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    85 Star Co MJ question

    Does anyone know anything about the 1985 Star Company "Last 11 Rookies of the Year" set? I searched EBay active and finished auctions and haven't seen this single anywhere. It is listed in the Becket annual, but I'm wondering why there's none on the market? Thanks!
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    Fakes, Ebay etc

    Why doesn't Ebay just throw a quarter million at one of PSA/DNA's or Spence's top authenticators, and have the guy spend his days pulling fakes down? be it cards or memorabilia, what a great service it would provide. I got to thinking about this while reading that half the Mike Trout auos on...
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    5-Star Kick in the Arse

    Against my better knowledge I busted a box of 5-Star Baseball. My best pull, by far, was an Ozzie Smith booklet auto /50 with 4 white swatches of plain jersey. My other 5 "hits" are all sitting on Ebay with a bid of no more than $6, none of them numbered less than 299 & 3 of them numbered to...
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    FS Wax Blowout! Free ship bowman draft chrome reg Tek 5star plat FB more!

    ok so Topps decide to flood out like 10 products in a week, how are small shops supposed to make that work? So we have to dump. Thought I'd offer here on FCB please pm me with your orders & Thanks fcb! all prices include shipping in the cont us, PayPal only. All are are from factory-direct...
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    Shameless plug on my cardshop

    Folks, if you're in the Philly-Trenton area YES - there's still a real Cardshop around! We're on the OUTSIDE of Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, PA, right next to Macy's. Our phone number is 215-752-4500. Please keep us in mind if you're looking for an awesome holiday gift for your loved-ones'...
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    What's Worse?

    Having a "mistake" on hundreds of cards in a 4-figure per box product or using "event used" jerseys in a 4-figure per box product? disgusting. Shame on Panini
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    The 2014 Topps (High) Tek Thread

    This stuff is coming out soon and I for one am very excited as a breaker. The previews I've seen look great, and I'm pumped because I foresee a product where almost every card, base and better, will be sellable. I don't think the old school Tek fans will be able to resist, and the player...
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    Topps Redemption System Down?

    For several days now I've been trying to redeem a few Prime receptions, only to get server error messages. Anyone else having trouble?
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    AP Card Prices, Worst Case Scenario?

    I remember moving some nice AP autos for pretty good $ in the last year or so, I gotta think those holding the sweet AP cards have to be bracing for the big hit. Anyone tracking such things?
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    Albert Belle - Show me what you have!

    $10 delivered sound ok?
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    Anyone Sitting on Bowman Jumbos?

    They're blowing up, going on $200 a box. Ugh.
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    Who's the Mathematician at Leaf?

    From the Cal Ripken sell sheet - Pure Genius! Fess up BG, your math skills aren't exactly "sharp", are they lol...
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    2014 Bowman Chrome Jumbos

    Im starin at a big allocation of this stuff, wondering "should I go for it?". 5 autos per box, but pricey. Hows this years' product looking from a prospector's POV?e
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    My PSA Sub (Vintage Find)

    Some of you followed my recent "We Dealers Live For This" thread. This is the follow up to it. These beauties came from the same guy today. Just goes to prove that some kids actually were freaks that didn't throw thier cards around and put them in thier bike spokes. Until today these cards were...
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    How Does this Pete Rose card Even Exist?

    Logos but no License, and Pete Rose banned. And lots of Ebay activity. What gives? http://www.ebay.com/itm/310860383718?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
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    Sweet Jeets 2014 Topps Style!

    Both pulled in my shop on opening day today! Framed came from a customer's hobby box, I pulled the Gems from a jumbo box.
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    Think I got BBCGalaxee's Topps Shipment...

    Mike, weren't these supposed to be in YOUR boxes? Customer pulled the framed from a hobby box, I pulled the diamonds from a jumbo box.
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    The Upper Deck Company Ebay Store

    Just stumbled across this 1 feedback new Ebay store: upper_deck_company Looks like UD is dumping their stuff on Ebay! Problem is they don't realize that they won't sell anything if they're the most expensive on the Bay lol!
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    Challenge for BG

    Happy Holidays BG! Among my New Year's Resolutions will be to not be so hard on you next year (no promises from 2015 on ;-) ). But I do want to issue you a challenge before the New Year. You're making some sweet-looking cards now. Top-Notch in the eye appeal category. I like that. What I...

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