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  1. popguynyc

    It’s crazy to me this is a real picture. Video included.

    This is an awesome story I was not familiar with. Check it out here: https://tht.fangraphs.com/ted-simmons-and-the-bizzarre-brawl/ TL/DR: nobody was ejected except the Cubs manager and Ted Simmons got the game winning hit in the 9th!
  2. popguynyc

    Fanatics to take over MLB trading card license?

    Why must it be an exclusive deal? Why can’t MLB split it and let the collector win? (I know the answer is $, but how much is enough??) ((I know the answer is: never enough.))
  3. popguynyc

    Anyone here get SCD in print?

    Had a subscription for a couple years in the late 70s. Was really the only source of content. Always a fun read and cool ads. But that was 100 years ago!!
  4. popguynyc

    MrMopar's First* Annual Baseball's Back Contest - No true winner, but dano7 & aanewport are WINNERS of consolation prizes!

    Now that Hand has switched leagues and is in Toronto - that means he’s done in the competition right? ;-)
  5. popguynyc

    My cut junk era ART thread

    Have you posted any video of how you do your work? The level of detail is so impressive!
  6. popguynyc

    watching a good baseball movie

    Kurt’s dad was a bigger than life character- but they could have played up the David v Goliath a bit more I think. Worth watching for sure. Not many baseball team documentaries. I’d like to watch one on Bill Veeck.
  7. popguynyc

    Recent pull from Topps Archive Signature Series Koufax 2/2

    Having a Koufax in your collection is pretty sweet, but I understand getting the best value out of it. Good luck.
  8. popguynyc

    Anybody need 1980/1990/2000s Phillies commons or parallels?

    I am reducing my shelf space and I’m going through my Phillies commons. If anybody still needs anything - players, parallels - for non-Topps (for now) - lmk. I will gladly send them your way for the postage. Send me your want lists (nothing SSP, no autos, no GU, etc.). Mostly 1980s, 1990s and...
  9. popguynyc


    Those 2010 Upper Deck Exquisite look so chippy on the reverse side. I can’t imagine they would grade particularly well. But I should look at mine and see if any look good. Glad you started this thread!
  10. popguynyc

    I hear people have been complaining about Topps Update?

    That’s a great hit. Glad you found it. Hers my complaint: I hate the inconsistent layout of the fronts and backs of these 2020 cards. (Maybe it’s always been this way and I have not been paying attention.) All portrait images should have the same reverse orientation! It just seems lazy and...
  11. popguynyc

    RIP Gale Sayers

    Never saw him play, but Brian’s Song made a huge impact on me as a kid in the 1970s.
  12. popguynyc

    Phillies Pick Up Thread

    You gotta have a Richie Allen in the PC! Team is retiring his number on Thursday. Hopefully ahead of a HoF election later this year.
  13. popguynyc

    1982 Fleer Garvey Autograph - Real or Not?

    Great thread. Thanks for the insights.
  14. popguynyc

    Birthday and date of death

    Only about 30 miles between his birth and death. But 11 summers with the NY Giants.
  15. popguynyc

    RIP Bob Watson

    Sad to hear. Watson scored MLBs 1,000,000 run back in 1975. He was a gamer.
  16. popguynyc

    Finished a dirty set

    Very cool! But I wouldn’t eat that dirt after all these years! 😂

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