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    1997 Indians Score Parallel

    One of the last two remaining cards I need for my Charles Nagy collection is the "Premier" parallel from 1997 Indians Score. It says "Premier Club" on the back. I've been looking high and low for 18 years now... and have never seen one. Any thoughts, leads, or creative ideas on tracking...
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    Milestone... 2,015 in 2015!

    There was a point in time I questioned whether I'd ever eclipse 2,000 different Vizquel cards that appear on the "official" Beckett checklist. (Yes, I know and agree this is a useless reference given their checklist is missing a TON of cards.) Nevertheless I've always tracked the total number...
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    Anyone know these eBay sellers?

    Any chance someone knows one of these sellers? collectorstash imac7065 midwestsportscollections bluemarlin528 sbumone arjones100 brand-holla clandiough59 hockeyoncall evolutionsportsmarketing rya-less gjbcarlson1779 zoerisasdad mitc-niels parke.gover
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    Help identifying/finding these cards?

    Does anyone know anything about these? What they are, when made, if/how/where to pick them up, etc. I found who I think the user is and contacted him, but thought it was worth reaching out here as well... http://s406.photobucket.com/user/davidsb63/profile/
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    Ridiculous Sketch Challenge

    Virtually all of the sketch cards listed on eBay of OV have sold, and it's getting hilarious. What's an unsellable sketch look like? I challenge all of you aspiring artists to find out! Who knows, maybe you or your kids make a couple bucks. If you accept the challenge, PLEASE post your work...
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    Miscut - 2014 Topps Supreme Styling

    Has anyone found that some of the 2014 Topps Supreme Styling cards are too large for a one-touch? I have a handful and some fit while others are almost 1/8" too tall and about 1/16" too wide. Maybe some variation is to be expected, but that's tough for me to understand or give Topps a pass...
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    Fun with Fingerpainting

    This is so completely confusing that I couldn't resist pointing it out. "Teambrinkz" is pumping these out at record pace. So if this is you, I genuinely mean no offense... I'm a rabid collector and have bought tons of stuff that was in retrospect was just silly. Stuff that I would not...
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    Where To Buy Player 8x10 Photos?

    Looking for a handful of nice player 8x10's. I know there are a bunch on eBay, but curious where they all come from. Someone somewhere is printing these and selling to autograph hounds, correct?
  9. V

    Now Available: Acceptable Card Pile!

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Baseball-Card-Collection-/251677484992 Can't you just picture him sitting in his living room, sorting through the pile and typing up the list of every card?
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    Group Sub to PSA?

    People here do a group submission periodically, right? How does one get in on that?
  11. V

    Supplies Dealer on FCB?

    Isn't there someone here who sells a lot of supplies like one-touches, etc? I know there are a bunch of places online, but would rather support one of our own if possible...
  12. V

    2009 Topps WBC perforated cards

    Anyone know about these? Topps had some 2009 WBC cards and they're perforated, so I'm wondering if they came in a WBC program. The card #'s don't seem to match what I found on eBay, Beckett, etc. for the 09 WBC Box. Any insight?
  13. V

    Ticket Collectors: How Do You Store You Tickets?

    For those of you who collect tickets, how are you storing your collection? I currently have use pages/binders but that takes up a huge amount of room. Is anyone using top loaders or semi-rigids? If so, what kind of box are you storing them in? I can't seem to find one... Other suggestions...
  14. V

    08 Yankee Stadium Legacy checklist... with Teams and Dates?

    Anyone know where to find a detailed checklist for this enormous set? Would particularly be interested in knowing the Teams and Dates for each card. Surely this exists... right?
  15. V

    Beckett... searching for new items?

    Is there any workaround to search/sort for newly listed items? It was possible way back when...
  16. V

    Cards Picturing or Listing Coaches?

    The Cameo thread got me thinking. Are there sets/cards each year that traditionally have a card that lists or pictures the coaching staff? OV retired, so I gotta take what I can get...
  17. V

    2007 Artifacts 1/1... real?

    This isn't real, is it? Doesn't seem to be listed but it looks pretty good. Stupid place for the 1 of 1 if it's real. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Jason-Bay-2007-UD-MLB-Artifacts-1-1-Pirates-/261438514196?pt=US_Baseball&hash=item3cdef32414
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    King B Discs- Looking for a couple high-quality scans

    Does anyone have a handful of these, and wouldn't mind sharing a nice high-quality scan for me? Specifically looking for 93 Griffey and Ripken, and 94 Griffey. PM me please! I'll be happy to send you something in return...
  19. V

    ?'s re: 2005 Donruss Champtions Recollection Collection

    Does anyone have more details than Becketts crypto-code for these? I'm assuming the "D" just means Donruss, but in the case of the 89 of Vizquel, it was Donruss "The Rookies." Would really like to know more specifics on the other 3. Thanks for any info you may have to share! 1989 "D" 1998...
  20. V

    Sometimes setting a high BIN pays off....

    Thank you, and here you go! I have to admit I'm feeling a little envious... would rather move one of these for $100 and use that cash toward a card I still don't have. Maybe I'll list something nice at a stupid price and see what happens. Anyway, I'll add a few more pics for fun later.

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