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  1. hive17

    Sports cards is serious business

    This apparently just happened in Wisconsin today: https://www.wisn.com/article/fight-starts-in-target-parking-over-sports-trading-cards/36366167 Only nerds like us would have dozens more questions besides the "civilians" simply asking "why?" What sport? Was he a pack searcher? Did he cherry...
  2. hive17

    Did I sell too early? You be the judge...

    I think we all have similar Trout stories. I know I had at least 1 Chrome, a few Elites and Sterlings, and a few Platinums. If I sold any of them for over $150, I'd be shocked. Hell, with the amount of 2010 BCDP I opened, I probably divested about $10K worth of Trout "RC" at maybe $10/card...
  3. hive17

    2005 Absolute Memorabilia Collector's Thread

    I'm coming into this thread pretty cold, but are you collecting the autos in this? Because the Yount 1/1 auto is up on eBay right now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2005-Playoff-Absolute-ROBIN-YOUNT-Tools-of-the-Trade-AUTO-TT-173-Brewers-1-1/372997825294?hash=item56d867230e:g:5IUAAOSwtz5dIqPE If I...
  4. hive17

    Josh Hader tweets

    I'm surprised this has been in the news since the evening of the AS Game and there's no thread. No thoughts on it?
  5. hive17

    Who is the most dominant pitcher in baseball right now?

    Can someone make an argument that it ISN’T Josh Hader, even in a relief role?
  6. hive17

    Mookie Betts joins the 300 club

    Of bowling http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/21395236/mookie-betts-boston-red-sox-bowls-perfect-300-pba-event
  7. hive17

    Simpsons on FXX is all baseball tonight

    PSA for those of you who have similar interests as me.
  8. hive17

    Bowman Platinum break, BIG hit for me

    So I opened my 2 blasters, 4 packs, and 2 big boxes of Bowman Platinum. I got some Judges, some Bellingers, and some parallels. The autos were atrocious, save for one. Adrew Sopko Carter Kieboom Joe Jimenez But the last autograph certainly made up for it:
  9. hive17

    Cody Bellinger, Aaron Judge, and 2017 Topps Chrome

    So, it seems fairly obvious that these guys are driving up the price of the upcoming release. They could be the real deal. If that's the case, I'm thinking about going big on blasters. That, and whatever mega box thing comes out with Topps Update. The rookie class this year is awesome. Thoughts?
  10. hive17

    Nolan Arenado hits a walk-off to complete the cycle

    That is all. Amazing, got to watch it live on TV. I've always like Arenado, but how could you not after that feat. Plus, someone or something cut his eye during the mobbing at home plate.
  11. hive17

    FS Gleyber Torres BGS 9.5 2015 Chrome auto fire sale

    I want to surprise the wife with a sudden influx of Pay Pal, so a quick sale here would do the trick. First PM gets it. Asking $200 delivered.
  12. hive17

    Should we restart the "Hot List"?

    Or just keep a running thread? I only bring this up because in the last few weeks, Eric Thames' BC autos have gone from pennies to $60-ish. Who else is setting the world on fire ATM?
  13. hive17

    Mariners acquire Gallardo and Jarrod Dyson in two separate trades

    Gave up Seth Smith for Yo, and Nathan Karns for Dyson. The Orioles also send $2M to even things out.
  14. hive17

    WTTF Looking for Giannis "The Greek Freak" RC auto, have baseball FT

    I would prefer to trade, and I mostly have baseball. LMK if anyone has anything please.
  15. hive17

    Gleyber Torres: Buy-Sell-Hold

    Thoughts? Prices have increased 3-4 times (depending on when you bought) since his trade to the Yankees. Consider this: he would have to do at least exactly as good as Sanchez did during his debut and prices would only increase 10-20% from where they are now. I can't see anyone being a "BUY"...
  16. hive17

    Pulled my first Super tonight!

  17. hive17

    3 Draft Jumbos

    Didn't think I'd break any, but figured why not? Average base autos, with one Mickey Moniak Color Braxton Garrett REF Cal Quantrill GREEN Bobby Dalbec GOLD
  18. hive17

    Phil Bickford suspended 50 games

    Dope... http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2016/12/phil-bickford-receives-50-game-suspension-for-drug-of-abuse.html
  19. hive17

    WTB WTTF/WTB Looking for Lewis Brinson AND Corey Ray Blue REF auto

    I've been trying to get one for basically every Brewers prospect that has one. He's proven tough, so if anyone has one that they can move, LMK. If you're interested in trading, I'd try to go in your favor. Let me know what you're looking for. Thanks.

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