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    MLB Lifetime passes

    Though my collection is primarily autographs, I've always been enamored with the lifetime passes. Here's link to a page that shows the passes in my collection. There are pictures of 20 passes on the page and I'll include a few here. The first pass is from 19th century player Sliding Billy...
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    August Autograph Pickups

    What will everyone pick up this month? Here's an August acquisition. The letter is signed by Christy Mathewson's primary catcher Chief Meyers referencing Matty's 342nd win and written on the same day - May 19, 1914. That victory tied Mathewson for 4th on the all-time wins list with Tim Keefe...
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    Contract negotiation between a 22-year old Stan Musial and Cardinal owner Sam Breadon

    Stan Musial completed his first full season in 1942 and refused to sign the Cardinals contract offer of $5,500. Here are three letters from St. Louis owner Sam Breadon negotiating with the 22-year old Musial. The correspondence starts out cordially then heats up. “We have had great...
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    Is there a more comprehensive HoF autograph site?

    One of the difficult parts of collecting is finding like-minded folks to share in the fun with. For years I thought about putting together a website of my collection and finally got it done. The site is called CooperstownExpert.com. It has pages for every HoFer and 150 non-HoFers. Nearly every...

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