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    October 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    They used random prior designs for those Throwbacks. Champ Bailey’s uses 2004. I’m not sure how any were determined. The Delhomme looks like 1996
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    October 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    Happy to finally get one for myself. I know he signed a ton of them, but I’m surprised they are readily available for $70-100
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    New low cost shipping option for eBay...

    Fill this out and it should be refunded in a couple of days https://www.pip-claim.com/PIPClaim/eBayIntClaim/CreateeBayClaim
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    eBay payout question

    yes, I opened a checking account with Discover 2+ years ago strictly for cards. No fees, no balance minimums, 1 or 2% cash back with the debit card. I didn’t want to intermingle cards with personal finance, plus makes my tracking easier. Ally was the other online bank I considered.
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    Sportlots Questions - Buyer & Seller

    I love box shipping as a buyer. It’s great for sellers who don’t PWE So you choose between $4 or $0.50. My 2 boxes were around $10 each to ship to me and had 15-20 various size orders in them. If you believe their calculation, I saved $50+ on shipping for each. The usual SportLots flaws are...
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    New low cost shipping option for eBay...

    The fact it comes with $20 protection is great. Delivery scans are not always consistent so the seller is still protected. You just have to wait 30 days to file a claim
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    PSA graded card values vs. BGS graded card values

    I’m not the biggest graded collector. It used to be in general in terms of grades BGS 10 is the best BGS 9.5 = PSA 10 BGS 9 = PSA 9 BGS 8.5 is a crapshoot on PSA 8 or 9 I’ve seen on other boards that a BGS 9 is equal to PSA 8 if you crack. Is that the case now or are collectors obsessed with...
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    COMC rushed shipping still not shipped almost 30 days late

    Email and complain. Mine was due to ship 5/5 and hasn‘t. I got my $35 back at least
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    My Clemson TTM project

    This finally came back. I sent out in mid June of last year. Glad to get this one back William Perry - 2/2 c/o home
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    COMC (check out my cards) shipping wait times

    Email them. My rushed shipment was due to ship 5/5 and still hasn’t. They are slow to respond, but they refunded my $35 rushed fee At least.
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    Help with identifying signatures

    Here they are - all 1997. If anyone needs any let me know. I am not sure if there is a cheap way to ship, but will try to help out collectors Kenny Lofton #1, Chipper Jones #15, Mo Vaughn #7, Derek Jeter #16, Ryan Klesko #14, Frank Thomas #2, Cal Ripken #22. All are opened at the bottom
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    Help with identifying signatures

    Thank you all. I appreciate it.
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    New low cost shipping option for eBay...

    It worked for me this morning for a sale. I hope it doesn’t go away.
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    Help with identifying signatures

    I purchased a lot of random collectibles and junk off FB marketplace. I mainly wanted a Tony Perez signed ball in the lot. There was a Brian Jordan signed ball as well as pre-printed Mantle and Fred McGriff balls. There were some 1989 Topps coins I’m unfamiliar with and 1997 Pinnacle cans going...
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    Seeking advice. Thinking about selling my collection.

    How do you sell off Twitter? I know people do facebook groups. I’ve never figured out how people do Twitter, Instagram, Mercado, etc. the eBay standard envelope is good for cheap sales you want to PWE
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    Seeking advice. Thinking about selling my collection.

    I’m sure people will have better advice, but I started clearing out my non-PC cards 2.5 years ago. I was getting 500 free listings promos. They give you 200 now. i now also buy stuff off sites to flip, but I keep it to 200 free BIN/BO listings. It would be a good place to whittle down things...
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    New low cost shipping option for eBay...

    Yes. I’ve received a couple that are 4x4 size, they just were inconsistent on scanning. I read some people had issues on Blowout with them, but they also handed the, to a clerk vs dumping them in a regular mailbox
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    New low cost shipping option for eBay...

    I charge $1. Anything over $1.50 is gouging for a PWE. My understanding there is some sort of 3rd party insurance/protection built into the program which explains the limit. This tracking does not appear on USPS which some buyers are not grasping yet. Overall, I think it has worked well. I’ve...
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    New low cost shipping option for eBay...

    I’ve been printing and then taping down with packing tape no issue. The plastic more so refers to the type of envelope. I’d be cautious to use a big envelope. I’ve seen issues with people using the cardboard mailers and anything bigger than a standard #10 envelope. I personally use a #6 3/4
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    Rarely seen monster hits auction...

    When did this flip and why? I never paid much attention to graded, but no one seems to want BGS for ultra modern

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