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  1. RL24

    New Booklet holders?

    I saw an auction for this card: Really the only reason I looked at the auction is because of the subtitle... "IN NEW BOOKLET CARD HOLDER" I wanted to see that, and hey, look at that! Where did he get that? Has anybody else heard of these? All I've heard is people giving advice on how to...
  2. RL24

    Jason Jennings... Missing Player Found!

    I have been looking for him for a very long time. I google him 2-3 times a week. All I ever see is Houston fans blogging about how terrible their GM is. Today I searched, and I finally found him! Ex-major leaguer stymies Explorers At first I was a little panicky. I thought he was actually...
  3. RL24

    The Complete Game & The New York Yankees

    What's the deal!? I just don't get these guys. CC went on a CG tear like never before when he was on the Brewers, appearing in 17 games and throwing a CG in 7 of those games. In the 2 years he's been with the Yankees, he's had 4 CGs. And I think those were games that got called in the 7th...
  4. RL24

    Rickey Henderson Collectors Thread

    On the 25th day of December, God blessed man with the ultimate gift... the gift of entertainment, a gift with flash and pizzazz, a gift with speed and power. That gift was Rickey Henderson. And we all say "Amen!"
  5. RL24

    "Our half of the inning..."

    I am reading a book by John Grisham called The Painted House. I'm not too far into it, but so far a lot of the book has been about baseball. They are playing a little game out on the farm right now, and when the narrator's team's offense gets the third out, and his team heads out for defense...
  6. RL24

    Thank you Skorris!

    So, I'm sitting around one night and I get a PM from Skorris telling me about a Jason Jennings 1/1 that's sitting in somebody's ebay store. I told him how I've been feeling super broke since the birth of my daughter, and I had sent the guy a lowball offer because it was all I felt I could...
  7. RL24

    Pujols Patch Identification Help

    Can anybody tell me what part of a Cardinals uniform this Pujols patch could have come from? I know you guys are good at this... I can't figure it out. Thanks!
  8. RL24

    Need Info on 80's Poster - Rickey, Jack Clark and McGruff

    I'm mainly looking for the year this was released, but any additional info would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. RL24

    PhotoBucket help... I don't want to add tags.

    Somehow my PhotoBucket changed, and now when I upload a pic instead of leaving me in my album it takes me to a page to add tags. I have tried to figure out how to change it back, but can't find anything. Did this happen to everybody? Anybody know how to disable that feature? Thanks guys!!
  10. RL24

    Question about Box Score - Relief Pitcher (H,1)

    I follow Jason Jennings, who was going to be starting in the minors this year, but he had a great spring and they put him in the bullpen. I've never followed a reliever, just 2 starters (JJ and Sabathia). Anyway, I was checking out the boxscore from the game last night, and it looks like he...
  11. RL24

    Another early year "Finest" eBay scam

    I'm sure by now everybody is familiar with the "Finest Proofs" people try to sell on ebay... You can make these at home with your favorite old finest or chrome cards, simply expose them to water. All the cardboard comes off and leaves you this neat little piece of chrome. Now we have a guy...
  12. RL24

    Somebody tell me this button card is fake!

    That has to be fake right? I have a button (#/6?) from the set, and the jersey #/99... I'll have to scan them up later. This is fascinating though... I think the seller popped the little piece of jersey out, sewed the button on, and popped the jersey back in. Opinions...
  13. RL24

    Topps "1/1" rant...

    I know many people were wondering why these Update Sketch cards didn't have the Topps 1/1 stickers on the back.... Just got the second one in the mail today. It is kind of disturbing to see Topps ruin sketch cards like this. People used to see a sketch card and automatically know that it is...

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