot box??? - atomic ref auto (Pictures)

    Hey there everyone, I ask if it's a hot box because I have the impression that I got a lot of hits compared to a previous box I opened and compared to the 2017 boxes. Looking at odds for the blues and all... well, just surprised I guess. I'm not sure so please let me know. Here are the...
  5. domino2012

    If you had the choice what would you buy?

    Hey folks, Question for you all and yes I am currently in this "dilemma" trying to find an anwser so I thought I'd share to see what you guys would think. Imagine you have some funds and you have the choice of the following for approximately the same price... which would you choose and why? -...
  6. domino2012

    Finding out a 1/1 is NOT a true 1/1.... and owning both of the SAME EXACT 1/1

    The title says it all really.... Several years ago I bought a 1/1 Black Printing Plate of Chris Young for my PC (2008 Topps Milestones). The card is pictured here with the others to complete the set: Well.... fast forward to early 2018 and while searching for some Chris Young 1/1s, I find...
  7. domino2012

    to open or not to open 87 Donruss wax

    Hey there all... I've got a sealed box of 87 Donruss sitting on my shelf and I'm tempted but not sure... What would you all do? Thanks... seriously debating about this.
  8. domino2012

    1 box of 2002 Sweet Spot Classic

    Hello, Bought this on sale at a decent price for an extra box break. Fun to do. Pulled lots of base (available if anyone is looking for something) The better stuff: (all is available)
  9. domino2012

    A new box of Hit Parade from Dave&Adams

    Hello everyone! After that beautiful Berra I pulled last month, I decided to buy another box of this from D&A... well, I don't regret my choice. I also bought 2 boxes of 87 donruss for the oldschool break but I'm only going to open 1 box and I bought a box of 2002 UD Sweet Spot classic (that'll...
  10. domino2012

    Huge shout out to Tramers (Barry)

    THANK YOU!!! Living abroad has it's advantages but quite a number of inconveniences when you want to collect cards. The biggest of them is shipping (and costs linked to shipping). Many sellers won't ship overseas so I get frustrated to not be able to pick up cards for the PC. Well, Barry...
  11. domino2012

    1 Box of 2018 Heritage

    Well, after pulling that Berra... opened up a box of Heritage. To be honest, a bit disappointed. 8 high number SPs. None of the sought after SPs and variations. Everything is available including base singles for set builders or team collectors. Just let me know. I did pull these: And...
  12. domino2012

    1 Box of 2018 Hit Parade Baseball (1 card)

    I bought this up not hoping for anything huge... a complimentary bust with the 1 box of Heritage I bought. Well, I like what I got. I'm not a Yankees fan but still nice to have in hand. It is available if any of you vintage folks would like it. Yogi Berra 1951 Bowman #2 (PSA 4)
  13. domino2012

    Can someone do me a favor please?

    Hello folks, Many members here know me and know that I collect Chris Young. Well, if someone would do me the favor of making an offer on this card on Ebay (link below), having it shipped to them and them ship to me? The seller won't ship overseas (even after asking) and I'd like this card...
  14. domino2012

    Now that Chris Young is a Yankee....

    Hello everyone! I haven't been around much the past few months and I'm preparing to become a dad once again with-in the next few weeks... ok, that's OT but just saying that because I still have been following from a distance the season this year. My guy, Chris Young (yes the one that is still...
  15. domino2012

    I'll be in the US end of May! YAY!!!!

    That's right... for business... I'll be in San Diego the last week of May. I don't often get a chance to get to that side of the pond very often so... 1) if you're in the area, would love to meet. I'm limited to evenings or Monday the 26th all day. I'll be leaving on Friday. 2) I desperately...
  16. domino2012

    The Card industry (past and present)

    I've been thinking about the card industry today and was wondering if kids still have a place in it. The reason I ask this is because when I started to collect cards (I was 10 years old) in 1988, I could, with my "kid's allowance" buy a box a cards per month. Nothing fancy, but the cards that...
  17. domino2012

    FCB Birthday Group December

    Hello everyone!!! Here it is, the last month of the year. While we wait for scans from the November thread, well... time to post the December thread. In group: 09: dano7 20: domino2012 25: Alexs64 On boards: IMPORTANT INFO: I have decided NOT to launch the group for 2014. I've done...
  18. domino2012

    FCB Birthday Group November

    Hello all, It seems my initial November thread was eaten alove by the system ! :D So, here's a 2nd try... NOVEMBER IS HERE!!!! In group: 14: lonesomeagle1 On boards: 10: moxacaine 17: deeano 24: tchronis24 24: dmarren349 FYI: Not sure if I'm going to do this again. I normally start...
  19. domino2012

    FCB Birthday Group October

    Hello everyone! September was a "slow" month since our receiver hasn't posted yet... I've been sending messages so hopefully that will be cleared up soon. Anyways, it's OCTOBER now... PLAYOFFS, WORLD SERIES, and BIRTHDAYS!!! :D So.... In group: None this year. (so prepare for November and...
  20. domino2012

    FCB Birthday Group September

    Here it is folks... the September thread. No participants had b-days in July-August (yet a shout out to George Calfas for his b-day!!!). In-group: 02: thelesquad On-boards: 13: olerud363 13: olerudfan 13: Krusin 20: IndiansFan 20: Pinbreaker 26: MrMet And it just so happens to be THE...