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    Mickey Mantle Autographed Auction Catalog

    Moving on from a few things that just don't really fit my collection any more. This catalog is from a numbered limited run of 536 catalogs from the 1997 Greer Johnson Auction of Mantle's effects. It features a cut auto of Mickey Mantle on the front as well as hand numbering and a signature from...
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    WTB: Rare Ryan Helsleys

    I'm looking for any Ryan Helsley numbered to 25 or less for my PC. 2015 Bowman Draft Red #189 SER# /5 2015 Bowman Chrome Draft Red Refractors #189 SER# /5 2017 Topps Heritage Minors 5×7 #18 SER# /49 2017 Topps Heritage Minors 5×7 Gold #18 SER# /10 2018 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs Blue...
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    Albert Pujols DFA'd

    It's crazy to see how far an all time great can fall. What a hell of a career.
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    Kirby Puckett 90s Goodness

    Priced individually or take them all for $150. 1996 Pinnacle Skylines - $125 1994 SP Holoviews - $5 1994 SP Holoview Die Cut - $30 (This one has some kind of foil issue on the top right corner that I can't capture in pics. It looks like the foil is separating or raised but it isn't.) 1996...
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    1992 Ultra Tony Gwynn Commemorative Autographs - Stamp or no stamp?

    I'm looking to add one of these to my collection but there are lots of them out there and some have a Fleer embossed stamp (looks similar to the Autographics embossment) and many don't. I never pulled one back then and I don't remember whether they were embossed or not. Can anyone shed some...
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    Ryan Rodd/Munnatawket Bat Company Custom 2008 Ginter Minis

    As some of you know I'm a Ginter nut and I acquired most of this custom set in a trade on The Bench a couple years ago. I really just grabbed it back then because it was a Ginter tribute and I thought it was neat. Once I got them in hand though my OCD kicked in and I had to try to finish up the...
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    Jeter or Ozzie?

    I've been having an interesting debate on Facebook about which was better. Anyone have any thoughts?
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    I acquired this 1998 Padres vs Yankees ticket last night signed by Kevin Brown. The Yankees and Padres didn't play at all in 1998 other than in the Series and Opening Day for the Padres was 3/31 against the Reds. My thought is it is some sort of commemorative ticket since they did play each...
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    WTTF 2016 Topps Chrome Stephen Piscotty Rainbows

    My son collects Stephen Piscotty and decided he wants a RC rainbow so I thought I'd hit you guys and gals up and see what you had before I hit the bay or COMC. Let me know. We can buy or try to work out a trade. I'm not concerned about the Superfractors but I would like to build out the rest of...
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    COMC Seller mcholke

    Anyone know this seller? He has a Jeff Frye listed I'd like to talk about.
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    WTB 9 Pocket Ultra Pro Binder Sheets

    Anyone have a bunch of these lying around that need a home? I don't mind gently used ones. I'm trying to get supplies together to house my Ginter sets. Marked it WTB but I'd trade for them too.
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    Allen & Ginter National Promos

    I've recently started working on an almost full master set run of Ginter from 2006 onward, skipping the autos, relics, and serial numbered cards. I'm almost done with 2017 and I just nailed down a big chunk of 2008's sets last night. The thing I'm having the hardest time finding though is the...
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    Louisville Slugger Panels from the 1950s

    Anyone know anything about these?
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    Jeff Frye Needs

    I'm trying to finish out my collection of Jeff Frye cards but I'm still missing a few of the rarer and more difficult to locate cards. I am still looking for the following: Inserts: 1993 Topps R&N Porcelain #197 1998 Stadium Club First Day Issue #281 /200 1999 Fleer Tradition Starting 9 #404...
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    New to the forum. I PC Jeff Frye and Ozzie Smith mainly.

    Nice to meet you all. I've been collecting sports cards since the mid '80s after I got a box of 1986 Donruss to keep me busy on a drive to Disney World. My dad and I organized card shows all over Eastern Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri during the 80s and early 90s before teenage pursuits...

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