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    Panini Cooperstown images posted

    http://paniniamerica.wordpress.com/2012/10/31/the-panini-america-quality-control-gallery-2012-cooperstown-baseball-71-new-images/ I think these look great. They finally found a set where weird generics and removed logos were not a problem, in my opinion. Although I wasn't able to tell what they...
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    Printing Plate Autograph Pen?

    Hey, I recall someone here whose name I cannot recall getting a bunch of printing plates autographed. I think it was a Twins fan. I wanted some advice about pen ink longevity on plates. Any advice from anyone is appreciated.
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    Uncovering Negro League History

    What a great story. I know lots of us around here are interested in the Negro Leagues. http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd ... Id=rss_bos
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    2011 Bowman Chome Pedroia Superfractor

    Anyone here bidding on this? http://bit.ly/yHcO6Q [not my auction]
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    Provenance of an oddball Ripken?

    I happened upon a Ripken card with a gold border with the title "Mr. Baseball" on it. The back shows plain white stock with some basic information, probably was released in 1993 or so. On the back it does say "Aberdeen Cards" on it, but I cannot seem to find much information about them. Does...
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    2012 Topps Legends SPs?

    No sign yet? I'll miss them if they're gone for 2012 ...
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    Tamper Evident Seals

    I received a package the other day that had tamper evident seals on the case protecting the item. My first reaction was that this is a great idea. It's not perfectly foolproof, certainly, but I thought that it might serve as at least a good start to keeping buyers and sellers honest about...
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    What Were Your Favorite 2011 Sets Or Subsets?

    Does this thread already exist? Didn't find it quickly in search ... Mine were: Museum Collection autos from Marquee On card 1952 style autos from Lineage All of Topps Base (my favorite design in a very long time) and Chrome Kimball Champions Ginter Minis
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    The single packing peanut

    In a bubble mailer with a secured item inside, what purpose does the single packing peanut serve? The best I can come up with is that it keeps the card company during the long and arduous journey with the Netflix Delivery Service. Does the inclusion of the single packing peanut really ensure the...
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    [edited] Why WHIP and not WHHBPIP

    Hi All. I'm one of the people who finds the metrics of sabermetrics difficult to interpret and frustrating as measures. I had a question about walks and hits per inning pitched (WHIP). I think this is a useful statistic - it's simple, reasonably comparable over different pitchers, and has the...

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