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    Buyer Beware Spreadsheet

    I have been logging as many cards as I can that have been outed as altered, fake, mislabeled, etc… in the Blowout forums by members into a spreadsheet. So far I have logged almost 3,500 different serial numbers. I have sorted them into links by sports and then alphabetical order by last name. I...
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    Topps going public. What does this mean for the hobby?

    https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/06/baseball-card-company-topps-to-go-public-through-spac-deal.html Let’s hope that this is good news for the hobby and collectors. Hopefully, Topps can generate enough revenue from going public that it can get back into football, basketball and/or hockey! Sent...
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    Probstein123 keeps reselling & relisting mislabeled 1990 Frank Thomas PSA Topps Tiffany

    This card has already been bought and returned 3 times, but that hasn’t stopped Probstein from listing it a fourth time. He continues to raise the price each time to recover his losses from having to repeatedly pay for return shipping...
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    MySlabs doesn’t mess around

    Here is the message they sent me after the buyer didn't pay within 24 hours: Bad News, The buyer has failed to pay within the 24 hours period. The buyers account has been deactivated. This card has been returned to the for sale section. No further action on your part is requireded. --The...
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    Mislabeled PSA 10 Frank Thomas 1990 Topps Tiffany being sold on eBay

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/1990-Topps-Tiffany-1-Draft-Pick-414-Frank-Thomas-RC-Rookie-HOF-PSA-10/373425400491?pageci=84784e6f-8749-43ed-b9f6-f2f16c12bf52 If you look on www.tiffanycards.com you can clearly tell this is just a regular Topps card and not the rare Tiffany version. Sent from my...
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    Collectable.com launching new platform

    On their new platform you will have the ability to purchase partial shares of an iconic piece of memorabilia or sports card starting at $20 a share. It’s an interesting idea, but to me part of the joy of collecting is to be able to actual have the item in my possession. Any thoughts? Sent...
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    Juan Soto out with COVID

    https://apple.news/AFKpoYWNTQP2nD2elqYkhXw Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
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    Don’t start Some ebay Drama?

    This is what I said: Please make sure that this is a Tiffany traded set. If it’s not or you aren’t sure, then just refund my money now and there will be no problems. If you send me a regular traded set, then I will file against you for not correctly describing the item. You will then have to pay...
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    $9,000 Increase in three months!

    I couldn’t afford this card 3 months ago at $3,300, now it looks like I may never get the chance.
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    If you are going to shrink wrap, then at least do it right!

    ‪This has to be one of the worst shrink wrap jobs I have ever seen! If you want $2,500 for this set, then you could have at least done without the scotch tape!‬ Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
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    Looked and described as sealed, but...

    ‪Never like it when sellers are deceptive. After item arrives, they don’t know how or why?!?! Come on, it didn’t reshink wrap itself!‬ Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
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    Both 1986 Topps Traded Tiffany sets sold for $1000 or more, but....

    Hint: “Look at all the pictures.” Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
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    Had some time so I made a website

    During the COVID quarantine I decided to track down as many topps Tiffany sets as I could and make a website focused on Tiffany sets. Although, I’m no where close to being done, I thought I would share it here to get some feedback. Thanks. www.tiffanycards.com Sent from my iPhone using...
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    Pete Rose Corked Bats Article

    He called me 'Corky': Jupiter man says he corked baseball bats for Pete Rose in 1984 https://www.palmbeachpost.com/sports/20200605/he-called-me-lsquocorkyrsquo-jupiter-man-says-he-corked-baseball-bats-for-pete-rose-in-1984 Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
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    What is in this 10700-82020 case?

    This is all the info I have to go on. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
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    Bash Brothers on Netflix

    https://youtu.be/VfKJxowxBb4 Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
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    Shrink Wrap

    I have some Topps Tiffany Sets and was thinking about shrink wrapping them. Any thoughts or suggestions on using shrink wrap to protect the boxes, shrink wrapping methods, and/or type of shrink wrap. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
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    Does the psa holders show evidence of tampering?

    I originally thought it was just a glare when I purchased, but upon receiving it, it is noticeable. On the psa 9, Just below the bar code, left corner and also right corner under label. If I look deed on, then it looks normal. I also found another one on eBay psa 10 that shows same thing...
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    Interesting eBay Post

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/332330477390 I saw this before and found it a good read. But since the seller listed it again I thought others would find it an interesting. Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
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    Did I just get scammed?

    The eBayer has a 100% feedback rating. He went straight to filing a claim without ever emailing me. Hopefully, you can see the pic and decide for yourself. Let me know if I should ban this guy.

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