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  1. Ashburn Alley

    2019 A&G hanger pack

    Haven’t bought retail since 2018 Bowman. Bought the pack as an impulse buy when I was in line at Target. Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
  2. Ashburn Alley

    Greg’s Case of 2018 A&G

    Bought my 2nd case ever and my first of A&G (also my first from All In Cards. Let’s see how badly I do... Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
  3. Ashburn Alley

    Anyone use silica packs?

    Anyone store their cards with silica packs placed in the box? I've recently had to store my collection in my half finished basement and some one mentioned in a Facebook group that they use the packs for humidity. I live in Philadelphia, PA for a reference on how the seasons change. Thanks in...
  4. Ashburn Alley

    2016 Ginter box

    Went to pick up my 2nd box this year mostly to fill my set. Crushed the guaranteed 3 hits odds and got 6. Severino silk /10, Rea auto, Roman coin relic, Calhoun and Verlander relics, and a Dawn Spacecraft yellow printing plate. Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
  5. Ashburn Alley

    FS 2014 Bowman Draft Lots: Yankees, Red Sox, Marlins, Cardinals

    I have the following available for sale. Prices include shipping. Lots include chrome,base,refractors,and inserts. Feel free to ask for specific breakdowns. Not looking to split team lots up. Yankees: 141 cards-$20 shipped Ian Clarkin, Luis Torrens, Mason Williams, Austin DeCarr, Jordan...
  6. Ashburn Alley

    2 Boxes of Leaf Metal Draft from All in Cards

    All In Cards is the best around Box 1 Gurley is 10/10 Williams is 15/25 Box 2 Thompson is 3/5
  7. Ashburn Alley

    WTTF Topps Shelf inserts

    Looking to trade for the following Topps Shelf inserts: McCutchen Lee Freeman Felix Hernandez Hanley Ramirez Votto Trout Tulowitzki Wil Myers
  8. Ashburn Alley

    Ashburn Alley and MrMet Friendly Wager

    Giants vs Eagles tonight! MrMet and I are going to to have a Morning Thread wager and we need your help on what the stakes will be. Poll close by kickoff.
  9. Ashburn Alley

    FS Ronnie Hillman auto/patch lot

    $22 shipped for all Topps Prolific Playmakers autos x3 Topps Valor auto #137/170 Topps Inception auto Topps Valor patch #1/50 National Treasures patch/ball #22/49
  10. Ashburn Alley

    FS Mike Schmidt 2014 Tier One Auto /25

    #19/25. Looking for $60 shipped. Technically a red ink auto /25 but the ink looks copper to me.
  11. Ashburn Alley

    WTTF Help Me Finish My 2014 Finest Base Set

    Bought 1 box and the collation was horrible...almost half doubles. Looking to trade or buy if in bulk. 1 15 27 43 62 73 90 2 17 29 44 63 74 91 3 19 30 47 65 75 92 4 20 31 51 66 77 93 5 21 32 52 67 79 94 6 22 36 53 68 83 95 9 23 38 54 69 85 96 10 24 40 55 70 86 97 11 25 41...
  12. Ashburn Alley

    Another SGA Fail

  13. Ashburn Alley

    FS 2010 Bowman Machado and 2013 Sterling Buxton AUTOS

    The new Archives release is putting a dent in my wallet with all of the low numbered Daultons. 2010 Bowman Manny Machado $110 shipped 2013 Sterling Byron Buxton #1 $30 shipped
  14. Ashburn Alley

    Millville Meteor

    New seller. What are the chances the inscription is real? http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=131186056495 2012 bowman sterling mike trout auto 10/15 millville meteor
  15. Ashburn Alley

    Puig Movie

    Love or hate him, but it looks like we might see a movie about his journey to the MLB. Thought? http://insidemovies.ew.com/2014/04/25/brett-ratner-yasiel-puig-movie/
  16. Ashburn Alley

    FS/FT Cleaning My Desk!

    I'll be adding more cards when I can to help clear some of the clutter. All prices or delivered. If trading, looking for Phillies that I don't have. Thanks in advance. Pictures upon request. $30 takes it all Sam Selman 2013 Bowman Chrome auto- $3 Pratt Maynard 2012 Bowman Chrome auto- $3...
  17. Ashburn Alley

    FS New Era Hats FS: Reds/Phillies/Orioles

    All hats are new/never worn. I'm looking for $17 shipped each. Reds size 7 3/8 Phillies size 7 1/4 Orioles size 7 3/8
  18. Ashburn Alley

    Favorite Non-Sport Autos?

    Let's see what you have. These are my top 2:
  19. Ashburn Alley

    Phillies Pick Up Thread

    I don't recall seeing one started before, and I am only aware of a handful of active members that collect Phillies. Maybe we can get some members out of the shadows if they are lurking! Here are two that I recently picked up: I know some people hate these, but I really like the look(I'd hate...
  20. Ashburn Alley

    2012 Leaf Metal Draft Football

    Can anyone tell me if there were prismatic whites # /1? I saw them listed on a sell sheet, but I haven't seen any listed/sold on eBay. I have also messaged BG. Thanks in advance.