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  1. buck724

    Back after a few years—WA

    Hey friends! I’m diving back into my love of cards/memorabilia again. My wife and I are finally in a financial place where I can go back to collection the items and players I grew up idolizing. Happy to be back! When I start to get my displays set up, I’ll share! Big collector of: Griffey...
  2. buck724

    Mailday! :)

    Got a bunch of stuff in the mail today :) I'm really excited. The first scan is for my 2 new additions to my Taijuan Walker PC (The 10/10 BGS is something that I already had, but never posted...Got that for my birthday last year). This second scan is the product of my first case break ever...
  3. buck724

    Thinking about starting a collection

    Hey everyone, I grew up in the hobby, and love cards. I was thinking about starting to display them, and it made me think of maybe starting a new vintage collection. Any tips for when I start looking to buy? Thanks in advance!
  4. buck724

    MJ's Back 23k Gold card??

    Hey everyone... Looking to possibly sell my 01-02 Upper Deck MJ's back 23k gold card #19 /23...does anyone know what these are worth or have a value on them? Thanks
  5. buck724

    Eric Wedge

    M's manager Eric Wedge has reportedly told the M's he won't be returning next season..
  6. buck724

    Favorite baseball photograph?

    "The Slide" --1995, I was a little kid at the time...but my Dad took me to the Kingdome and I saw magic that day. This game meant everything to M's fans, and to myself.
  7. buck724

    Amazing day!

    So I'm a big collector of Ken Griffey Jr., and one of the collections that I've started is to get an auto'd jersey of each team he played for. I've been looking for a Cincinnati #3 jersey for a long time now, and I finally found one! Very excited as it's been a long search!
  8. buck724


    I also feel weird nominating myself...but I will nominate my favorite piece of memorabilia in my PC. This is a UDA Ken Griffey Jr. 1989 Seattle Mariners home jersey that is signed, and #'d 37/240. My Dad bought this in 1989 originally, and has had it ever since. He finally handed it down to me...
  9. buck724

    Frame vs. Shadow Box?

    Hey everyone-- Awhile back, I posted a thread about displaying my cards/memorabilia and I have another question to ask you all. I'm looking to get some Griffey jerseys displayed, and was wondering what all of your thoughts were about Framing vs. Shadow boxing them?? Any help would be greatly...
  10. buck724

    MJ Card help please??

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me on something. I found this MJ card in my PC that I totally forgot I had. However, since I'm more of a baseball guy, I know nothing about it. Is there anyone here who can help me with the rarity and value of this card?? I would greatly appreciate...
  11. buck724

    Display help??

    Hey guys, So I've been collecting cards and sports memorabilia for a long time now and I think it's time to start showing it off in display. Therefore, I would like to ask for your opinions and experience on how to display cards, bats, and baseballs please! Jerseys too (so if you know any...
  12. buck724

    *** Meet The METS -All things NY Mets related ***

    I've got 2 Tom Glavine cards in a Mets uniform, and was wondering if anyone would be interested? They are both from 2003 Leaf Limited. The first is a 2003 Leaf Limited Moniker Tom Glavine GU/Auto serial #'d 5/5. The second is a 2003 Leaf Limited Tom Glavine TNT GU/Bat card serial #'d 3/25...
  13. buck724

    Mets Collectors?

    Are there any Mets collectors on here? I've got a couple of nice Tom Glavine cards in a Mets uni that I'm looking to sell. Thanks, and Cheers!
  14. buck724

    Red Refractor help?

    I've got a 2006 Bowman Chrome Carlos Gomez Red Refracter RC #'d 3/5...thing is in cherry shape (pics might not show that, sorry :(..). What kind of market is there for this? I don't really want it, so it's going up for sale.
  15. buck724

    Can anyone help me place a value, so I can sell?

    I haven't renewed my beckett membership yet, since I'm just getting back into the hobby after college. Does anyone remember the Upper Deck 01-02 "MJ's Back" Cards?? I have a gold one serial #'d /23...can anyone help me out on what it might be worth? Any help is greatly appreciated! :) Cheers!
  16. buck724

    Cal Ripken, Jr. collector's thread

    It's not special or rare by any means, but somewhere (I'll have to find it in one of my boxes), I have a Cal Ripken Jr. jersey card...it looks like this. What do you guys think this would be valued at?
  17. buck724

    Tom Glavine

    pic 2003 Leaf Limited. Tom Glavine Moniker GU/Auto #'d 5/5
  18. buck724

    Tom Glavine

    Are there any Tom Glavine collectors out there? or even Braves collectors? Found this while going through one of my boxes in my PC, forgot I even had it. Just wondering if there's any value to it, or even if there's a market? Thanks for any info :) Cheers!
  19. buck724

    What box to get??

    Hey guys...thinking of saving up to get a hobby box or two? what are some of your suggestions? thanks :) Cheers!
  20. buck724

    Card shops nearby?

    Hey if there are any fellow Washingtonians on here...where are some of the best card/memorabilia shops between Bellingham and the Olympic Peninsula? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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